Shame on you, Mr. Hyde!

This is a long story about a young adult male thoroughly humiliated by females of all ages. He suffers forced public nakedness, masturbation, spanking, and all manner of humiliations. Lots of CFNM and teasing/denial. Should appeal to submissive masturbators. It’s in several parts; the formatting reflects the way I received it in an alt.* newsgroup circa 1995.

Tom Hyde couldn’t believe what was happening to him.  An hour
before he had been in a business suit at a local tavern where he’d
been picked up by a gorgeous dark-haired woman in her mid-thirties.
Tom, still a virgin at twenty-five.  Tom, who had never before been
naked in front of a woman, was now in this woman’s house, stripped
naked and lying on his back on the floor in the middle of her living
room.  He had his legs up in the air and knees bent.  His left wrist
shackled to his left ankle and his right wrist shackled to his right
ankle left him completely exposed to the eyes of Beverly, who was
staring at him with her hands on her hips and a smug smile on her

"Shame on You, Mr. Hyde!"
by Dr. Phil

Author's Foreword The following story is a chronicling of the events which happened to
Mr. Thomas Hyde approximately one year ago, during the summer
of 1991. My name is Dr. Phyllis Hyde-Benson and I am the sister
of Tom Hyde. I am 37 years old, married with two children, and
a Psychologist. In all fairness, both my name and my brother's
have been altered for obvious reasons, but the events depicted in the
following have been transcribed as accurately as possible. About six months ago I was persuaded by my cousin Kathy to
accompany her to Tom's house on a Saturday afternoon. I was con-
cerned that Tom had been acting strangely the past few months and
Kathy hinted that I might find out part of the reason if I were to
accompany her. My curiosity was piqued, along with a bit of jealousy. After all,
I was Tom's older sister and had practically helped raise him. Not
only that, but I was also a practicing psychologist and I was a bit
peeved to think that Tom would confide in his cousin Kathy, whom
he was never really close to, and not come to me for help. I had spent a dozen years helping patients with problems and
I felt I had seen and heard just about everything; but NOTHING
could have prepared me for the sight I got when Kathy and I entered
Tom's house that Saturday... I blushed and am embarrassed to say I nearly passed out right
there in his living room. In spite of all my training, I just couldn't
handle it. First I denied to myself what my own eyes were witnessing,
then I felt pity for Tom. Seconds later that pity turned to disgust
and then anger as I ran out the door. I drove home, leaving Kathy
stranded behind. I was mad at her too, since it was obvious she knew
beforehand what was going on. For the next several weeks I refused to even think about my
brother and banked my anger within. I even avoided Kathy and
refused to return her calls. Eventually I came to realize that I was
doing exactly what I would counsel my own patients NOT to do. I
decided that I, myself, needed some expert counseling. I decided to seek help in this matter from one of my associates who
would be able to counsel me without emotion on how to deal with
this situation. What she advised me to do turns out to be exactly
what I would have counseled one of my own patients: I couldn't run
away, but had to face this head on. At first Tom was reluctant to see me, but Kathy interceded for
me and that's how I found myself face to face with Tom one Sunday
afternoon having coffee and just talking well into the evening. It was
an embarrassing meeting for both of us. I took a tape recorder with
me and asked him to relay all of the details of what had happened to
him, starting right from the beginning. His `girlfriend' Beverly was
present and she helped fill in some of the details with her own recol-
lections. As part of my own therapy I have written a chronological
accounting of those first days. Through copious notes and the help of the tape recorder I have
attempted to reconstruct conversations and events exactly as they
happened. I have taken some small liberties to flesh out bits of con-
versations and events to keep the story continuous and readable, but
most of what you are about to read happened exactly as portrayed. A few weeks ago I began finalizing all of my notes into a single
story and uploading it, a chapter at a time, to a computer bulletin
board. The intent was that by sharing and discussing this story with
others who would appreciate and understand it, I could also share
the burden that goes along with it and make it all seem somehow
acceptable. What I didn't count on was how deeply this story would
affect my own desires. I found myself being aroused by the story, even as I was writing
it. I was especially intrigued with how EASILY a young, naive man
like my brother could be so quickly and completely dominated by
an experienced woman! As I wrote I found myself imagining how
even I, myself, would be able to achieve such complete domination
of an inexperienced young man if I wanted to. It's really so easy it's
almost laughable. This foreword is meant to be read first but I have actually written
it last. I have just completed the last chapter of my narrative and will
be uploading it shortly, along with this `Foreword'. Even though I am
a happily married mother of two, I find myself completely infatuated
with the concept of perhaps finding my own naive young man and
capturing him. I still pity my brother for what he has become, but now I find
myself admiring Beverly for what she has accomplished! Next week
I intend to stop into a small tavern after work for a few drinks... Dr. Phyllis Hyde-Benson Tom Hyde couldn't believe what was happening to him. An hour
before he had been in a business suit at a local tavern where he'd
been picked up by a gorgeous dark-haired woman in her mid-thirties.
Tom, still a virgin at twenty-five. Tom, who had never before been
naked in front of a woman, was now in this woman's house, stripped
naked and lying on his back on the floor in the middle of her living
room. He had his legs up in the air and knees bent. His left wrist
shackled to his left ankle and his right wrist shackled to his right
ankle left him completely exposed to the eyes of Beverly, who was
staring at him with her hands on her hips and a smug smile on her
face. "My my, you look absolutely yummy!" she said, shaking her head
and barely suppressing a slight giggle. Tom moaned and rocked a
little on his back. His wrists were cuffed to the inside of each of his
ankles so he was unable to close his legs. He tried to imagine what he
looked like just then but the thought made him shudder and blush
an even deeper red. "Now don't you worry about a thing, Tommy. Beverly's gonna
take real good care of you. But you've got to be truly mine, body
and soul. You've bared your body to me. Now I want your soul,
too." With that she sat down on the floor next to him and began
lightly running her fingers up and down the crack of his ass. He
began squirming and wriggling his hips and moaning "Oh..YES... I
L-O-V-E you!" His voice was shaking and his whole body twisting
but she gave him no relief. His penis was rock hard and laying flat
against his belly. She began lightly stroking it and then bent and
touched the tip of her tongue to the sensitive glans just under the
head. This caused his cock to jump up and down and his anus began
opening and contracting. Beverly cupped his balls and said in a
cajoling, taunting voice, "I want you to bare your soul to me. I need
to hear you confess your darkest and most embarrassing secrets to
me. Tell me, Tommy. Tell me so I can own your mind along with
your body." Tommy was writhing now. She would bring him near the point
of ejaculation but she kept backing off just before he could cum. It
was uncanny! The older woman could look at him and read him
like a book. In a way Tommy wanted her to own him. All his life,
worrying about meeting a girl and making love to her. Would he be
awkward? Would she know it was his first time and laugh at him?
Tommy couldn't bear that thought. Now here was Beverly. With
Beverly he didn't have to hide a thing. He wanted her to know his
innermost secrets. He thought a moment and began: "There's a teenaged girl who lives right across the street from me.
Her n-name is Linda." He was squirming a bit but he still managed to
get the words out. "She's a beautiful girl and she had an incredible
crush on me. I didn't know it but I guess she fantasized a little and
told some of her friends that I liked her back and someday we'd get
married. I used to watch her from my window when she was outside.
She's turning into a real beauty all right. Long trim legs and a pretty
face. When she'd bend over to get something I'd s-stare at her ass...
I know it was wrong of me, but I couldn't help myself." "One day she was outside with two of her friends when I happened
to walk out to my car. She was dressed in pink shorts and sneakers
and she stood in the driveway smiling at me. All of a sudden I started
to get an erection! It was incredibly embarrassing. I tried shifting
my stance and hoped that nobody would notice it. I just wanted to
get into my car and get away before anyone saw it. Just then her
two friends came running up and said `Hello Mr. Hyde. Linda was
telling us how the two of you are going to be getting married in a few
years and live in your house. How exciting!' They were giggling and
it was obvious that they were taunting Linda. I could have helped
her out of this but I was so worried about getting out of there before
they noticed my hard-on that I snapped back at her instead." "That's not true. Linda is a nice girl but she shouldn't be making
up stories. I already have a girlfriend and telling fibs like that can
only cause trouble." With that I managed to slip into my car, my
erection subsiding somewhat. Linda was shamefaced. I'd never seen
a girl blush so red before. Her friends pointed at her and laughed
and taunted "We KNEW you were lying. He already has a girlfriend.
See! Hahaha! What would he want with a skinny little squirt like
you anyway?" As I drove away I glanced in my mirror and saw that
Linda was close to tears. She was looking at my car and I'll never
forget how hurt she seemed that day. The next day I saw her outside
again and I wanted to go over and apologize to her but as soon as she
saw me she ran into the house. I've never felt so low in my life. My
carelessness had hurt her when all it would have taken was a little
more tact to help her out. I felt so ashamed I didn't want to see
her anymore and avoided going outside whenever she was around. I
wished there was something I could do to make it up to her." "Don't worry Tommy, perhaps you will one day" Beverly said as
she continued to torment him on the floor. Now that the story was
over he began bucking his hips and pleading for Beverly to let him
cum. "Not just yet, Tommy, but soon." Then she disappeared into the
next room and came back with a small camera. "Now that you're almost ready, I want to take a few snapshots for
my personal use." Tommy started twisting when he saw the camera
but there was really nothing he could do about it. He was trapped.
Beverly focused the lens and <CLICK> he was on film. She walked
around him clicking a half dozen more shots. She told Tommy to
smile once and to stick his tongue through his lips like he was really
getting off. He didn't want to do it but she touched him a few times
and promised that they were just for her own enjoyment and that
they would both get off looking at them later. Tommy obliged. He
had gone this far and each new step began seeming more and more
natural for him to take. She then rolled him over onto his side and
then up on his knees so that his head was on the floor and his arms
were between his legs, still connected to his ankles. This brought his
ass into prominence and she snapped a few more pictures. When she finally put the camera down she said "Time to get
some sleep Tommy, tomorrow's gonna be a big day!" "I can't stay here all night like this!" He cried. "Besides, it's only
Tuesday night and I have to go to work tomorrow!" "Tomorrow you are going to call in sick" she said, matter of factly. "What's the name of your boss over there at Venture Publications?" "Mrs. Peterson", Tom said. "Gloria Peterson". "Well Tommy, tomorrow morning you'll call Mrs. Peterson up on
the phone and tell her you've got a 24-hour bug and you won't be
in. Then you'll spend the day with me." With that she bent over and lightly ran her fingers up and down
the crack of his exposed ass once again and turned off the light. As an
afterthought she gave him one stinging slap on his ass as she walked
past him to her bedroom. "Good night, Tommy dear. Don't let the bed bugs bite!". Then
her door was closed and she was gone. Tommy knelt there uncomfortably in the dark and tried to figure
out just what had gone wrong. He was hot as a poker and the stinging
from the slap made his dick throb even harder. Hell, she hadn't even
let him cum yet! In the morning Beverly came to him and unlocked the cuffs. She
told him where the bathroom was and to clean himself up. After
that Beverly made them both coffee, toast and juice, while he called
Mrs. Peterson to tell her he was sick and wouldn't be coming in that
day. After they ate Beverly told Tommy to get dressed, but she held
back his jockey shorts. "Your days of wearing underpants are over
mister. From now on I want you bare underneath your pants." She
gave him a playful pinch and watched as he got dressed. They walked
out to Tommy's car and she said "Let's go over to your house. I want
to see where you live." They drove over in silence and soon came to a small white house
in a sunny neighborhood. There was a driveway off to the right
but Beverly told Tommy to park the car in front of the house and
then they both got out. It was about 11:00am on a beautiful sunny
summer day and there were four young ladies sitting on the grass near
the car giggling and playing some sort of a game. Mrs. Whitford,
one of Tom's neighbors, was sitting on her porch. She ignored him
as they walked up the path towards the house. She was still mad
at him. She had complained that one of his trees was blocking her
sunlight and when he didn't do anything about it she took it upon
herself to do a little midnight pruning. Tommy confronted her the
next day and, in a moment of unusual anger, he called her a lying
old witch! Now she wouldn't speak to him. Oh well, you can't have
everything. The girls looked up and said "Hello Mr. Hyde" and then
Tom and Beverly were on the porch, and then in the house. As soon as the door was shut Beverly grabbed Tommy by the
crotch and told him to strip naked. Tommy didn't know why he
jumped to obey her so quickly. Perhaps it was because he was still
so horny from his unsatisfied evening. At any rate, in less than a
minute his clothes were on the floor and he was stark naked. No
jockey shorts this time. "Very good!" Beverly said, obviously pleased. "Now today you
are going to do EVERYTHING I say. Not because I have a whole
roll of film of you last night, but because deep down inside you really
WANT me to take charge of your life." Tom winced when she reminded him of the photographs but he
also knew that she was right. He did enjoy the feeling of helpless-
ness before her. It was something he never acknowledged to himself.
Perhaps this secret longing that he denied all his life was what had
kept him so shy and afraid of girls. Beverly then ordered him down on the floor on all fours. Tom
felt a little self-conscious, but at least the door was shut and all of
the window shades were down. As he knelt there Beverly opened
her pocketbook and took out a collar and leash. She put the collar
around his neck and snapped the leash onto it. "Now, wouldn't the neighbors love to see you like this?" she teased
him. Tommy gasped and blushed red as she tugged on the leash and
began walking him around the room. She walked him into the kitchen
and then into each of the two bathrooms, and finally the bedroom.
After this she walked him back into the living room again. Tom's
cheeks were flushed with embarrassment and Beverly was obviously
enjoying this immensely. "Thank you for the grand tour, sweetheart. Now lie on your back
and put your legs up in the air again with your knees bent wide. You
can hold onto your feet for support if you wish. Now listen carefully.
If you let your legs down for any reason, even for a second, I'll chain
you in position like I did last night and then whip you." Tommy rolled over and succeeded in getting into the required
position. Once again, with his knees bent and legs in the air he
was on complete display to the older woman. She walked over to
the telephone and said "Now, what's the phone number of that girl,
Linda, that you told me about last night?" "NO!" Tommy snapped. Somehow he managed to retain his po-
sition, but she was taking this a little too far! Beverly walked over to Tommy and bent down and gave him a
hard slap on his ass. "Don't you EVER say NO to me again, mister.
Remember that roll of photographs that I have. I can be awfully
mean when I don't get what I want, and right now I want you to
keep your legs up and to tell me the phone number of that girl!"
next to the phone. The name is Murray, Linda Murray... Oh God,
please don't..." Beverly flipped down to the M's and found the number for Mur-
ray. It was right across the street just like he'd said. She dialed the
phone and after a couple of rings she heard a young girl's voice on
the other end. "Hello. Is this Linda Murray? Wonderful! My name is Beverly
and I'm calling from Mr. Hyde's house. Are you very busy just
now?... Oh... your parents are out and you're listening to some
records with a couple of your friends. Well, honey, Mr. Hyde asked
me to call and tell you he's sorry that he embarrassed you in front
of your friends. He knows it was wrong of him and he wanted to
apologize but he was afraid you wouldn't want to see him... That's
right... If you wouldn't mind leaving your friends alone for awhile,
would you mind coming over here so he can apologize to you in
person?... I know, but he has something he wants to show you...
You would? Wonderful! He'll be sooo happy! See you in a couple of
minutes." Beverly hung up the phone and walked over to Tommy, who was
openly sobbing and begging her not to do this to him. "One more
thing we've got to get straight between us, mister. From now on,
when you talk to me you will address me as 'Mistress'. You got
that? Now I mean it. If you ever forget to address me properly
from this moment on, well, you won't BELIEVE what I'll put you
through. You got that sweetie?" "Y-Y-ESS......Mistress" Tom managed to choke out. Just then
the doorbell rang and Beverly went over to answer it. Tommy was
on the far side of the room on the floor behind the sofa, so he couldn't
be seen from the door. He tried to stop his sobbing, hoping that if
he wasn't noticed Beverly...err.. Mistress Beverly would change her
mind and send the girl away with some excuse. Beverly opened the door and there stood an absolutely lovely girl,
just like Tommy had described her. She was about five foot four with
dark hair. She was wearing a pair of white cut-off jeans that showed
off her long trim legs, and a halter top. She looked up at Beverly
but was obviously still a little undecided if she wanted to forgive Mr.
Hyde just yet. He'd humiliated her, in front of her friends, and that
kind of wound does not heal easily when you're a teenager. "You must be Linda. Hi, I'm Beverly. Won't you come in?"
Beverly closed the door and stood right in front of her and said "Linda, I'm going to show you something but I've got to make sure
you can handle it first. I know that Mr. Hyde embarrassed you in
front of your friends. It was wrong of him, but he's paying for that
right now. You see, Linda, Mr. Hyde has been very bad recently and
he's being punished for everything he's done. He's on the other side
of that couch right now and if you think you can handle it I believe
he'd like to show you just how sorry he is... and the terrible price
he's paying." "" came a choked moan from behind the
couch. Linda was taken back but then her curiosity got the better
of her. "Yes, I believe I can handle it Beverly. At least I THINK I can."
She was obviously interested and she lifted her head a bit and stood
on her toes trying to see where the noise had come from. Beverly led her through the room and around to the back of
the sofa. When she first saw him she gasped and took a half step
backwards. Then she caught hold of herself and walked a little closer.
Tommy had maintained position. He was lying there with his legs up
and spread wide and his knees bent. His eyes were closed tight and
he was shaking his head back and forth and murmuring "No...please
don't let her see me like this....pleeease....." "Look who's here to see you, dear. Open your eyes and say hello
to Linda." Tom slowly opened his eyes and saw the two of them
standing there. The tall mid-thirtyish woman dressed in casual slacks
and a blouse, and the teenager with the short cut-offs and the legs
that wouldn't end. Beverly was smiling at him with a look of pure
innocence, as if there were nothing wrong with this situation, while
Linda stared wide-eyed in disbelief. That disbelief slowly changed
into a look of smug satisfaction as she turned to Beverly and said "Thank you Beverly. I'm sure I can handle this. He's getting just
what he deserves!" "Oh, it's not over, honey. Hardly even started, actually. You see,
Tommy has been such a bad boy that he's going to get a spanking!
Right here. And he's going to ask you to be the one to give it to
him. Isn't that right, Tommy?" Tommy's face was scarlet. In spite of himself he had also got a
raging hard-on and he knew that Linda was staring at it, along with
his exposed balls and his winking anus. He was already fucked. He
knew his life wouldn't be worth shit if Linda or Beverly told anybody
about this. "Yes, Mistress" he managed to choke out. Turning to Linda, Beverly asked "Wouldn't you like to give him
the spanking that he deserves?" "I don't know" Linda replied. I think he deserves to get one but I
don't think I want to be the one to do it. I wouldn't mind watching,
though!" She grinned smugly at Tommy. "Oh, well that's a real shame. Perhaps Tommy can change your
mind if he begs you well enough. He had better HOPE that you
agree to spank him..." she added ominously. "You see, in twenty minutes Tommy is going to get a spanking.
Either you or I will do it. If you do it, it will be right here in the
privacy of his living room. If he can't convince YOU to spank him
then I will do it myself, only I will do it outside in the back seat of
his car." Tommy almost choked when he heard this! He started to sob
uncontrollably. Beverly continued "If I have to be the one to do it, I
will lead Tommy outside just as he is now, naked and leashed, on his
hands and knees, right up to his car where those four girls are still
sitting. I will put Tommy into the back seat and spank him until he
cries. I will then take him out of the car and lead him back into the
house the same way. This isn't an idle threat, I assure you I'll do it.
The only way that Tommy can avoid this ordeal is if he can get you
to give him the spanking. It has to be hard and at least 100 slaps.
Anything less won't count. Now you have a choice to make Linda.
Are you mad enough at him to see him humiliated like this, or would
you prefer to administer justice yourself?." "I...I just don't know," Linda stammered. "That would be hor-
ribly embarrassing for poor Mr. Hyde..." but Beverly noted to her
satisfaction that Linda's young nipples were hard as little bullets
against her top and she still had that little smile on her lips. "Well, I guess it's all up to Tommy then. Tommy, you have
exactly 20 minutes to beg Linda to give you a spanking. I'm talking
REAL humiliation here! You're to wiggle your ass and beg and plead
and do anything you can to humiliate yourself in front of her and if
you do a good enough job, perhaps Linda will feel that you've been
shamed enough. If not....." She left the rest unspoken. "By the way,
I see that you have a nice little home entertainment center here...
what's this? Oh lovely, a video camera! I think I'll just set this up
here so I can have some fond memories for my `personal' collection".
She laughed as she set the video camera up on a tripod, turned the
power on and began to focus on poor Tommy. "First thing Tommy, I want you to reach around with your left
hand and insert your middle finger into your asshole. That's right,
now I want you to take your right hand and begin to jack off for
Linda and me. Remember, DO NOT CUM! If you do, your fate
will be sealed. Now, camera's rolling, you have 20 minutes starting
NOW!" Beverly stayed by the camera but Linda chose to sit down on the
sofa right in front of Tommy, who was pumping with both hands. "Please Linda, please spank me!" He cried. "I was such a bad
boy to humiliate you in front of your friends and I'm really sorry.
Please spank me...p-please." As the camera whirred, Linda warmed up to this unusual oppor-
tunity. "Take your finger out of your asshole Tommy and use your
left hand to spread your asscheeks as wide as they'll go! Use only
two fingers to rub your dick!" She was really getting into this. For
the next ten minutes Tommy subjected himself to the most intense
humiliation possible. He told Linda that he was a naughty little boy
and that he really wanted her to give him a spanking. He crawled
around on the floor slapping his own ass as the camera followed his
every move. The two ladies were laughing hysterically! "This is just too much!" Linda said, wiping her eyes. "You know,
I think I just might spank him, but before I do, do you think it would
be all right if I called my two friends over to see him beg some more?
They'd LOVE it!" "I think that's a simply marvelous idea, Linda! What do you
think, honey? Should you ask Linda to invite her friends over to see
you beg, or do you want to disappoint her?" "P-P-Please L-Linda... please ask your friends to come over to
see me beg..." Tommy was completely out of control. He had gone
so far out on a limb that he knew there was no stopping. Beverly
had so much on him right now that there was no way he could refuse
her anything. Beverly put the camera on hold and told Tommy to stop touching
himself, but maintain position. In the meantime Linda grabbed the
phone and anxiously punched in her number. "Hello Tina? This is
Linda, yeah I'm still across the street but you gotta see this!" she
blurted out in her teenage excitement. "Mr. Hyde is over here with
me and another woman and he's got no clothes on! That's right,
he's butt-naked and that's not all... he's being punished! In a few
minutes he's going to get this incredible spanking and I thought that
you and Ellen would like to see it... but listen up. This is really
important. You GOTTA promise never to say anything about this
to ANYBODY. You promise? Great! Come on over, and hurry!" This was crazy, Tom thought. Right now he should be at work,
doing his job while trying to cast covert glances at the luscious asses
of his two co-workers. Just 24 hours earlier he had been doing exactly
that. Now here he was waiting for three teenage girls to look at HIS
ass and hear him beg one of them to give him a spanking! And there
wasn't anything he could do about it. He had degraded and shamed
himself to a level that was almost unimaginable. And it was all on
tape! Tommy wiped the tears away from his eyes just as he heard
the rapping on the door. From the giggling he heard on the other
side he knew it was Tina and Ellen. Linda rushed to the door and
opened it. "Come on in, hurry! Remember, not a word to anybody,
promise? Wait till you see this!" She led the other girls over to where Tom was lying on the floor.
Just like her, they both stopped and took a half step back. But
then they both put their hands over their mouths and bent over
laughing. Perhaps it was because they had some idea what to expect,
or perhaps it was because there were three of them together, but they
warmed up to the sight almost immediately. "I thought you were joking!" Tina gasped, "but this is un-real!
Is he really going to get a spanking?" Both of her friends looked at
each other and started giggling again. "Yes" replied Beverly. "I can assure you of that. Right now it's
just a question of who... and where" she added looking down at
Tommy with a smile on her face. "Watch this!" Linda said, "Tommy, I want you to apologize for
lying about our...relationship". Then I want you to kiss my feet,
then Tina's feet, then Ellen's feet, and then return to what you were
doing before I called them over." Linda motioned to the other two
girls to sit on the couch with her as Beverly turned the video camera
back on. Tommy got on his knees in front of Linda. "I'm soooo sorry that
I lied to your friends when I said that I wasn't interested in you.
That was a bad thing to do and I beg you to forgive me." He then
put his head down and kissed Linda's sneakers. He crawled over to
Tina and Ellen and kissed their sneakers too. Then he crawled back
to where he had been, got back on his back with his legs up in the
air spread wide and his knees bent and began begging Linda once
again to give him a spanking. Tina and Ellen went nuts. They couldn't believe what they were
seeing! Tom began stroking his penis with one hand and spreading
his asscheeks with the other. His anus was opening and closing like
a fish's mouth, gasping in the air, while the three girls laughed, and
the camera whirred. After about five more minutes of this, Linda said "Okay Beverly,
I think he's shamed himself enough. I guess I'll give him a spanking." Tears of happiness flowed in Tom's eyes. "Oh Thank you! Thank
you!" Linda made a motion for Tom to get up and drape himself across
her knees. Both Tina and Ellen were still sitting beside her so they
got a great view. Linda lifted her hand into the air and WHAP!
That was one. She was a little surprised by the sound but her hand
felt good against the yielding flesh of Tom's ass. "That's one" Beverly called out. "Ninety-nine more to go and
they better be HARD ones or they don't count." Linda began to get a rhythm going. As she slapped, Tom bucked
and sobbed and her two friends laughed their hearts out. Beverly
watched from the side, still directing the video camera. At fifty slaps Tom was sobbing out of control. At fifty-five slaps,
a loud buzzer started sounding. It made everyone stop to see what
was going on. Beverly opened her pocketbook and reached in to take
out what looked like a small kitchen timer. "Oh my!" Beverly said, "looks like time's run out, and you haven't had your whole spanking
yet. What a pity!" Tom stopped sobbing almost instantly. He couldn't believe what
he was hearing! She wouldn't really do it, would she? She couldn't
possibly, could she? "NO-NO-NO, it's not fair! You can't do that to
me!" Tom fell off Linda's knees to the floor and began sobbing again. "What was that, mister!" Beverly barked as she walked over and
stood directly over his pathetic form. "Did I hear the NO word from
you, after I've warned you?" Beverly looked down at him and began
chuckling. "I was only going to say that since Linda had not finished,
you were going to have to beg her for some more time. Tom's heart
sunk. "But now you have to be taught once and for all that you
NEVER say NO to me." With that she reached down and picked up
the leash. "Let's go, chum. We're gonna take a little walk in the
fresh air!" Tom's mind was reeling. She couldn't actually be going to do
this to him, could she? She had been just using it as a threat to get
what she wanted, wasn't she? This was unimaginable shame! He
had just spent the last 20 minutes humiliating himself in front of her
and three teenage girls in his own house, begging until Linda agreed
to spank him while they all laughed. Now, was Beverly really going
to follow through with the rest of her plans for him? Oh God, please
don't let it happen... "What's she gonna do with him now?" Ellen asked. Linda and
Tina were too busy laughing to speak but Linda finally got her com-
posure and said "You ain't seen NOTHING yet! Just watch!" Beverly tugged on the leash and pulled Tom, naked and on all
fours, towards the front door. "You brought this on yourself, young
man. I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget. NEVER
say NO to me again!" With that she grabbed the handle and swung
open the front door, flooding the living room with light from the
bright sunny day. "Oh P-L-E-A-S-E don't do this to me Mistress!" Tom wailed. "I've learned my lesson, honest! I PROMISE I'll never say NO to
you again. Only please don't take me outside like this. Someone
might see me!" "Someone's definitely gonna see you alright" Beverly laughed. "Those four girls who were sitting on the lawn near your car are
still there! And that old woman is still on her porch. You'll be seen
alright. The question is, by how many and for how long?" With that she gave one more tug on the leash and led Tommy out
onto his front porch. The three teenagers inside were holding their
stomachs laughing again and their eyes were riveted to Tommy's
flaming red ass. Proof positive of the spanking he'd just received
over Linda's knees. Beverly bent over Tommy and whispered quietly "Remember that
tape I just made of you. I can have a lot of copies of that made up
by tonight and you wouldn't believe how vindictive I can get when
I'm not happy." Tommy felt his heart in his stomach. Though it was a warm
day the wind felt cool against his naked body, especially against his
flaming hot asscheeks. With one final tug Beverly led him down the
steps and began the slow trek down the path to the car parked in
front of the house. Nobody had seen him yet. The four girls seemed
to be pre-occupied with their conversation. As they neared the car
one of them happened to look up and she inhaled a big gasp of air. "LOOK!" she pointed. Immediately the other three girls stopped
what they were doing and looked up to see what she was pointing
at. He was about 20 feet from them, but by the time he got to the
car door he would be within 10 feet and in full view. His cock was
still stiff from his previous ordeal and his arms were shaking as he
crawled. This only increased his shame. "That's Mr. Hyde!" one of the girls said. "What are you doing
to Mr. Hyde, m'am?" "It's a secret", Beverly said. "Can you girls keep a secret?" "YES!" they all chimed. "We won't tell... what are you doing?" "It seems that Mr. Hyde here has been a VERY naughty boy
and I'm going to give him a spanking." "You can't do that" one of the girls said. "He's too OLD for a
spanking." "Oh no he isn't" replied Beverly. "He was VERY naughty and
he's going to get treated just like any other naughty little boy would." "Wow!" Another of the girls giggled. "Can we watch?" "I'm afraid not, but you'll be able to listen!" With that they had
reached the car and Beverly reached out to open the door. "Ooops,
it's locked. I don't suppose you have the key on you?" she laughed.
The girls laughed too. Where would he be carrying a key? Tommy
groaned and then Beverly reached into her pocket. "Here it is, just
teasing you!" Again the four girls laughed. Tommy wanted to die of
shame. Beverly opened the car door then reached in to swing the
seats to their most forward position, giving her as much room as
possible. She got back out and then ordered Tommy to climb into
the back seat and kneel on all fours on the seat cushion with his
face pressed all the way down and his rump up in the air. Beverly
climbed in after him and closed the door. The first thing she did was
to reach over and open all of the car windows. "My, it's stuffy in
here. Let's get a little air circulating." Tommy just groaned. They'll
hear all right, every slap. Before she started, Beverly had a few words
for Tommy: "Now listen, sweetie. I'm going to spank you until you
cry. Do you hear that? I don't care how long it takes but I will
keep spanking you until you're crying like a baby. Now if you resist
me, well that means that we're gonna be out here a looooong time,
drawing more attention every minute. That's all I've got to say." With those terrifying words she lifted her hand up and delivered
the first stinging CRACK! right onto his already burning asscheek. "Owwwww" Tommy wailed. "Please...." he whimpered. Beverly
gave him no relief but continued slapping his ass, varying the rhythm
and moving from cheek to cheek. "Wow! He's REALLY getting it good!" he heard one of the girls
exclaim. The others just giggled, as young girls will. Another of the
girls crept around the back of the car and stood up to peep into the
window on the opposite side. When she did she was only about a
foot from Tommy's head. "WOW!" she said again. "You should see
how red his bum is!" That was the last straw. Tommy couldn't hold out anymore. He
began crying his eyes out just like a baby. His whole body heaved
and shook with sobs. He was suffering from far worse than the pain.
Tommy, who was still a virgin... who until last night had never taken
his clothes off in front of a woman... who's greatest fear was that one
might laugh at him... had sunk so low that he knew he could never
ever look a woman, of ANY age, in the eye again without blushing
red from embarrassment. Beverly heard the tears and stopped the spanking. She opened
the car door and got out, pulling at Tommy's leash until he followed
her. Back on all fours he was led again, up the path towards his
porch and open door. Mrs. Whitford was on her way there too.
She wanted to intercept them before they got into the house. As
Tommy was led up the porch stairs Beverly paused a bit so that
Mrs. Whitford could catch up. This left Tommy kneeling on the top
stair of his front porch with his red ass still facing the laughing girls,
who had followed him back to the porch. One of them reached out
and touched it. "WOW! it's hot!" she said. Each of the girls wanted
to touch his ass while Mrs. Whitford came puffing up the stairs. "I saw what you did!" she said to Tommy. "That was disgusting,
and in front of those young girls, too. I'm going to call the police
and have you ARRESTED!" "Now wait just a minute please, m'am" Beverly said. If you have
him arrested then they'll take him away and give him clothes and
lock him up. If you don't say anything then he'll stay with ME, and
I have LOTS more things in mind for this young man!" At that Mrs. Whitford stopped short. She looked down at
Tommy, who was still sobbing uncontrollably and slowly a huge grin
spread across her face. "Now that you mention it, I guess I didn't
see anything after all... and I was out here on my porch ALL DAY!"
She leaned over so Tommy could see her face. "I'm glad you found
a woman who knows how to handle you, Mr. Hyde." She chuckled
and stood upright. As she walked down the steps she took the op-
portunity to give his ass one more wallop and then walked back to
her porch, laughing the whole way. "Yup!" she yelled. "I was out
here ALL DAY and didn't see nothing!" Beverly led Tommy back into the house and shut the door as the
four girls yelled "Bye, Mr. Hyde! We didn't see NOTHING either!"
The door swinging shut mercifully closed off their giggling. Back in the house, the three teenage girls had been anxiously
awaiting Tommy's return. They didn't want to go outside in case
anybody saw them with Mr. Hyde like that. "That was excellent, Beverly" said Linda. "I don't think I ever
had so much fun. The other girls agreed. "What are you gonna do
to him now, Beverly?" asked Tina. "That's about all for today, girls. Poor Tommy has had a very
hard day and he's gonna need his rest. He has to go to work tomor-
row. Speaking of hard, I don't think poor Tommy's had a chance to
cum yet. Tommy, would you like to jack yourself off for us before the
girls have to go home? I think you know the required position." 
Tommy moaned. Would this never end? The three girls went
back and sat on the couch again while Beverly resumed her position
at the video camera. Tommy crawled over and laid on his back in
front of the couch, facing the girls. He lifted his legs into the air,
widely spread and bent at the knees. Beverly warned him not to
cum until all three teenage girls had given him permission... or else!
Tommy grabbed hold of his throbbing cock and began pumping it
hard. "No, not like that" Beverly said. "Use just your thumb and two
fingers, and when you start getting close you'd better beg these young
ladies to let you cum. You wouldn't want to see me angry at you
again..." That's all Tommy needed to hear. He grabbed his cock in the
prescribed manner and began stroking it while the girls looked on
in wonder. None of them had ever seen an erect penis before today.
Now they were about to see a man masturbate right in front of them! It only took a short while before Tommy could feel the pressure
building up in him. He began to beg the girls "Please Linda, please
let me cum, please Tina and Ellen, please... " The girls were mesmer-
ized. They could see the sweat beading up on his forehead. They
could see him squirming and wiggling his ass on the carpet. And
best of all, they could hear him begging THEM to allow him to cum!
When he was thrashing around wildly, first Tina and then Ellen told
him he could cum. Linda was still holding out. After all, this was
HER revenge and she wanted to savor it. Finally, as he was arching
his back and begging her pitifully, she smiled a real big smile and
said "OK, you can cum... asshole". With that the girls saw him
go completely stiff. His balls seemed to rise up in his sack and nest
close to the base of his cock. Suddenly he was moaning loudly and
his balls were shooting jets of white cum up into the air. While some
of it shot over his head, most of it landed on his chest and stomach.
After he stopped thrashing around Beverly said "That's it, show's
over girls. I hope you enjoyed yourselves." "Oh yes, thank you soooo much Beverly. We had a great time
and don't worry, we won't breathe a word of this to anyone, except
to ourselves of course. We'll be talking this over for a long time!" "Glad you could come, girls. Say, are you girls gonna be free for
dinner tomorrow night?" I could make a meat loaf and we could have
Tommy here wait on us! Would you like that?" "Great! Sure!" they echoed. "We wouldn't want to miss tomor-
row, especially after what we just saw today! Thank you. Thank
you very much!" As the girls left they took one last look at Tommy. He was still
on the floor. Then they closed the door behind them. Tommy could
hear their laughter as the door shut. Beverly began rewinding the video tape. "Well, young man.
You've had quite a day, haven't you!" I'm going to leave you now.
I've got some work to do in my studio. You get some rest and go to
work tomorrow. Just make sure that you leave work by 4:30. I want
you in this house before 5:00pm and woe betide you if you make me
wait. Tell Mrs. Peterson that you have a doctor's appointment or
something, but don't keep me waiting.... and remember, no jockey
shorts!" Beverly bent down and kissed him gently on the forehead. Then
she grabbed the tape and went out the door. Tom woke up the next morning and for a moment he thought the
entire day before had been a dream. Then as he sat up he winced
as his sore ass rubbed the sheets and he realized that it had all been
real. How could he have done those things to himself! In front of
Linda and her friends and the girls out by the car! God, even Mrs.
Whitford had seen him! He showered and shaved and began to get dressed for work. He
had already put his jockey shorts on when he remembered that he
wasn't allowed to wear them anymore and he pulled them off. His
trousers felt weird against his bare ass and the soreness would be a
constant reminder of the day before. He made himself a cup of coffee and a piece of toast and opened
the door to leave. His car was still parked in the front of the house
where he'd left it yesterday. As he walked out to it he remembered his
last walk to this car and shuddered. He glanced around but nobody
was outside yet so he hurried and got into his car. The seats were still pushed up and he had to close the windows.
Another shameful reminder of what had happened here just a few
hours earlier. Tom drove to work, parked his car, and went into his
office at Venture Publications. He saw Carol and Marie sitting at
their desks, beautiful as always. They smiled at him and for some
reason he blushed deeply. Marie winked slyly at Carol. The two
women knew that he was stealing peeks at them and they delighted
in teasing him along. They purposefully wore sexy clothes to the
office and found excuses to bend over to get files and such when they
knew he was watching them. The secretary, Louise, was another
story. Early fifties, frumpish and widowed. She thought Tom was a
real yuppie bigshot and she avoided talking to him whenever possible. "Too big for his britches" she said of him on several occasions. In the large private office sat Mrs. Peterson, his boss. "Good morning Tom, hope you're feeling better today" she said,
with only partial sincerity. She suspected Tom had been goofing off
yesterday and was irritated because it meant more work for her to
do. "Good morning Gloria. Yes, I'm much better, Thanks. Say, I
have a doctor's appointment at 5:00 and I'd like to leave a little
early to make it. Would that be all right?" "Fine, Tom" Mrs. Peterson said, and made a mental note to her-
self to have a talk with Tom if this skipping of work started turning
into a regular thing. Tom put in an uneventful day. Carol and Marie noticed he
blushed a lot quicker whenever they caught his eye. Louise just
ignored him and Mrs. Peterson had to go out for a good part of the
day but was back in the office by 3:30. At 4:30 Tom got up from his
desk and said goodbye to Mrs. Peterson and the girls. He left the
office and drove straight home. When he got home he parked his car
in the driveway. He saw Mrs. Whitford sitting on her porch as usual
but thankfully the rest of the street was empty. He quickly walked
into his house. As he glanced up at Mrs. Whitford's porch he saw
that she was watching him with a big grin on her face. Oh God... He was surprised to find the house empty. He fixed himself a
drink and sat in the living room on the sofa and waited. At 5:45
Beverly knocked on the door. "Hello Tommy, sorry I'm late but I had an errand to do in town."
She giggled then rushed into the kitchen. "I've got this meatloaf to
prepare and the girls will be here in 45 minutes. You'd better take
a shower while I start in the kitchen." Just like that, like nothing in the world was out of order. Tom
walked into the bathroom and took his clothes off. Beverly ran in
once just to make sure he wasn't wearing any underpants and smiled
sweetly at him when she saw that he wasn't. By the time Tommy came out of the shower the meatloaf was
already in the oven. He towel-dried his hair and started into the
bedroom to get some clean clothes. "Oh no, sweetie. No clothes tonight! Linda and her friends are
coming over, remember?" Tommy looked at her in disbelief but her
face suddenly turned hard and she said. "Down on your knees, mis-
ter. You're going to be serving us tonight." She then went to her pocketbook and fished out the collar and
leash she had used the day before and fastened them on him again.
But that wasn't all. She continued fishing through her pocketbook
and came up with a piece of folded pink cloth. "Look what I got for
you to wear!" As she opened it he saw with shock that it was a large
pink baby's bonnet with little ru- es and a bow on each side! She
placed the humiliating thing on his head and fastened it under his
chin with a bow knot. "Oh it's so cute!" she giggled. "Now Tommy, dear. I want you to be right here in front of the
door, on your hands and knees with your cute ass up in the air so
the girls will see it as soon as they enter. Hurry up, now. Don't
disappoint me." Tommy got into position, that damn bonnet made him feel even
more embarrassed, if that were possible, and he waited for the girls
to arrive. It was 6:15 and Beverly was setting the table for four. A couple of minutes later the doorbell rang and Beverly ran to
open it. It was Linda. "Hi, hope I'm not too early." When she saw Tommy she started
giggling and said "Like your hat, Tommy!" Tommy's face went scar-
let. Beverly went back to the kitchen and Linda sat on a chair looking
at Tommy. God, this was turning out to be fun! There was another
knock on the door and Linda opened it. This time it was Tina and
Ellen together. They saw Tommy kneeling there and started giggling
all over again. Beverly said that dinner wouldn't be ready for another fifteen
minutes and suggested that the girls take Tommy for a little walk
around the house. Linda said "Sure!" and picked up the leash from
the floor. She gave Tommy a light pat on the rump and said "Let's
go Tommy!". When Tommy hesitated slightly she said, tauntingly "You do want to go for a walk, don't you Tommy?" and she blinked
her eyes several times at him and smiled. "Y-Yes, Linda". Tommy said. "Oh, that's another thing. I think that from now on I want you
to address me as 'Mistress' Linda. Is that Okay?" Again the eye
blinking and the smile. "Y-Yes, Mistress Linda" Tommy managed to choke out. Linda
was smug with satisfaction. Revenge certainly was sweet! Linda began leading Tommy around the living room. Tina and
Ellen got up to walk with them. "Look at how white his ass is." said
Ellen. "You would hardly believe he got TWO spankings yesterday."
Linda walked Tommy into the bedroom. She tugged on the leash for
him to stop between the end of the bed and the dresser. "Put your face down on the rug Tommy and lift your ass as high
in the air as you can. Good. Now spread your legs a little wider.
Fine! Now just stay like that for awhile." Tina and Ellen began poking each other and snorting as they
saw that Linda steadied herself with one hand on the dresser and
lifted her foot so that her sneaker very lightly began to rub Tommy
between his asscheeks and around his scrotum. "Goose! Goose!" she
giggled as she touched the point of her shoe directly on Tommy's
puckering asshole. This made him jump slightly and his stiff penis
bobbed up and down beneath him. That set off another laughing jag
among the girls. Nothing worse than three teenage girls with a case
of the giggles... "Let's go, girls!" Beverly yelled from the kitchen. "Dinner's
ready." The girls led Tommy back into the kitchen. The three of
them sat down at the table and Beverly joined them. "Where's
Tommy going to sit?" asked Ellen. "Oh, he'll eat when we're through, Ellen" replied Beverly. The four ladies picked up their forks and began eating. "I seem to
have dropped my napkin. Please get it for me Tommy.....thank you
dear.....Oh, please bring some more bread from the counter Tommy....
thank you dear." They kept him crawling around the cold kitchen floor doing me-
nial errands while they ate and talked about the previous afternoon. At the end of the meal Beverly got a large bowl and she scraped
the leftovers from all four plates into it and mashed it up. "Here Tommy. It's time for your dinner now." She placed the
bowl on the floor next to the refrigerator and motioned for Tommy
to eat it. "No hands now, remember?" Was there no end to the degradation this woman could heap on
him? Tommy lowered his red face to the bowl and began to eat.
The girls got a case of the giggles again and Beverly got her camera
out of her pocketbook. Naked and leashed, on his hands and knees,
with a pink baby bonnet on his head and a stiff prick, Tommy looked
hilarious. Beverly clicked away from all angles. "Lift your face just a
little, dear, so I can see it better...that's it... CLICK... thank you." It was now around 7:30pm and Beverly suggested they all go into
the living room. When they got there they she made Tommy get
up on the coffee table and lie down on his back. "You should know
the routine by now, Tommy. Lift your legs into the air, spread them
wide and bend your knees." She opened her pocketbook and took out
the two pair of handcuffs she had used on Tommy two nights before. "Remember these, honey?" she teased. She fastened the cuffs on
him again in the same manner. Left wrist to left ankle and right
wrist to right ankle. His wrists were cuffed to the inside of his ankles
so he couldn't close his legs. Once again this left him in the most
vulnerable and exposed condition he could imagine. He felt the eyes
of the teenagers burning into his ass like a brand, and he flushed
deeply and squirmed a bit. Beverly then produced a long feather
from her pocketbook and proceeded to brush it lightly up and down
the crack of his ass while the girls looked on in wonder. "WOW! Will
you look at him buck!" yelled Tina. "It's a good thing you put those
cuffs on him!" Beverly continued tormenting him without pity. She'd concen-
trate on the underside of his penis for awhile and when it looked like
he might be getting ready to cum she'd hold off while his hips bucked
and he pleaded "Oh P-L-E-A-S-E! P-L-E-A-S-E let me CUM!!!" But
Beverly would just wait a bit and then move the feather back to his
asshole or some other spot. Beverly continued the torment while she
started to speak to the room: "I'll bet Tommy here was wondering why I was late getting here
this evening. Well, I had a very busy day. Last night I took the video
tape back to my studio and watched it. All I can say is WOW!. It
came out great! We had Tommy rolling around on his back and
stroking his penis and begging Linda to give him a spanking... we
had him crawling around the floor and slapping his own ass.... more
begging in front of Tina and Ellen.....we had a lovely spanking draped
across Linda's knees... and at the end we had Tommy again on his
back, his reddened behind waggling on the floor, masturbating in
front of the girls and begging them to let him cum! It was beautiful!"
She kept tormenting Tommy with the feather the whole time she
spoke. "Anyway, I decided to make four copies of the tape. I have
some rather specialized equipment at my studio and the copies came
out superbly. I told Tommy to make sure that he left his office by
4:30 so he would be in this house by 5:00pm sharp! The reason for
this is because I paid a small visit to his office, at 4:45pm!" Tommy
began to moan "Oh please no...please...please!" But his hips were
still moving frantically to the tune of the tormenting feather. "I
introduced myself to Mrs. Peterson and told her I was your new
girlfriend. I also met those two other lovely young things...Carol and
Marie? Yes. Well, they seemed a bit surprised that you even HAD
a girlfriend. Anyway, I gave each of them a small package. Do you
want to guess what was in those packages? Exactly! Each package
had one of the four copies of the tape I had made!" The teenaged
girls gasped. Tommy was sobbing, but still bucking his hips. He had
no choice in the matter. "Oh don't worry. I rigged each of the tapes in my studio with
a magnet on the take-up spool so that they can only be viewed
once. But once is all they'll need! Let's see, it's about 7:45pm...
they're probably watching those tapes right now!" Tommy was sob-
bing loudly but his arms and legs were pumping up and down and
his ass was wiggling to keep the tip of the feather away from his
sensitive asshole. "Can you imagine poor Tommy, having to go to work tomorrow
morning and sit in that office? And he will, too! You see, Mrs.
Peterson may want to fire you, Tommy, but you can't let her. You
had better find some way of begging her to let you keep your job.
You can cry, plead, promise anything you want, but don't let her
fire you. If you do, well, I can make LOTS more copies of that tape
and send it around to all sorts of people. This time without the
magnet so they can watch it over and over and over again! I did a
little checking on you, Tommy. How would you like your sister in
Philadelphia to get a copy of that tape? Or your mother's friends in
Long Island? And don't forget the lovely snapshots I took tonight!"
Tommy couldn't believe what he was hearing. It had to be a bad
dream, but it was REAL. The girls thought it was pretty amusing
and giggled while they watched Tommy twisting in the cuffs on the
coffee table, still trying to escape the maddening feather. "Tommy, dear" Beverly continued. "Your punishment is going to
be an ongoing one, with no relief. Every single day you are going to
report to work in that office, knowing that each of the ladies there
have seen you as you were yesterday. The first night we met you told
me that your worst fear was being laughed at by a woman. Those
women at work are going to be laughing at you every day from now
on..." Tommy was crying "Please... no, don't do this to me... please...
please!" Beverly put the feather down and got up from the couch. "It's been a long day girls, and Tommy is going to have an even
longer day tomorrow. I have to go now, but you girls can stay here
as long as you want. Just unlock him when you leave." She dug into
her pocketbook and threw the keys to the handcuffs on the coffee
table next to the still writhing form of Tommy." Goodnight, girls...
it's been real!" The three teenage girls thanked Beverly and walked her to the
door. After she left they all converged on Tommy like starving vul-
tures. Linda picked up the feather and continued to torment his
asshole. Tina bent over and began licking the underside of his penis.
Ellen put her tongue in his ear. They all mocked him and teased him
saying "Come on Tommy, shoot! shoot!". Finally he went stiff and
began shooting thick spurts of white cum in the air. Some of it hit
the wall behind the coffee table, some of it landed on his face. The
girls were amazed. Linda said it was time they were going home so they all lined up
and each gave him a dozen hard slaps on his ass. Then they unlocked
the cuffs, walked to the door, turned out the lights and Linda said "Goodnight Tommy! Have a nice day tomorrow!" With that they
all left, leaving the front door wide open. Tommy could hear them
laughing all the way down the street. Tom Hyde didn't sleep very well that night. After the girls left he
got up, closed the front door and cleaned himself off, all in a daze.
He went into his bedroom to lay down and try to sort things out.
What was he going to do! He began reviewing all of the shameful
things he had done the day before, the things that would be on that
damn video tape! Oh God! Each one was worse than the other. And
everyone at work would be watching that tape right now - or would
have already seen it! Carol and Marie! Louise! Mrs. Peterson! Had
they seen the tape already? Had they seen him lying naked on his
back, rubbing his dick and begging Linda to let him cum? Crawling
around on the floor on a leash, slapping his own ass and pleading
with Linda to put him across her knees and give him a spanking! Oh
God, what was he going to do! And Beverly's threat... would she
really do it if he didn't show up at work? Somehow he had no doubt
that she would. He began sobbing uncontrollably. He was doomed! He managed to fall asleep a little after midnight. He didn't re-
member dreaming anything. The next thing he knew it he was awake
and it was morning outside. As he remembered what was going to
happen to him his stomach began fluttering. He got up and show-
ered and shaved. When he looked in the mirror at himself it was like
he was looking at somebody else, not him. He got dressed, picked
out a tie and went into the living room. He went into the kitchen
to make some coffee and found the dirty dishes still in the sink from
last night, and a bowl on the floor near the refrigerator. As he bent
down to pick up the bowl in his suit he felt like that couldn't have
been him last night. It MUST have been someone else. He decided
he wasn't hungry this morning, walked out the front door, got into
his car and drove to work. He never remembered the drive to work being so quick before...
Next thing he knew it he was parked near his office building. He
walked into the building and slowly climbed the stairs to the second
floor. The offices of Venture Publications were right at the top of
the stairs on the second floor. As he reached the top of the stairs he
paused by the entrance to regain his composure.
Damn! It sounded like Carol and Marie were already inside. He
could hear them talking. He stood there and listened for a moment.
He heard a giggle and then Marie's voice in a high, mocking sing- song "ooooh, puhleeese Linda, give me a spanking. oh please oh please,
I've been such a naughty boy!" Carol giggled at Marie's impression,
then she pitched in with "And did you see how young Linda looked?
And there he was lying across her knees while she spanked him...and
her two friends right next to her! I couldn't believe what I was
seeing!" "My roommate and I watched it last night" said Marie. "She
couldn't stop laughing. She kept saying, `You KNOW this guy?'.
We tried to replay it when it was over but the tape was blank." "So was mine!" said Carol. That woman must have done some-
thing to it. I tell you, she sure did something to Tommy!" At that comment there was more giggling. Tommy felt his face
go scarlet, He couldn't go in there now. Just then he heard footsteps
coming up the stairs. Oh no, it was Louise! With no place else to
go he put his head down and walked quickly into the office. The
girls were still giggling but they stopped instantly when he walked
in. Tom went right to his desk and sat down without looking up.
The room was silent. Just then Louise walked in. She stood in the
doorway for a minute, then walked right past Tommy and sat down
at her own desk, putting her pocketbook away and getting ready
for the day as usual. Maybe she didn't see the tape? Just then
she looked up at him with a small smile and said "Good morning,
Spanky!". Carol and Marie choked a little and then giggled. Leave
it to Louise... Tommy didn't say a word but kept his head down.
A phone rang and Louise answered it. He tried to do some work.
Every once in awhile he would glance up and find Carol or Marie
looking at him. Carol glanced away but Marie put the tip of her
tongue between her front teeth and smiled teasingly. He knew his
face was red. Every once in awhile he'd hear a whisper and then a
suppressed giggle. Why couldn't they leave him alone? And why did
they have to dress so sexy today? He shuddered a little and heard
another small giggle. Around 9:00am Mrs. Peterson came into the office. When she
saw Tommy at his desk she told him she'd like to see him in her
office. He followed her into the office and she shut the door. Mrs. Peterson put her briefcase away and sat down behind her
desk. "Tom, I think we have something very important to talk
about." Tommy looked down at the desk and didn't say a word. "Are you aware that your girlfriend came here yesterday after-
noon?" "Y-yes" was all Tommy could get out. "Did you know that she was bringing video tapes of your personal
affairs with her?" "I found out about it last night. I'm sorry, I didn't... I don't..."
Tommy stammered a bit. He was close to tears with embarrassment
and couldn't think of anything to say. "Tommy, she gave the tapes to Louise, Marie and Carol, too." Tommy just nodded and sniffed a bit, still not lifting his eyes
above the desk. "What you do on your own time is no business of mine... but if it
spills over into the office... if it affects how we work here... well, that
IS my business. Frankly, I can't imagine how you're going to be able
to work with the others after this. I'm really surprised you even had
the guts to come in this morning." She paused for a moment and
when she got no response she continued "The only way this office
can work effectively is as a team, and right now I don't see how that
can continue to happen." "Tommy, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to let you go. You've
been a good worker and I hate to have to do it, but I just don't see
how it can work out." "It can w-work out, Gloria. Honest. I promise. I can do my job.
You don't have to fire me!" "I'm sorry Tommy. I'd like to believe you, but I really don't see
how it can work out." "Just give me a chance, please! I PROMISE that it won't affect
my work. I didn't know she was going to do that. You don't know
what she did to me... what she'll do..." Tommy's sentence faded
away. Mrs. Peterson sighed. She looked at Tommy for a moment and
said "Well, if you've got the guts to try. I guess I can give you a
chance..." and she shook her head. Tommy looked up for the first time. "Oh thank you. Thank you
very very much." His eyes were wet. "But understand, Tommy. This is just a chance you're getting. If
it doesn't work out or interferes in any way with the smooth operation of this office... well, you won't get a second chance." She let that hang
in the air a minute then continued. "You know that I've known Louise for nearly 20 years. I trust
her implicitly. Since I'm out of the office so often I'm going to leave
it to her to tell me how things are going on in here. If she tells me
it's not working out, you'll have to leave. Understand?" "Yes, Gloria. And thank you very much. You won't be sorry.
I promise." Mrs. Peterson nodded to Tommy to indicate she was
through with him and told him to ask Louise to come into her office
for a few minutes. When Tommy walked back into the main office all three women
were staring at him. He told Louise that Gloria wanted to see her in
her office, then sat down at his desk and tried very hard to get some
work done. He could feel the eyes of Carol and Marie on him but he
did his best to try to ignore it. Louise was with Mrs. Peterson for
about fifteen minutes. When she came back out Tommy glanced up
at her. She met his glance with a slight smirk and went back to her
desk. About a half hour later Mrs. Peterson came out and said she
had to go to a meeting and would be back in the office after lunch. After she left, the office was dead quiet for about five minutes.
There were no phone calls and all four of them worked without any
small talk. At that point Louise got up from her chair and said "Tommy, I want to talk to you in Gloria's office for a few minutes",
and she walked in. Tommy followed her. As soon as he entered,
Louise shut the door. She turned to Tommy with a big smile on her
face and said "Well, well. I must admit you surprised me. Are you
proud of that tape you made? Were we supposed to be impressed?" "I didn't make that tape, Louise" Tommy snapped out. "God, I don't know what happened, or how it happened..." "Gloria told me that you want a second chance to keep your job
here. She said it seemed very important to you. Is that right?" "Yes, that's right." "Why, Tommy? Why is it so important?" Tommy hesitated, "Because I really like my job and I feel that
this won't affect my performance." "Bullshit, Tommy. That's bullshit. All I have to say is one word
to Gloria and you're out of here on your ass. Tell me the truth. Why,
Tommy?" Tommy hesitated a bit, then he choked out "Because Beverly said
that if I lost my job she'd send out more copies of the tape... to my
family... my friends... everybody!" Tommy looked down. He was
breathing hard. Louise nodded her head for a moment. "Tommy, you've been a royal pain in my ass for over a year, you
know that? And there's one thing I've always wanted to do and now,
by God... I think I'll do it." She seemed in an angry mood all of a
sudden. She picked up a wooden ruler from Gloria's desk and said, "I've wanted to blister your ass from almost the first day you came
to work here! You, still wet behind the ears, and you try ordering
me around this office I've been at for nearly 20 years. I may be the
secretary here but I've worked with Gloria since the beginning, and
I resented your coming in here like a big shot and trying to push ME
around! I'm gonna do what your mother should have done for you
years ago. What that hussy of yours is doing to you now, it seems.
Drop your pants and lean over that desk. You're gonna get what's
coming to you now!" Tommy couldn't believe his ears! He just stared at Louise for a
minute without moving. "I'm not fooling around, son. You'll be out of here today if you
cross me. Understand? Now do what I said!" Tommy saw that he had no choice. There wasn't any way he was
going to talk Louise out of this. All he could do was hope she'd get
it all out of her system and be done with it. With a sudden gulp
he wondered if Carol and Marie would be able to hear them. Oh
God, please... he silently prayed. Tommy slowly unbuckled his belt,
opened his fly and let his pants fall to his ankles. Louise watched
him with the anger from her recent outburst still in her eyes. When
she saw that he wasn't wearing any underpants she shook her head. "Man, you come ready for anything, don't you?" Tommy didn't say
anything. "Turn around and rest your arms on that desk... put your
head down and your ass up." Tommy did as he was told. Louise
took the heavy wooden ruler and rubbed it against his ass. Then she
tapped it against each cheek a couple of times, obviously enjoying
this. Finally she reared back and gave one tremendous WHACK!
with the ruler. Tommy jumped like he'd been shot! He'd been
spanked by Beverly and Linda, but they used their hands. This
was the first time he'd ever been hit with a ruler. "Keep your head down and arch your ass back. That's
only one. We've got a long way to go before I'm
satisfied." Tommy bent back over and gritted his teeth...
WHACK!...WHACK!...WHACK!...WHACK!. She gave him four in
a row so fast he didn't have time to move. His ass BURNED! "Keep
your head down I said! This is just the warmup. Do you want me
to call Carol and Marie in here? Do you? They'd LOVE seeing
you like this." She continued whacking him, moving from cheek to
cheek while he groaned. "Those girls have been teasing you for a
year. You know that? ...WHACK!... I think they get off on it. You
think they don't know you stare at their asses every time they get
up to move? ...WHACK!... You're so obvious. You think they don't
notice? They've been teasing you intentionally. ...SMACK!... Carol
thinks you're cute. I wonder what she thinks now. ...WHACK! ...
They'd love to see this, but this one's all mine! WHACK!... SMACK! By this time Louise was breathing heavier and Tommy was crying "Owwwww!" with each hard slap and wiggling his ass to get away
from her swing. Louise finally stopped for a minute to catch her
breath. Her eyes were like fire. She thought for a minute, like she
was coming to a decision, and then said "On second thought, take
your shirt and shoes off too, and your socks. Everything! Take it all
off. Now!" As Tommy was complying she began moving everything
off Gloria's desk and putting it on the credenza. "Up on the desk.
On your hands and knees. Quick!" and she whacked the ruler against
his naked ass. Tommy quickly climbed on the desk. He felt mortified.
What if someone should come in! "Ahhh Yes!" and she rubbed the ruler against his ass some more. "Get on your elbows and lower your head. I want to see that ass up
in the air.... gooood!" "I always said you were too big for your britches", she laughed. "I
like you better without britches. Maybe we should keep you this way
whenever you're working!" She was taunting him now and enjoying
every minute of it. She swung the ruler at his exposed ass and
whacked him four more times. "Spread your legs a little. I want
to see your balls hanging down and your asshole winking at me."
She laughed at him as he adjusted his position, then she stood there
staring at his ass for a couple of minutes. He was wide open! She
could see everything he had, and she still wanted more! She wanted
to humiliate this little big shot yuppie bastard who'd been so snotty
to her for so long. "Mister big shot" she said aloud. "You don't look
like such a big shot now. Roll over onto your back and lift your legs
up like you did in your movie. That's right... now reach up with
your hands and grab onto your feet. Good! Now spread your legs...
as wide as you can get... keep your knees bent... that's it!" When
Tommy was in position she ran the ruler along his dick, which was
hard as a rock. "This turns you on, huh? I can see that. I think
deep down inside you enjoy getting spanked. Did you like it when
that teenage girl had you across her knees? Huh? You really get
off on this don't you?" She kept rubbing his dick with the ruler and
taunting him. She held his legs back with one arm and swatted his
ass a few more times while he was in that position. He squirmed and
his cock began leaking a little fluid from the tip. "Now get down on
the floor on your hands and knees. CRAWL slowly over into that
corner." As he began to move she started whacking his ass again
with the ruler. From the corner of his eye he saw two faces looking
at him from the window of the closed door. It was Carol and Marie!
Oh no... the window! How long had they been watching him? Marie
was watching intently with a lust in her eyes that was almost scary.
Carol had her hand over her mouth and was nearly hysterical with
laughter... As he slowly crawled to the corner Louise kept swatting his now
red ass and taunting him: "You like getting your ass spanked while
the girls watch, huh? Look how hot you are! You want them to see
you, don't you? Sure you do. I can see how hard you are!" Tommy was shaking. He was humiliated to tears and beyond all
control. This was worse than yesterday. These were his workmates,
his associates, people he'd have to work with every day, hell, they
were Carol and Marie laughing at him!" Tommy wanted to die of
shame. When he got to the corner Louise said, "I want you to stay
like that, with your nose in the corner and your red ass on display for
the next half hour. And I want you to think about just how much
you really want to continue working here! After that you can get
dressed and get back to work." Tommy wasn't sure of the time, but for what seemed like the
next half hour he stayed in that position. During that time Louise
came back in to straighten up Mrs. Peterson's desk. Carol and Marie
kept finding excuses to come into the office looking for files and such.
Each time, they'd stare at Tommy's ass before leaving. He could hear
laughter coming from the main office. When he was pretty sure that
a half hour was over he slowly got up and got dressed. Hesitantly
he walked back into the main office. He had no shorts on under his
slacks and his hardon made the front of his pants stick out obviously.
Carol and Marie didn't look up at him, but he heard a mu- ed laugh
as he sat down gingerly at his desk and tried to get back to work. It
was going to be a long day... Tom managed to get through the rest of the day, somehow. Louise
sent him out to get sandwiches for her and the girls at lunchtime.
Mrs. Peterson returned to the office around 1:30 and noted that
things seemed fairly normal. She looked questioningly at Louise as
she walked to her office and received a positive nod from her that
everything was OK. Maybe she had made the right decision giving
Tommy one more chance to keep his job. As long as Louise was
around to keep watch over things nothing could get too out of hand... At the end of the day Tom got up from his desk to go home.
Louise called out "Goodnight Tom, see you on Monday?" The ques-
tion was more of a taunt, and she smiled at him as she waved goodbye
with her fingers. "Goodnight Louise" Tom managed without looking her in the eye. "Goodnight Tom!" Carol and Marie echoed, but Tom was already out
the door and heading down the stairs. He got into his car and drove home. This was the worst day
he'd ever had. He was still in shock over what Louise did to him in
Mrs. Peterson's office. Was she planning more of it next week? She
knew she had him and there wasn't anything he could do about it.
He thought about seeing Carol and Marie looking at him through
the window while he was doing all those things and he shuddered.
Louise was wrong about one thing. He didn't like being exposed in
front of the girls that way. It was horrible! Carol and Marie would
never be able to look at him again without remembering him on Mrs.
Peterson's desk, or kneeling in the corner with his red ass on display. How could all this have happened to him so quickly? He had
only met Beverly on Tuesday night... three days ago! Last weekend
he spent mowing the lawn and washing his car. He was outside and
everything was normal. After three days of Beverly his life would
never be the same! It was like he'd become an entirely different
person. When he got home he saw those same four young girls hanging
around in the street in front of his house. They ran after the car
as he pulled into his driveway. He got out and with his head down
walked quickly towards his door. "Hello Mr. Hyde!" they all yelled
and giggled. He went into his house, closed the door and locked it.
He looked out his window and saw that Linda had come outside and
was sitting on her front steps. She was wearing those same white cut-
off's that she had worn two days ago and he looked at her long legs.
Those same legs that he'd laid across bare-assed while she spanked
him in front of her friends. Remembering that made him blush with
shame but it also caused him to get an aching erection. In spite of all
that he'd been put through today, or perhaps because of it, and the
fact that he'd had no relief of any kind at the office, he was horny! The base of his cock tingled as he thought about what must have
been on those tapes that Carol and Marie had seen. He rubbed his
stiff cock through the thin fabric of his slacks and he shuddered a bit.
He saw a small stain begin to appear on the front of his pants and
he decided to take them off. He unbuckled his belt then unzipped
his pants and let them fall to his ankles. He took his open hand and
lightly rubbed it under his dick. This caused the tingling to get even
more urgent. He said "Oh, Shit!" out loud then kicked off his shoes
and socks. He stepped out of his pants and then took off his shirt
and watch. This left him completely naked with his clothes in a pile
at his feet. He lay down on his back in front of the door and tried to
imagine Linda on the other side of it, sitting across the street on her
steps, in those little white shorts and those long legs and small buns.
He closed his eyes and pictured her walking around in those shorts.
He could see how perfectly her calf tapered to her knee. Then the
smooth long length of her thighs, and finally the little suggestion of
a crease where the backs of her thighs met the round lower curve of
her ass..... his balls felt loaded and as he continued to finger himself
he felt he would explode in his orgasm any second. He wanted to
prolong this so he began lightly and quickly stroking the underside
of his penis and squirming until the sensation subsided enough to
touch himself again. He began to softly moan: "Oh, please spank
me Linda, and your friends too! Oh p-l-e-a-s-e!" He squirmed as he
fantasized about two days earlier. He began flicking his tongue like a
snake and repeating "Please spank me Linda... I REALLY want it..
oh, please... " He was writhing on the carpet now, lost in his own
self-debasement, teasing his penis. He slit his eyes open a tiny bit for
just a second... and saw two forms standing in front of him! His eyes
popped open in an instant and his confusion turned to shock. There
were Beverly and another woman, standing right there in front of
him, looking down at what he was doing! "Don't let us interrupt you, Tommy" said Beverly with a smile.
But Tommy had already stopped, although his penis was still ram-
pant and twitching from his activities. "Tommy, I'd like you to meet my friend, Karen. Karen, this is
Tommy." "Nice to meet you, Tommy" Karen said, bending down and offer-
ing her hand to shake. Tommy just stared at her dumbly, "How...?" "Last night while I was preparing dinner I found a spare key in
the kitchen." Karen drove me over here about a half hour ago - we
parked down the street. Since you weren't home yet I didn't think
you'd mind if we waited inside. We were in the bedroom when you
came in." "Don't let us stop you Tommy, you looked like you were about to
cum." Beverly smiled down at him. Tommy didn't say anything but
blushed deeply. "You DO want to cum, don't you Tommy?" When
Tommy just looked down and shook his head Beverly brightened. "Oh! You mean you LIKE playing with yourself but not cum-
ming, right? Well, I think we can help you with that, don't you
"Sure can, Beverly!" Karen laughed. "It would be my pleasure!"
Beverly continued smiling down at Tommy while Karen went back
into the bedroom. She returned with an aluminum pole about four
feet long. It had straps at the ends and in the middle. "We brought
you a toy, Tommy. Let me help you to get into it." Karen placed
the pole by Tommy's feet. She attached his feet, one at a time, to
the straps at either end of the pole. After that she and Beverly
together lifted the pole up and then attached both of his wrists to
the strap in the middle of the pole. With all of the straps tied tight
and Tommy on his back, he was left in a similar position as when he
was handcuffed earlier, except that his hands were directly over his
head and this time his legs were spread wide apart and fastened that
way. Once again Tommy's genitals and ass were completely exposed
to the gaze of both women. "He looks absolutely scrumptious, doesn't he Karen?" Beverly
asked. She was rubbing her palms together and looking down at
Tommy as he lay exposed on the carpet. "Let's give him what he
really wants... I told you earlier that I thought we could keep him
teased on the edge for AT LEAST a half hour without letting him
cum, didn't I? Well, let's really go for it. I'll bet you $20 I can keep
him squirming on the edge for.... a whole hour! If I'm right, you owe
me $20. If he cums before then I'll pay you the money... and whip
his ass good for making me lose the bet!" "It's a bet, Beverly" Karen laughed back. "But I'm not going to
make things easy on you. I intend to help him along all I can." The two women decided to get down to work. Beverly sat down
between Tommy's legs and began to lightly run her fingers up and
down the crack of his ass while he moaned "Oh... God!" She then
leaned over and began lightly licking at the base of his cock while he
thrashed about and pleaded with her to let him cum. Since he was
already so hot Beverly sensed that Tommy was ready to ejaculate so
she stopped what she was doing and watched him twitch helplessly
for a few minutes. Tommy started to cry as she once again began
touching his ass and licking his balls. As she ran her tongue up his
shaft to concentrate just under the head he once again stiffened as
if he were about to cum. Again she backed off, leaving him bucking
and begging for relief. After about ten minutes of this torture Karen
decided she needed to help swing the scales. After Beverly had again
pulled back leaving Tommy wiggling like a fish on a hook, Karen
pushed her pants down and stepped out of them. "Hey, Tommy!
Like what you see?" As Tommy watched her through teary eyes she
stepped out of her panties, leaving her nude from the waist down.
She had a lovely pussy lightly covered with soft brown hair. Tommy
had never actually seen a pussy this close up before and the sight
of it held him transfixed. His bent and tied legs began to tremble
as Karen turned her back to him and bent over from the waist. Her
ass pointed at him like a round target and she wiggled her hips and
laughed. "Hungry, Tommy? Guess what's for din-din..." With that she stood up and turned around. She stood over him
and then squatted down so that her pussy was right over Tommy's
face. "You know what to do, don't you boy?" she teased. When
Tommy didn't budge she added "Maybe he doesn't! Have you ever
eaten pussy, boy?" Tommy was in agony but he managed to shake
his head no. "No!?" She gasped. "You mean you've never tasted pussy before?
Let me guess... have you ever been LAID before? Tell me the truth
now or it'll go bad for you." Tommy was in no position to lie. He
shook his head no while he continued to stare at the wet treat that
was just inches above his nose. "Well, I'll be!" said Beverly with sur-
prise. "We got ourselves a virgin here! Well Tommy boy, you could
have fooled me." Beverly laughed again while Karen said: "Boy, you
are about to taste your first pussy. Get used to it!" Both women laughed out loud as Karen lowered herself right onto
Tommy's face. "Lick, boy. Get your tongue up there and lick it good
or I'll open this front door and let your neighbors see you like this."
Tommy stuck his tongue out and slowly licked at Karen's pussy. "That's it!" she encouraged him. "Now wiggle it around a bit. Con-
centrate on this spot right here..." and she opened her cunt lips and
pointed her finger to her little clit bud. "Ooooh, that's right. Suck
on it. Now move your tongue back down and lick me inside and out
as far as your tongue can reach... keep it up." Beverly resumed tormenting his ass and cock while he licked
Karen as ordered. He was really close now. Bucking his hips like
a bronco while Beverly's hands and tongue worked him over. Again,
as he was about to cum she pulled back and laughed at him as his
dick twitched helplessly in the air and leaked a little pre-seminal
fluid. In this manner the two women kept him thrashing around on
the verge of cumming for what seemed an eternity. Karen moved
around and had him lick her asshole out while Beverly teased him
on and off without pity of any kind. Tommy cried as he licked and
sucked, his tied feet kicked in the air and his asshole opened and
closed in frustration. He came close to release several times, and
at one point Beverly actually thought she had lost him, but she
just managed to pull away in time, watching him twist and moan. "Ohhhhh pllllease.....please.....PLEASE!" he begged, over and over
again. Karen tried to make him cum but Beverly proved to be too
expert, and as the hour timed out all three of them were exhausted
and sweaty. "I won!" shouted Beverly triumphantly. "I believe you owe me
$20" she said to Karen. "Fair and square", giggled Karen, but I'll get it back next time.
The two women decided they needed a shower but before they got up
they looked at each other mischievously. "Why not?" giggled Karen,
reading Beverly's mind. They got up and Karen reached for the
doorknob and swung the front door wide open! It was about quarter
past six in the evening and the summer sun was still high. Tommy
heard the sounds of outdoors as the two women dashed towards the
bathroom to clean up. "Now don't you dare move an inch. I mean it!" warned Beverly. "If we come out and find you've so much as rolled over you'll spend
the next two hours just like you are now on the front lawn!" Tommy
moaned and writhed in his shamefully exposed position. "If anybody
comes to the door looking for us, we'll be back in a jiffy, Tommy" said
Karen. Laughing hysterically the two women closed the bathroom
door and turned on the shower. Poor Tommy was still in agony. He had been aroused almost
beyond his senses. His body was twitching and his hips were bucking
involuntarily. His face was smeared with the slimy ooze of Karen's
cunt, and the smell of it kept him even hotter. To make matters
worse he was on his back in this most shameful position, about three
feet from his wide-open front door! He could hear the yells of children
playing somewhere. Occasionally he'd hear the sound of a passing
car. Could anybody see him? He tried to look between his legs but
all he got was the sight of his incredibly stiff prick, dripping on his
belly. His hips were still bucking pathetically from the teasing he
had received. He felt himself begin to rock forward and he steadied
himself with a panic. He believed that Beverly would do exactly
as she had threatened, so he kept his head down on the floor and
abandoned his desire to see out the door. Oh God... if anybody
sees me like this.... Dear God, make them hurry up, please! He
cried, but he continued twitching and bucking his hips. He was
sooo hot, he thought he would lose his mind! An eternity later he
heard the shower stop. As he waited there by the front door he
heard the sound of giggling from the bathroom. Finally both women
emerged, smiling. They each wore one of his bathrobes and had a
towel wrapped around their head. Beverly walked up to Tommy and
smiled down at him, "Any messages while we were away?" Tommy
just moaned and bucked his hips a little, pathetically. "Ohhhhh, what's the matter Tommy? Are you hot? Maybe a
nice little walk in the evening air will cool you off." Tommy panicked
but Beverly mercifully closed the front door and to his relief began
untying him from the pole. "Hurry up, we have to get dressed if
we're going out." Tommy winced as he tried standing up. His legs
had cramped from being tied in that position for the past hour and
a half. Beverly put her hands on his back and motioned for him to
stay down. "If you don't mind, I'd like you to crawl into the bedroom. I do
so love watching your ass move when you crawl." Beverly laughed
and slowly walked behind him. "My, but your ass looks quite rosy
this evening. Did Mrs. Peterson do that to you today?" "No, Mistress Beverly" Tommy replied. "Louise did it while Mrs.
Peterson was out of the office." "Well! That surprises me. She seemed so quiet and cool when I
was there. Did Carol and Marie see you `get it' from Louise?" "Yes, Mistress Beverly." "Excellent! Did they enjoy seeing you get spanked in the office?"
Beverly continued, tauntingly. "I-I don't know, Mistress Beverly." Tommy stuttered. "Well then perhaps I should call them and ask them, what do
you think?" "Oh, NO Mistress Beverly!" Tommy begged. "They enjoyed it
FINE!" "Well, that's good to hear" replied Beverly. As they entered the
bedroom Karen was already getting dressed. Beverly handed Tommy
a pair of gray sweatpants and a black tee shirt. "Put these on Tommy,
we wouldn't want the neighbors to get the wrong impression during
our walk, would we?" "No, Mistress Beverly" Tommy accepted the clothes and began
pulling them on while Beverly got dressed in her own jeans and
pullover shirt. Beverly looked terrific in her tight designer jeans
and Tommy couldn't help looking at her when she turned around. "Are you looking at my ass, Tommy?" Beverly asked. "What a
nice compliment. I'm glad you enjoy it. We certainly enjoy yours."
Karen chuckled at this and rubbed her hands along her own ass to
tease Tommy a little more. When they were finished Beverly and Karen grabbed their shoul-
der bags and each took one of Tommy's arms. "We're going to walk
down the street to Karen's car, Tommy." As they left the house
Tommy was embarrassed to see that, since he didn't have any under-
wear on, his enormous hardon was plainly visible pushing the front
of his sweatpants out in a pronounced bulge. The women noticed
him trying to cover himself and held his hands tightly to prevent
this. They passed by Mrs. Whitford's porch and Beverly waved
and yelled "Hello Mrs. Whitford!" Mrs. Whitford smiled and waved
back. She didn't know where they were going but instinctively felt
that wherever it was, it wasn't going to be good for Tom Hyde, and
this pleased her. They passed Laurie and Marcie Lyons. The two
girls were headed back from the store with a couple of bags of gro-
ceries. They lived a few houses down from Tom. Did they pass by his
house on the way to the store while he was lying there with the door
open? Could they have seen him? Tommy was in agony. The two
sisters smiled as they passed him and he noticed they both couldn't
help but look at the huge bulge in his sweatpants. After they passed
he heard some mu- ed giggling and unintelligible whispers. They fi-
nally came to a late model Buick parked by the curb. Karen unlocked
the passenger side then opened the door and reached in to tilt the
seat forward. "Climb in" she said to Tommy. Beverly then pushed
the seat back and got in the front while Karen went around to the
driver's side. As she started up the car Beverly leaned back over the
seat and said to Tommy, "I want you to lower your sweatpants down
to your ankles, then kneel on the seat with your butt up and your
face flat against the seat. If I catch you touching yourself, even a
little, we'll pull over and make you a very sorry little boy." Tommy did as he was told. His cock was still hard and sprang
out when he lowered his pants. It was a little awkward on the back
seat but he managed to achieve the required position, to Beverly's
satisfaction. Karen drove on while Beverly draped one arm over the
back of the seat and fondled Tommy's still red ass. After about
ten or fifteen minutes of driving, Karen pulled off to the side of the
road. There was nothing there except a field of tall grass and some
woods beyond. Beverly got out of the car and, grabbing Tommy's
hips, helped him to back out onto the grass. She told him to kick
his sneakers off and then took his sweats off from around his ankles.
She rolled them up and threw them into the back seat. Tommy now
had nothing on except his black tee shirt. His red ass stood out
even more below the bottom edge of the tee shirt as he waited there
on his hands and knees. Beverly grabbed hold of his tee-shirt and
quicly tugged it over his head and arms and pulled it completely
off. It joined his sweatpants and sneakers in the back seat. Now he
was stripped naked on the side of the road. Beverly then told the
bare assed boy to crawl ahead of them into the field. She and Karen
followed leisurely behind, watching him disappear into the tall grass.
When they got to the far end of the field Karen gave Tommy a little
goose with the toe of her shoe and told him to keep on going, into the
woods. Tommy picked his way carefully over branches and shrubs for
about a hundred yards before they came to a little clearing. There
was a small pond another hundred feet beyond. Beverly and Karen
both seemed to like the looks of the place, so they ordered Tommy
to stop. "I think this will do just fine, what do you think Karen?" "Oh, I think it's perfect" answered Karen. "Tommy dear, see
this fallen tree trunk here? I want you to crawl over it and straddle
it... yes, just like that. Make sure you keep your ass up. Now hold
it just like that." Karen walked around to where Tommy could see
her. She slowly unzipped her jeans then pushed them down and
stepped out of them. She then took off her blouse and unclipped
her bra. Teasingly she rubbed her tits together then took the bra
off completely. When she finally removed her white panties, Karen
stood completely nude in front of the shivering Tommy. "You like
what you see?" she taunted as she shimmied a little in front of him,
then crouched down and rubbed her hard nipples against his lips. Karen then got up and began walking towards the pond, looking
on the ground. Finally she found what she was looking for. A small
whippy branch about three feet long. She brought it back and then
crouched down in front of Tommy again. She slowly began stripping
the smaller branches and leaves off of it as she stared at Tommy the
whole while. She licked her lips sensuously then smiled and said. "Do
you know what I'm going to do with this, Tommy?" Tommy shook
his head `No'. Karen giggled and said, "You were a very bad boy,
Tommy! You hurt my feelings. Because I wasn't able to make you
cum when Beverly was teasing you, you made me lose $20. That's a
lot of money. I'm gonna make you wish you'd cum for me. First I'm
going to whip your ass with this switch here. Then I'm gonna fix it
so you'll be begging me to let you cum. You'll be begging ANYONE
to let you cum! With those last ominous words she finished stripping the switch.
She tested it by swishing it in her palm a few times before Tommy's
eyes. "Ow!" she exclaimed "I guess this will do just fine!". She then
got up and once again turned around and bent over from the waist.
She put her hands on the ground and peered back at Tommy be-
tween the arch of her legs. She stuck her tongue out at him then
said "I just wanted you to see who's gonna be whipping your ass."
Beverly just sat on another log watching the whole scene with in-
terest. Tommy's hips started bucking again and the underside of
his hardon was barely brushing against the bark of the log he was
straddling. Karen straightened up then walked to Tommy's left. She
let the switch slowly trace a path along Tommy's back, down and
around the globes of his asscheeks, then finally she brushed the tip
down the crack and watched him jump a little. "You cost me $20, so I'm going to give you twenty whacks. Get
ready...." ...PHHHHSSSS K-RACK!... The switch cut through the
air and Tommy jumped and almost got up. "Don't you DARE move,
or I'll tie you down and give you two HUNDRED whacks! Now, count
each one aloud and say 'Thank you, Mistress Karen', or they won't
count." Tommy's ass was on fire! It felt like he'd been burnt. The thought
of nineteen more of those was almost more than he could take, but
the horror of being tied down and getting two hundred of them scared
him to tears. "One... thank you, Mistress Karen", Tommy managed
to choke out. Beverly smiled at Karen and said "You're very good
at this. I'm impressed." "Oh, you haven't seen anything yet!" Karen beamed, and con-
tinued whipping Tommy's ass with the switch. She was clearly en-
joying her task immensely. By the time she reached twenty, tears
were streaming down Tommy's face. She hadn't broken any skin but
there were nasty looking ridges on his ass each place the switch had
struck him. Interestingly enough, his dick was still hard. Beverly and
Karen helped Tommy to back away from the fallen tree. They led
him a few paces away to a smooth, somewhat sandy patch of ground.
Karen said "Stop crying so much! That was just to warm you up"
and she cupped her hand over Tommy's blazing ass to confirm that
he was indeed warmed up. "Now comes the REAL fun!" With that
she opened her bag and took out some pieces of rope. She also took
out a couple of iron stakes and a small hammer. This woman came
prepared! Tommy was still on his hands and knees and she pushed
him down so that his face was on the ground, his cheek resting on
the cool soil. Both women then took his arms and pulled them un-
derneath him, between his legs, and tied his right wrist to his right
ankle and his left wrist to his left ankle. This left him bottom up-
wards, his knees spread and his ass wide open. Each of his ass cheeks
was a round globe. The crack of his ass was no longer a crack but
spread wide open. His anus was like a little round 'O', spread open
like that. Licking their lips they dragged him back about a foot and
took great care to position him. If he could have seen where they
were placing him he would have really flipped! About an inch below
his asshole was the top of a good sized ant hill. Karen then took the
two iron stakes and fastened one through each of the ropes that held
his wrists and ankles. With the hammer she pounded them both
deep into the hard ground. This left Tommy permanently anchored
in that position, wide open, his vulnerable asshole like a hungry little
mouth directly over the ant hill! Karen seemed pleased with the results but Beverly wasn't quite
done yet. From her own bag she took out a small jar of honey. She
scooped out a nice dollop of it with her index finger and smeared it
right on, and then into, Tommy's open anus! She took a little more
and ran a small bead along the underside of his stiff penis, put a
drop on the underside of each testicle, then sat back in satisfaction to
observe their handiwork. Tommy finally realized what was going on
and he began to panic. He strained against his bonds but couldn't
even come close to budging from his position. Beverly and Karen
then sat back on the fallen log that Tommy had so recently straddled,
and prepared to wait for the fun to start... Within minutes the first ants began climbing onto Tommy's calves
and, drawn by the scent of the honey, began moving towards his ass. "Don't worry, darling. They're not stinging fire ants or anything
like that. Just your normal everyday ants. We thought they might
tickle your fancy". With that, both women began giggling at the
pun. By this time the first ants had reached Tommy's asshole and
begun probing the nectar they found there. As expected, the tickling
motion of these insects began to have their effect on Tommy. He tried
waggling his hips to ease the tickling sensation but he was bound
helplessly open to their invasion. The first explorers returned to
the hill but then scores of others began following the trail they had
left back to the honeyspot. Within a few minutes their tiny feet and
feelers had poor Tommy begging for release. He managed to buck his
hips a tiny bit but it turned out to be just enough for his open anus to
graze the top of the hill, knocking the tip of it off. This brought out
dozens more and soon Tommy was wailing as his rump was covered by
hundreds of the maddening little creatures. Several of them were on
each testicle, licking away at the spot of honey deposited on them.
Still others had followed the trail along the underside of his erect
cock and were congregating just under the head of his penis. But,
by far, the greatest concentration had collected around his trembling
asshole. A few had ventured inside a bit and were scraping the honey
off the walls with their tiny mandibles. The sensation was indescribable torment. While the hundreds of
tiny probing feet stimulated his nerve endings to nearly the point
of orgasm, the randomness of their movement, coupled with their
incredibly light touch, kept him from going over the edge! He was,
in effect, held prisoner, on the hairy edge of orgasm, without relief,
for as long as the tiny torturers remained. These women knew their anatomy well and they watched breath-
lessly as the poor boy, tied so helplessly exposed, was held RIGHT
ON THE EDGE by these maddening little creatures. "Ohhhhh! Help! I'm sooooooo close. Please! let me cum....
unnnghhh..." Tommy was blubbering. Beverly and Karen were fascinated. They tried imagining the
sheer torment that Tommy was feeling and the thought made them
squeeze their thighs together. It was beyond their imagination. Ten
minutes of this should be unendurable, but Tommy was tied! He
HAD to endure it! An hour of this was completely unthinkable. To
be held at the edge of orgasm by these mindless terrors for a whole
hour, it was.... unthinkable! Nodding at each other the two women
finally got up. Karen put her shirt and slacks on as Beverly walked
over to where Tommy was trying to squirm. She patted his red ass,
careful not to disturb any of the busy ants and said "We've got to
go now, Tommy. It's getting late and soon the mosquitoes will be
out. We'll leave you with your new found friends. I'm sure they'll
be happy to keep you company tonight. We'll be back to get you in
the morning. Keep a stiff upper-lip!" "Goodnight, Tommy!" Karen added as the two women began
walking back towards the field, and the car. As they walked they
heard Tommy's plaintive cries "Help! P-L-E-A-S-E, don't leave me
like this. Please let me cum! Mistress Beverly! Mistress Karen!
Pleeeaaase! ANYBODY! Please, I can't stand this. Let me cum....." His sobs and pleas grew dimmer as the two women crossed the
field. "I suspect this is a night he'll never forget" said Beverly. Karen
put her arm around Beverly's shoulder and said "Thanks Bev, I can't
remember ever having such a good time on a blind date!" Tom Hyde couldn't believe the two women would actually leave him
this way! They had thoroughly whipped his ass and left him tied up
in the small clearing by the lake. His wrists were tied beneath him
to each ankle and as he knelt there with his feet apart and his face in
the dirt, his red ass was spread wide open to Karen and Beverly. The
two women had positioned him so that his open asshole was barely
grazing the top of an anthill and they had pounded iron stakes into
the ground through his ropes to keep him in this vulnerable position.
The generous dollops of honey in and around his anus and on his
cock and balls added to their amusement and within minutes the
maddening little creatures from the hill were driving him frantic!
Too light a touch to allow him to cum, yet persistent enough to keep
him blubbering on the edge and begging for relief. The two women
sat there and watched him until he was begging pitifully. "We've got to go now, Tommy. It's getting late and soon the
mosquitoes will be out. We'll leave you with your new found friends.
I'm sure they'll be happy to keep you company tonight. We'll be
back to get you in the morning. Keep a stiff upper lip!" "Help! P-L-E-A-S-E don't leave me like this! Please let me cum!
Mistress Beverly! Mistress Karen! Please! Anybody! Please! I can't
stand this! Let me cum..." As Karen and Beverly walked back to the car Tommy was thrash-
ing his head wildly and begging, but the tight bonds held his lower
body perfectly immobile to the ravishing of the mindless terrors that
tormented him. They were nature's most perfect torturers! An hour
of this and he'd surely go mad, or die of a heart attack. But Tommy
was young and strong and destined to sustain the torment of the long
night. For over an hour his pitiful cries echoed across the lake and
through the woods, but there was nobody to hear him, no relief from
his torment. The ants did a number on him, torturing him senseless
with their tiny movements and scrapings, holding him sooooo close,
so very close to the edge of orgasm but not quite close enough to send
him over that elusive edge. He blubbered and shook and sobbed and
begged, but no mattter how close he got, the lightness of their touch
and the randomness of their movements would not let him cum. If
there was a hell, then he was in it. After the sun went down the activity of the ants began to abate
and, blessedly, come to an end. But his ordeal was not over by a long
shot! With the night came the buzzing of the mosquitos... Drawn
to the warmth of his body and especially to the heat of his whipped
ass and groin, they congregated and fed. Throughout the night he
could hear them buzzing around him. He could feel them ever so
lightly land on his ass and thighs. Occasionally he'd feel a sting as
a particularly large mosquito inserted its proboscis into his searing
flesh and drank its full. Shortly after that the itching started, maddening him as it drove
him to wiggle his ass as much as he could, but he was still held wide
open by the ropes and stakes. The long night wore on and on... Somewhere Beverly and Karen
were sleeping, wondering how he'd survive this night of torment.
Linda and her friends were probably remembering their two nights
with him as they slept in their cozy little beds at home, their knees
pulled up tight and their fingers probing and tickling between their
thighs, rubbing themselves off to orgasm after orgasm. For Tommy,
however, it was a night of torment beyond anything he could have
ever imagined. He prayed to be able to fall asleep, or at least pass
out, but the buzzing and itching held him prisoner to the long night. After an eternity, the first rays of dawn and the chirping of birds
signalled an end to this worst of all nights. The mosquitos began to
leave him in peace, but, just like demonic relay partners, the ants
began getting active again! There were still traces of the honey that
attracted them back to those same familiar places. Once again he
was howling and crying as they drove him to the brink of madness,
not letting him cum, but keeping him ever so close... When Beverly and Karen finally showed up around 9:00am he
was blubbering like a baby. In his wild thrashings he had managed
to loosen one of the stakes just a little so that he was swiveling
one of his hips, trying in desperation to drive the ants away, but
they continued to torment his anus and continued crawling along the
underside of his engorged cock. His balls, which were also covered
with ants, appeared bloated, filled with the semen from countless
hours of arousal and denied orgasm. They were heavy in their sack,
causing them to nearly touch the ground at the base of the anthill. Karen and Beverly surveyed the scene with intense interest.
Tommy looked like a sacrifice, or the main course in some unbe-
lievable feast. Indeed they were right! As he continued blubbering
nonsensically and pathetically swivelling his hip, Beverly walked in
front of him. She crouched down and held his face in her hands and
peered questioningly into his eyes. Slowly he began to recognize her!
He had been driven nearly insane, perhaps partly so, but when he
recognized her face he began begging pathetically: "P-p-lease, M-mmistress B-beverly" was all he could manage. He
had developed a pronounced stutter but it looked as if he had sur-
vived the night. Gently Karen took a damp cloth and began wiping
the ants off of his body. "Wow!" came a hushed gasp. "I've never seen anything like this
before in my life!" "Me neither" piped up another, younger voice. As
Karen got rid of the ants Tommy realized that the two women were
not alone. Through his stupor he began to hear the sounds of several
other people standing nearby. Beverly and Karen had brought some
friends! When Beverly released his face he turned his head slightly
to take in the group. He squinted his eyes through his burning tears
and noticed, to his shock, that Marie and Carol were both staring at
his ass in wonder! He gasped again to see young Linda, who he had
humiliated a couple of weeks earlier, standing beside Mrs. Whitford,
who stood there rubbing her chin and chuckling as she began to piece
together the ordeal he must have been put through! So that was it... Beverly and Karen had called the others and
invited them to come along this morning to see him like this! It kinda
figured, but even after the humiliation he had received at each of their
hands he was still mortified to have them witness his punishment at
the hands of Beverly and Karen. Mortified, but still grateful for the
release. He turned his head back to Beverly and lowered his face
to her shoes. He began kissing them, oblivious to the shame, and
begging her to please never make him go through a night like that
again. It would surely kill him. He cried on her shoes and begged
and stuttered his undying devotion to her as he begged her never
to do that to him again. He was so pitiful that even Linda had to
chuckle a little. Carol and Marie continued looking at his ass in
wonder as they saw the welts rising up from the countless mosquito
bites. They had feasted on him, all right, and the itching was going
to be a continuing torment and reminder to him for many days. "Oooh, you poor thing..." Beverly cooed. "That must have been
awful! I hated having to do that to you Tommy, but I had to make
sure you would be obedient today. I certainly hope I never have to
put you through that ordeal again, but that's entirely up to you.
Will you be a good boy and obey everything I command?" "Oh, yes Mistress Beverly. Anything... I promise!" "Well that's certainly the right attitude, and a good start for
what's ahead." She motioned to the other women to seat themselves
on the fallen tree and a few large rocks as she turned her attention
back to Tommy, who was still groveling at her feet and stuttering
out his promises to her. "Tommy, I think you realize by now that you are no longer a free
man. You are completely at the mercy of my whim, and the desires
of these fine ladies here. Wouldn't you agree?" "Oh yes, Mistress Beverly! I agree!" There were a few snickers
from the group as he blurted that out. "That makes you my slave Tommy. Do you realize that? You are
now my slave, my property. I can do whatever I want to you, for no
other reason than my own enjoyment. Isn't that right?" "Y-yes, Mistress B-beverly. I'm your slave. I'll do anything you
say." "Good! But you're not just MY slave, you know. You're also
going to become the slave of each of the women here.... Karen and
Linda and Mrs. Whitford, and even Carol and Marie! What do you
think of that? Any objections?" The other women glanced at each
other and Carol and Marie giggled a bit. "No, Mistress Beverly... I-I mean YES Mistress... I mean NO,
Mistress Beverly. I have no objections..." Tommy was sni- ing a bit,
and more than a bit confused, but he was so scared of Beverly right
now that he was petrified of saying the wrong thing. "I'm glad I'm
their slave." "Excellent! Then you'll be happy to hear that I've decided that
you're to spend one night a week from now on serving each of your
new Mistresses. Since Linda lives at home with her parents I've
decided that her day with you will be Saturday. You will give her
a key to your house and you will be available to her to use, or play
with, or spank, or show off to her friends, or do anything she wants
all day Saturday... EVERY Saturday. Do you understand me?" Linda clapped her hands in delight as she heard Tommy stutter
out "Y-yes Mistress, anything she wants. I p-promise." "Good! Then Monday nights will be for Mrs. Whitford, Tuesday
nights will be for Marie, Wednesdays for Carol, Thursdays for Karen
and Fridays will be for me! That's every week from now on, slave. Do
you understand what this means? Anything they want! And Fridays
for me. Fridays will be very important to you, young man. Because
if any one of these ladies expresses even the slightest disappointment
with you during the week; anything, from being too slow to lay across
their knees for a spanking, to hesitating even slightly if they want to
show you off to their friends. Any disappointment at all will cause
you to spend that Friday night back here with your little friends by
the lake, only it will be even worse. Do you hear me?" Tommy started blubbering again. "Oh please, Mistress Beverly.
Don't tie me up here again all night! It would KILL me! I'll do any-
thing you or the others say. I promise. Please...." and his shoulders
shook as the other women smiled and contemplated the future. They
each had their very own slave, for a whole night every week. EVERY
week! They could do whatever they wanted to him or make him do
whatever pleased them! This was wonderful! Tom hadn't had an opportunity to let all of this sink in yet. All
he knew was that he would do anything to keep from going through
another night like the one he had just had. When it finally hit him
that he was to be the permanent slave of six ladies ranging in age
from a perky teenager to a woman in her 50's he would nearly die! Carol! Petite little Carol from work, who had always seemed so
shy. He was to be her slave! Every Wednesday night from now on
he would be at her apartment, across her lap if she wished, or bent
across a table or stool where she and her friends could spank him
and look at him whenever they chose! It was clear to him now that
Beverly had included Carol and Marie in on this just to humiliate
him. Oh God, Marie! And she had a roommate too! She was always
teasing him at work. Well every Tuesday night from now on she
and her roommate would be teasing him... and more! He always
suspected she had a little cruel streak and he was about to find out
exactly how cruel she could be! She was into parties. He shuddered to
think about the treatment he'd be receiving at her hands. She'd have
him dancing to her tune all right. Serving drinks, maybe wearing
a little apron, entertaining in the most humiliating ways possible.
She'd make good use of him, that was certain. Mrs. Whitford had her own plans already. She hadn't had a man
around her house for a long time and she relished the thought of this
young man at her beck and call one night a week. She had plenty of
work for him to do. Carpentry and plumbing, household chores and
yard work. She smiled inwardly as she thought of him doing all those
chores in the nude! Even the yard work! Her back yard was pretty
secluded and bordered only by Tom's property and an empty lot, so
it was reasonably private. She could sit in a lawn chair and watch
him sweating in the garden, stark naked, bending over and pulling
weeds, trimming hedges. When it got too dark she could turn on
the floodlights so he could continue. All those little jobs around the
house would finally get done and she'd have some fun watching it. Karen had completely different plans for Thursdays. She'd have
him on his knees eating her out for hours at a time. Whenever she
felt horny, and that was almost always, she'd have his tongue at her
disposal. If he didn't do it right, or even if she just felt like it, she'd
strap him down and whip his ass good. That always made her even
hotter, so soon she'd be sitting on his face again, rubbing her pussy
against his lips, rubbing her clit against his nose, laughing as she saw
his dick throbbing for her! He'd throb all night as she alternately
tormented and played with him, depending on her mood. Karen
would be a very demanding mistress indeed! Little Linda was going to spend her Saturdays exacting her re-
venge for the humiliation he had caused her! Tina and Ellen would
be available to help her, and she could invite a few more of her friends
over whom she trusted. She had got a real thrill seeing Tommy on his
hands and knees with that ridiculous baby bonnet on his head. She
knew it had humiliated him greatly so she decided that a lot more of
the same treatment would be a good way to get back at him. She'd
put him in diapers and make him crawl and drink from a bottle while
her friends watched and took pictures of him. She would get him a
nice playpen so he could lie in it and jerk off for them! She could
even invite those four girls in who had seen him being punished in
the back seat of his car! She knew that the spankings and diaper
changes would amuse them greatly while causing Mr. Hyde a lot of
discomfort. He'd pay dearly at her hands! Beverly looked around at the scene she had before her. Tommy
was still tied up on his hands and knees, spread wide and sobbing at
her feet. His dick was throbbing and his balls were hanging low and
full. Around him were seated six ladies, each thrilled at having him
as their personal slave, if only for one night a week. Things had turned out pretty well, it seemed! Certainly better
than she had planned when she'd first seen him sitting in that tavern
only four nights ago. But then again, she had always had the ability
to make the best of situations as opportunities presented themselves. As for her Fridays, well, whenever Tommy had proved to be obe-
dient and escaped the torment of another night in the woods, she'd
have him spend Friday nights at her studio in town. She was going
to use her night as an opportunity to indulge all of her bizarre sexual
fantasies. She now had a slave who couldn't say no to anything and
she planned to make good use of him. She'd spend her leisure time photographing him in all the inde-
cent poses her dirty little mind could come up with. The first thing
she'd do is make him sign a model's release form and then she'd be
free to do whatever she pleased with the pictures, even sell them to
magazines if she felt she had some particularly good ones. She was
smart enough to know that the best way to keep him tractable was
to keep him aroused and begging. When she was tired of taking pic-
tures or needed to get some work done she would keep him in a little
cage, or tied on his back with his legs bent in the air and spread wide.
It would be good inspiration to her and it would also prove to be a
nice diversion for her twin nieces, whom she often had over to visit
her. They could amuse themselves with him in that position while
she got her work done or ran an errand or two. They were good girls,
but a little devilish, and she was sure they'd enjoy playing with him
like that! Poor Mr. Hyde! If he only knew the full extent of his future
serving these women... but even if he did, it wouldn't change a
thing. He had gone far past the point of being able to do anything
to prevent it. Beverly licked her lips as she released Tommy from his bonds.
She made him crawl to each of the ladies, kiss their shoes and beg
them to keep him as their slave. He also had to lay across each lady's
lap for a sound spanking as he cried for it to end. It was particularly
embarrassing being spanked by Carol. She seemed almost as nervous
as he, but she soon warmed to the task of warming his backside, egged
on a bit by Marie's encouragement. After he had visited each of the ladies Beverly made him kneel
in front of the group and jerk off while they laughed and hooted and
told him how cute he looked. He was ready to shoot in less than
a minute but Beverly insisted he hold out for at least five minutes
before letting him release his pent-up load. As the timer clicked off
the last seconds, his face was beet red and the veins in his forehead
were bulging from the intense desire to release. Finally he sprayed
his hot white load high into the air and collapsed on the ground, his
body wracked with convulsions as his ejaculations continued. Over a
dozen spasms later he finally stopped jerking his hips. The load from
his balls had finally been released but even he knew that this was
only a temporary relief. It was Saturday, after all, and he belonged
to Linda the rest of the day. Beverly made him crawl back to the car and put him in the
back seat. When they got to his house she allowed him to put his
sweatpants and tee shirt back on for the walk from the car to the front
door. This was a temporary situation to avoid any embarrassment
on Linda's part as she went along with them into the house. Once inside, they stripped him down completely and made him
get on his hands and knees. Linda found the baby bonnet from the
other night and placed it back on his head while Beverly re-attached
the leash to his collar. "You have my number, Linda. Don't forget to let me know if he
even slightly disappoints you. I'll know how to handle him!" Linda hugged Beverly and thanked her several times. As Beverly opened the door to leave, Linda was already picking up
the phone to call Tina and Ellen. They had a full day ahead of them
and a lot of preparations to make! She looked at Tommy crouched
crab-like on the carpet and smiled. He looked at her pathetically
from beneath the hated pink bonnet. The intense misery in his eyes
made her feel smug with confidence as she dialed Tina's number. Life
sure was great when you were young and in control! When Tina answered the phone, Linda nearly bubbled over with
excitement telling her about the arrangements Beverly had made,
and that Mr. Hyde was now a slave! Not only that but he was to be
HER slave every Saturday, from now on! From his position on the floor, crouched crab-like on his arms
and knees with his bare ass up in the air spread wide and inviting,
Tommy could hear Tina's squeals of delight as both teenagers chatted
excitedly over the phone about their plans. On two occasions Linda
had to reach down and slap his already red ass and warn him to stop
fidgeting. Eventually she sat down in a chair and crossed her legs on
his rump, using him as a footstool while she finished her conversation
with her friend. "OK now, you're sure you can get the stuff? Great! You should
see him now... He's totally naked except for that pink baby bonnet
on his head and I'm using his rear end for a footstool! Yeah, he looks
miserable. Wait till tonight when the others come over! He thinks
he's miserable now! Hurry up and come on over. I'll call Ellen now
and see if she's home. See ya!" After Linda hung up she immediately dialed Ellen's number.
When Ellen finally came to the phone Linda repeated the whole story
to her, even pausing to slap Tommy's ass again just so he wouldn't
think she'd forgotten him. Ellen told her that she, too, could bring
over a few things and Linda told her to hurry because Tina was
already on her way. After she hung up, Linda just sat there for a few minutes looking
at Tom. She used her toes to massage his asscheeks a bit and even
poked her toes in between them while she giggled and taunted him.
 "You don't look like such a big shot now, Mr. Hyde! Beverly
really did a number on you but now it's MY turn... I'm still pissed
at you, you know. You weren't very nice to me in front of my friends.
I'll bet you never thought that someday you'd be my slave, did you!
Well, did you?" and she goosed him with her toe. "N-n-oo, Mistress Linda" Tom replied nervously. "No, I'm sure you didn't. But you ARE my slave!" She laughed. "Now it's my turn to get even with you for being such a nasty shit
to me! I know that bonnet that you're wearing embarrasses you. I
can see that. That's exactly why you're wearing it! You're gonna
wear it in front of my friends, and that's not all you're gonna do!
You're gonna be soooo embarrassed, Mr. Hyde!" She giggled as she
continued massaging his ass. Tommy just sni- ed as the doorbell
rang. "I'm coming!" Beverly got up and patted Tom's rump as she
walked towards the door and opened it. "Gimme a hand with this" Tina said, and both girls walked down
the steps. Tommy could hear them struggling to bring something up
that sounded like it was on casters. When they finally maneuvered
it through the door Tommy saw with horror that it was a playpen! "This is great, Tina! You sure nobody will miss it?" "Positive" Tina answered. "And I got some other neat stuff too,
look!" "All right, wow!" Linda exclaimed as she saw the Teddy bear and
rattle. "I hope nobody saw you dragging this thing across the street.
Even if they did you can always say that Mr. Hyde was baby sitting
someone and wanted to borrow it." They closed the door and rolled the playpen into the middle of
the living room. The two girls crouched down and began touching
Tommy all over and lightly stroking his hard penis. "Look what
Aunt Tina brought over for you, Tommy! Isn't it wonderful? Say 'Thank You, Aunt Tina'." "Th-thank you... Aunt Tina" Tom managed. Just then the door-
bell rang again. "Hurry up, you guys. It's me!" Tina opened the door and saw Ellen standing there with her arms
full. She had a couple of baby bottles with nipples and some assorted
clothes and things piled in her arms. She dropped them on the sofa
and went over to see Tommy. "I brought the Polaroid over too. I've got a couple of fresh packs
of film with it." "Great! Thanks a lot Ellen. You guys sure came through!" "It was our pleasure!" Ellen laughed. "I've got all day today and
tonight too. I want to have some fun!" "That's fine with me", Linda replied. "I got an idea to get things
off to a good start. Take off your panties and roll them into a ball." Linda shucked off her shorts and removed her white panties. She
put her shorts back on and stood waiting while Ellen and Tina did
likewise. "Fetch, Tommy! Bring it back!" She laughed as she threw the
panties to the other side of the room. She used her foot to push
Tommy in that direction. "Don't use your hands, just your teeth.
Crawl over there and bring them back to me." The girls laughed as they saw Tommy crawl over to the panties
on the floor. He lowered his head and picked them up in his teeth.
Linda sat down on the chair and waited for him to crawl back to her
with the panties dangling from his mouth. "Don't get too much drool on them! That's a good boy!" The other girls sat down on the sofa and began tossing their
panties around the room too. Tommy had to scramble to keep up
with them. If he took too long retrieving them the girls would slap
his ass and urge him to be faster. "Hold them by the crotch, Tommy, not the waistband." Linda
ordered. Ellen snapped a picture and they all paused to watch it
develop. "Oh, he looks so cute with that pink baby bonnet on and
the panties hanging from his mouth. I'm sure Beverly will love this
one! Maybe Marie can put it on the bulletin board at work!" They all
laughed and resumed their game of fetch with a now truly miserable
Tommy. While Ellen and Tina continued the game, Linda got up and went
into the bedroom. She came back with a white sheet from Tom's bed.
She then got a pair of scissors from the kitchen and sat on the floor,
cutting. "Whatcha doing, Linda?" Tina asked. "I'm making Tommy some nice diapers. Help me out." Tina got down on the rug and helped Linda measure and cut
four large squares of cloth. "These look just about right! Come here
Tommy. We want to try one of these on you." "No, please!" begged Tommy, hesitating. "Oops, looks like I'm gonna have to tell Beverly you were bad
today!" "No, please don't tell her that!" Tommy panicked. "I'm coming". "Hurry up or I'll tell her!" Linda threatened as Tommy crawled
over to the girls. They folded the cloth into a diaper, then made
Tommy lie on his back with his legs up while they worked it under
him and brought the corners around his waist and between his legs. "Wait, don't forget the powder!" Ellen yelled, as she brought the
baby powder over and a handful of large safety pins. They sprinkled
him with powder then pinned the corners of the diaper in place. "Wow! Wait till the others see this!" Linda exclaimed gleefully. She made Tommy roll over again and sit up with his legs spread.
They made him suck on his thumb and pose for the camera while
they laughed at him. Ellen thought he had too much hair for a baby
so they undid the diaper and used the scissors to trim his groin hair
very low. Linda got some shaving cream and a razor and the two
girls went to work shaving his crotch and legs. In about ten minutes
Tommy's crotch was completely bald. They even pulled his legs back
and got the little hairs between his asscheeks and around his anus.
When they were finished they fastened the diaper back on him and
gave him a bottle with a nipple to suck on while they took some
more pictures. Tom was embarrassed beyond belief, but he was trapped. He
had to obey every command of these mischievous young ladies, his
neighbors, or he would face another night at the lake and that was
unthinkable. He crawled around on the floor in the diaper and bonnet
while they jeered and took pictures, knowing that he was getting
even deeper under their control with every flash of the camera, but
he couldn't rebel now. It was a one-way street and there was no
backing out at this point. He had no choice but continue going
down. He was shamed to tears, and this was only the first day! The girls made him drink bottle after bottle of water from his
nipple. Eventually, nature began to call and he looked pleadingly at
them and asked to go to the bathroom. "Is it number one or number two?" Linda asked. "Number one" Tom answered uneasily. "Sorry Tommy, but that's what your diaper is for" she giggled,
unmercifully. "Please Linda!" he begged pathetically "I really have to go, bad." She was unmoved, and mischievously made him drink another
bottle of water. Tommy began squirming in agony. His legs were shaking and
he was doing everything he could to hold it in, but it was a losing
struggle. "Please!" he begged again. "Don't humiliate me this way!" He
sni- ed a bit and continued squirming. "You know, you sure cry a lot. Maybe that diaper and bonnet
are appropriate on you. You had better get used to them because
you're going to be wearing them every Saturday from now on. "Please!" he struggled to hold it in, but he was shivering and
squirming on the rug. The three girls gathered around him and
watched and waited for the inevitable to happen. "I want you to look right at us while you wet your diaper, Tommy.
Don't look away or we'll make you sorry!" As he looked at the three teenagers smiling at him he couldn't
hold out any longer. He felt the first warm trickle into his diaper.
Once the floodgates were opened, he couldn't stop the flow. He peed
and peed, feeling his diaper getting sopping wet with the warm liquid.
The girls were laughing at him as they saw what was happening. He
was humiliated, but it felt so good to release the flow that he actually
sighed as he did it! When he was finished Linda warned him not to move too much. "Looks like we're gonna have to get you some plastic pants to wear
over your diaper, Tommy! We don't want you staining the rug." In his wet diaper they made him crawl from the living room
onto the cool linoleum floor in the kitchen. When he got there they
made him lie on his back with his knees up and spread while they
unfastened the pins holding his diaper on. As they removed it they
could see his cock and little hairless balls, sopping wet. They pulled
the diaper off of him and used a washcloth to clean him off. They
dried him then left him lying like that while Tina got another diaper
from the living room. Linda sprinkled some more powder on his
genitals and ass while Ellen took another picture. Finally Tina slid
the new diaper under him and fastened it with the safety pins. "There! All nice and dry. Have another bottle, Tommy. We'd
better cut up some more diapers for you - you'll need them for
tonight!" They made him sit on the floor and play with some of the toys
Ellen brought over while Linda got on the phone and called a few
more of her friends. By the time she'd hung up she had another six
girls who were coming over in about an hour. Most of them knew
Mr. Hyde and couldn't believe that Linda was serious, but Linda felt
they could be trusted and told them to bring some soda and chips
and they'd see for themselves. One by one the new arrivals knocked on the door, and one by one
they cracked up hysterically when they saw Tommy sitting on the
floor! When they had all arrived Linda made Tommy crawl to each
new girl and introduce himself as 'Baby Tommy' and thank them for
coming to see him. After that the girls cracked open the soda and
chips and began chatting about how Linda had got Mr. Hyde to do
all these things. They even found some beer in Tom's refrigerator
and passed that around too. Linda told the girls that Tommy loved being dominated by women
and that he was, in fact, a slave to six women, including her. Her
day was Saturday and they were all invited over any Saturday they
had nothing else to do. They could even bring along some friends as
long as they were sure they could be trusted to keep their mouths
shut. Linda took off Tom's diaper and made him get up on his hands
and knees again, wearing only his bonnet. The girls squealed with
delight as they stared at his shaved crotch and pink ass. She made
him suck his thumb as each of the new arrivals fondled his ass and
felt him up good. She then made him crawl slowly around the room,
slapping his own ass while they laughed hysterically. They each took
some pictures of him and even posed with him for a few, but Linda
made it clear that all of the pictures had to remain with her. She then made him climb into the playpen, and with his knees
lifted back and spread as wide as he could get them he had to jerk
off for them all as they watched in fascination. It didn't take long for him to cum, spraying his white seed all
over the place, so Linda told him to just keep on going and to do it
again. He pumped furiously trying to get a second orgasm and his hand
was a complete blur. The girls were gathered around him, drinking
beer and soda and taunting him on. It took him nearly ten minutes
of jerking and twisting around in the little crib before he felt close
to the edge again. The girls noticed the change as he got closer and
Linda made him slow down and use only his thumb and first two
fingers. When he was right on the edge they made him beg to be
allowed to come while they laughed and stroked his thighs and feet.
Finally Linda gave permission and with a groan Tommy was spurting
all over his belly again. They gave him his bottle and a Teddy bear and allowed him to
rest there in the pen while they listened to some music and talked
about some other ideas the new girls had for him. A short while later
he had to pee again so they put a new diaper on him and made him
pee in it again for the amusement of the new arrivals. Tina noticed
that two of the girls who had seen him being punished in his car on
Wednesday just happened to be out in the street in front of the house.
They hadn't said anything to anybody so far, so Linda thought they
might be amused to see Mr. Hyde having his diaper changed. She
called them and invited them in. When they saw Mr. Hyde in the
bonnet and diaper they covered their mouths and blushed deeply,
but there was laughter in their eyes. Poor Mr. Hyde had just about lost it by this point. His dignity
was completely gone and as he lay on his back with his legs in the
air he cried like a real baby as they removed the wet diaper, cleaned
him up, powdered him, and put on a fresh diaper. Linda made him crawl over to the footstool and lie across it. She
then tugged his diaper down around his knees and invited the two
new arrivals to give him a good spanking! They were too embarrassed at first, but egged on by Linda one
of them walked up to Mr. Hyde and gently gave him a slap on his
powdered ass. "No, harder than that! Give him a REAL spanking! He can take
it!" The girl gave him a harder slap, and then a harder one. Before
long her hand was leaving red slap marks all over his cheeks. Tom
wouldn't have believed how much a small hand like hers could sting,
but she put her whole arm into it and eventually had him begging
her to stop. Her friend then didn't want to be outdone and she continued the
spanking while Tom squirmed and pleaded with her to go softer. His
diaper hung loose around his knees and he shifted his weight and
twisted his ass, trying to avoid the painful slaps, but to no avail! The whole room was laughing hysterically as Tom howled in pain
and cried. When the girls were done Linda made him kneel in front
of them and thank them both for the spanking they had given him.
They giggled and left, leaving Tom mortified beyond belief. The rest of the day was spent tormenting and humiliating him
in front of Linda's friends. He had several more wet diaper changes
and had to jerk off twice more until finally supper time arrived and
everybody had to go home. After supper Linda and Ellen came back, along with three of the
other girls from the afternoon, and they kept at him till around eight
o'clock. At that point it was time to call it a day. As they prepared to go home the girls thanked Linda and asked
her if they could come back again next Saturday. "Sure!" said Linda. "By then we should all have some really
good ideas to use on him... Poor Mr. Hyde.." she said with mock
sympathy. "He's going to be soooo embarrassed!" After all her guests had gone home Linda turned to look at Tom.
He was still wearing the degrading pink bonnet and kneeling naked
on the carpet. His face was wet from tears and nearly as red as
his burning ass. There was a stack of wet diapers in a heap on the
kitchen floor and the living room was a total mess. He had been
thoroughly humiliated all day at her hands and the hands of her
friends and she decided a little more gloating before she called it a
night was in order. "Before I go home tonight I just want to let you know that I think
it was real shitty of you to embarrass me the way you did a couple
of weeks ago. You don't know it but you made me cry! I'll bet if
you knew you were going to wind up being a slave in a couple of
weeks that you'd have treated me a lot better. So, how does it feel
being my slave? I don't feel one bit sorry for you, Mr. Hyde. You're
getting just what you deserve and I'm just glad that I can be one of
the people who are doing it to you." "This must be real embarrassing for you, huh? Being stripped
and spanked in front of my girlfriends and jerking off and wearing
baby clothes and stuff? I'm glad that it embarrasses you, because I
think we should keep you like this for the rest of your life!" "Well, I gotta go now, but I just wanted you to know that I'm
getting even with you and that I'm gonna do even worse stuff to you
next week." With that, Linda got up to leave. She hesitated, then turned and
walked right up beside Tom. Kneeling as he was on his hands and
knees, his ass was still a perfect target. She reached way back and
with a terrific swing gave him a very hard slap on his sensitive ass,
causing him to jump and yell "Owwww!". "I'll see you next Saturday, Mr. Hyde. And so will my friends...
and maybe even YOUR friends! Hahahaha! G'nite!" Even after she closed the door behind her Tom continued kneeling
there staring at the floor. Very slowly he let himself collapse onto
the rug with his face buried in his arms and he cried. He sobbed for
about 10 minutes until, in complete exhaustion, he fell asleep. He awoke about midnight and managed to stumble into his bed-
room. He still had the bonnet on his head and as he got into bed he
noticed it and untied it and threw it onto the floor in the corner of
his room. Both of his sheets were missing but he drew the blanket
up under his chin and went back to sleep. He slept fitfully, tortured
by erotic nightmares, until he awoke the next morning a little after
9:00. Tom showered and ate some breakfast. Per Linda's orders the
previous night he washed all of the diapers and gathered up the
bottles and toys and such and put them in the playpen which he
wheeled into the spare bedroom, where it would be available the
following week... He spent the day at home, scared to go outside, and equally scared
to stay inside. A couple of times he saw Linda come outside and he
feared that she might come over and visit with him, but she seemed
to honor his day off. He watched as she talked to the two girls who
had witnessed his humiliation the previous day. They seemed to be
laughing and enjoying themselves and eventually Linda patted them
on their backs and went back inside, apparently satisfied that all was
well. Tom watched a little TV that night and went to bed early, this
time with new sheets. It was his first normal day in nearly a week
but he panicked when he thought of the morning and the beginning
of a new week and his upcoming ordeals. If only he could find a way
out of this trap, but it was utterly hopeless. In the morning he woke early but he dawdled over breakfast. He
delayed going to work for as long as possible, but eventually the time
came when he had to leave. Carol, Marie and Louise were all at their
desks when he arrived. "How was your Saturday, Tom?" Marie chided. Tom blushed
and sat at his desk. As he reached into his drawer to get a pencil he
found one of the photographs of him taken on Saturday, on his back
in the playpen. He winced when he saw the degrading baby bonnet
on his head. His knees were lifted up and spread wide and he was
masturbating with one hand and holding a nippled bottle with the
other. His asshole was completely visible beneath his shaved crotch
and a young hand could be seen holding onto one of his feet. "Looks like Linda had a pretty good time. I can't wait till it's
my turn" she giggled mischievously. Louise didn't know what was
going on but she suspected that the two younger women had been
with Tom over the weekend. Most of the day was as normal as could be expected. Mrs. Peter-
son arrrived at 9:00 and went out to visit a client just before lunch.
Tom's nervousness caused him to make a couple of errors and Louise
took the opportunity to pull him by the ear into Mrs. Peterson's
office. She stripped and spanked him, this time in full view of the
younger women. She made him crawl around the office naked on
his hands and knees for a half hour while they answered phones and
conducted business. He was petrified that someone might come in
and see him that way, but after 30 minutes he was allowed to kneel in
front of Louise and apologize for his mistakes, and then get dressed
and back to his desk. Mrs. Peterson came back around 2:30 and once again got a nod
of approval from Louise that all had gone well in her absence. At
5:00 Tommy got up to leave for home. "Say hello to Mrs. Whitford, Tommy!" Marie laughed as he
walked out the door and down the stairs to his car. Mrs. Whitford was sitting in her usual spot on her front porch as
he pulled into the driveway. He paused and looked at her expectantly
for a moment but when she made no movement to acknowledge him
he went inside his house. A couple of minutes later the telephone rang. Hesitantly he picked
it up and said 'hello'. He heard Mrs. Whitford's cackling voice at the other end: "You remember what night this is, don't you Mr. Hyde? Take
a shower and scrub yourself squeaky clean. And I mean EVERY-
WHERE. I want you over here with your tools in half an hour,
sharp!" After the phone clicked Tommy rushed about, taking his tools
out of the closet in the spare bedroom while getting undressed. He
showered quickly but thoroughly. He didn't want to give Mrs. Whit-
ford any more of an excuse to be angry with him so he soaped his
ass and crotch up several times and thoroughly dried himself before
slipping on a pair of jeans and a pullover shirt. He walked outside
and across the lawn to Mrs. Whitford's house. She was gone from
the porch so he knocked on the door. She opened it and told him to come inside and put his toolbox
on the floor by the closet. "Beverly gave me one of them pictures that Linda took of you
on Saturday. My my! Looks like those girls sure had some fun with
you!" "I'm not gonna do any of that stuff. I'm too old for that nonsense
and besides, I got a lotta chores 'round here needs be taken care of.
Stand right there and strip off all your clothes, boy. Everything!
Hurry Up!" Although Tom was expecting this command, he still blushed at
the thought of standing in Mrs. Whitford's hallway completely nude
while she watched him. Her blue eyes smiled in her sharp, thin face
as she stood there and appraised his smallish form. "Not a whole lot of meat there, but I guess you'll do." She read off a list of chores she wanted done, including simple
little things like tightening up the loose screws in the handles of her
cabinet drawers and putting some oil on the slider of her patio door.
She also had him get a ladder and replace some light bulbs in the
ceiling while she stood at the base of it and let her eyes, and her
hands, run up and down his thighs and buttocks. When he finished these she gave him a bucket with some soapy
water and a sponge and told him to scrub her kitchen floor on his
hands and knees. She sat at the kitchen table, smoking cigarettes
and admiring his ass as he moved around the floor. His next chore was cleaning the bathroom and she took the liberty
of slapping his ass whenever she saw a spot he missed or felt he was
slowing down. When he finally finished that chore she handed him
a pair of old cloth gardening gloves and told him she wanted him
outside in the backyard weeding her garden. When he paused a
moment, staring out at the sunlit yard, she walked up and gave him
two hard slaps on his ass and warned him: "Don't disobey me boy or I'll tell Beverly and you know what
that'll mean! Nobody's gonna see you out there 'cept me, unless of
course someone comes wanderin' into the yard, but that's not very
likely. Get out there, now!" Tom opened the sliding glass door and walked out into the
brightly lit yard, feeling more naked than he did in the house. For the next hour Mrs. Whitford sat in a lawn chair and watched
Tom bending over her begonias and marigolds. She made him stand
with his legs apart and knees only sightly bent and bend from the
waist while he worked. She liked the way his ass jiggled as he tugged
at the weeds and eventually a soft sheen of sweat built up on his skin.
She let him sit down on the grass cross-legged during a five minute
break while she reminded him about last week when he called her an
old witch for cutting down one of his bushes. She told him that if
she ever heard him talk that disrespectfully to a woman again she'd
haul him out into the street and spank his bare ass to tears for the
amusement of all his neighbors. At around 9:00 she told him he could go home for the night. She
handed him his clothes in a ball and told him to tuck them under
his arm and jump the fence to go home. Next week she wanted him
to come over the same way, naked. He could leave his tools at her
house. When Tom let himself in through his back door he showered and
then climbed sorely into bed. This had been a hard week so far, and
it was only Monday! The next morning Tom got into work a little early and was sitting
at his desk when Carol and Marie walked in together. Marie seemed
all excited. Although Carol's night was not until tomorrow, Marie
had been coaching the younger girl and told her she wanted a full
report of her first night with Tommy. She reminded her that even
though she might have had a little crush on Tom before all this, that
was all in the past. Tom was their slave now, and that's all he'd ever
be, from now on. He was to be used for her own enjoyment without
any regard for his own feelings, and he was to be punished, severely
and quickly, for any mistakes, in order to train him properly for his
life's role serving women. Tom sat at his desk listening as Marie told this all to Carol with-
out any apparent regard for his presence. Tonight was Marie's night
and he already knew she was going to be a real bitch. Louise walked in about ten minutes later and Mrs. Peterson
arrived a little earlier than normal. She said she was going to have
to leave at noontime and would be out for the rest of the week. Tom
felt his heart sink as he noticed the little smile on Louise's face and
saw Marie wink slyly at her. After Mrs. Peterson left at noontime, the three women just sat
there and glanced at each other for a couple of minutes. It seemed
they all knew what was on each other's minds, but nobody seemed
willing to say anything. Finally Marie started giggling and when
Carol joined her Louise simply said "Oh, shit. Why pretend? We all
know what's gonna happen. Let's just do it..." She didn't even bother dragging Tommy into Mrs. Peterson's
office. She made him strip down naked right there in front of all of
them. When he stood there naked she made him spread his legs so
they could get a really close look at his shaved crotch. She then bent
him over Carol's desk and used a ruler to wail his ass till he was
hopping from foot to foot and pleading for her to stop. The phones were ringing but the women were too busy to answer
them. By the time Tom's hairless ass was a bright red, he was
dancing a little jig and twisting away from each slap of the ruler.
Louise finally stopped but left him bent over the desk, sni- ing. "What should we do with this bad little boy we have here?" she
mockingly asked the other women. "Do you think he's been properly
punished yet?" "No! No!" Marie and Carol both answered, laughing. Louise pushed all of the papers aside and made Tom climb right
up and kneel on all fours on top of Carol's desk. She positioned
him so he was facing outward with his ass pointed directly back at
the young blonde, who sat there somewhat startled. A few slaps
on his thighs with the ruler got him to spread his legs wide as he
crouched there, his erection pointing straight out just an inch or so
above Carol's desk. She told Tommy to keep his head down on the
desk, between his two hands and handed Carol the ruler. "Every time he moves a muscle, hit him hard with this." "But what if someone comes in?" Carol asked, somewhat shakily. "Marie is sitting right by the door, she can see if anybody's com-
ing up the stairs. Tom can hide underneath your desk until they
leave. As long as Marie keeps her eyes peeled there shouldn't be a
problem." For the next 20 minutes or so Tom knelt there while Carol talked
on the phone and conducted business. Every once in awhile when
Tom would shift his weight a little to take the stress off his knees
Carol would give him a sharp slap or two with the ruler. "Stop fidgeting Mr. Hyde!" she warned him. But she would also
reach out and cup his dangling balls, weighing them in her small
hand, or lightly brush a piece of paper along the crack of his ass
just to see him jump and to watch his stiff cock bob up and down,
bouncing against her desktop. Once, Marie called out that two people were coming up the stairs
and Tom started to panic and get down but she only laughed and
said that she "must have been mistaken, sorry!" Carol seemed to be having difficulty talking on the phone and
getting her work done so Louise eventually made Tom get down and
crawl right in front of the door and kneel there with his ass pointed
back towards the office. Louise told him to reach back between his
legs with his right hand and to stroke himself while he knelt there. "I want you hard as long as you're there. If I look down and see
you soft, or if you cum, I swear I'll call downstairs and invite the
girls from Dr. Sorenson's office up here to see you. I'm sure they'd
get a good laugh out of this. If you don't believe me, you just try
me!" Tom reached back between his legs and grabbed hold of his cock.
It was already hard and sticking out straight but he began very
lightly stroking it to make sure it stayed that way. He had to be
careful to stop occasionally in order not to cum, but he managed to
keep himself stiff for the next half hour or so while the women got
back to work. His teeth were chattering and his hips wiggled a little
in small circles as he kept himself near the edge, terrified of cumming,
but nevertheless feeling a perverse desire to keep himself as close to
the edge as possible. The thought of the women in Doctor Sorenson's
office seeing him humiliated like this both terrified him and at the
same time made the base of his penis throb in a perverse manner,
as he imagined them staring down at him this way and laughing.
Finally, Louise let him put his clothes back on and get back to work,
but she warned him not to make any more mistakes. As the time approached 5:00 Marie seemed to get more and more
anxious. She had invited a couple of her friends over for a few drinks
and a few laughs and she could barely wait for the evening to begin.
When it was finally time to go home she told Tom not to bother
going home first but to follow her home in his car. He followed her to a small house close to the center of town.
They parked on the street, opened a chain link fence and walked
through the short front yard onto the porch and into the house. It
was moderately but tastefully furnished, with a TV and a stereo in
the living room, a very small den with a couple of chairs and an
aquarium on a stand, and a good size eat-in kitchen. She shared
the place with her roommate, Donna, who she said should be home
shortly. Not wasting any time, Marie sat down on the sofa in the living
room, crossed her legs sexily, and smiled at Tommy. "So, what do you think of the place, Tom?" "It's v-very nice." Tom replied, looking around nervously. "Why don't you take your shoes and socks off, and remove your
pants while you're at it." Tom sat down on a chair and slowly untied his shoes and removed
them. Then he pulled his socks off and placed them in the shoes and
tucked them behind the chair. Marie watched him, smiling, as she
sat there bouncing one shapely stockinged leg on her knee and bit at
the end of one of her fingernails. When Tom stood up and undid his belt buckle she leaned forward
in her chair, her eyes shining, biting a little at her lower lip. She
made no attempt to hurry him along, preferring instead to enjoy his
discomfort as he lowered his pants to the floor, then stepped out
of them. He wasn't allowed to wear underpants anymore so when
he kicked his pants aside he stood there staring down at the floor,
looking silly in just his shirt and tie. She made him stand there in her living room and play with him-
self until he got hard, then told him to turn around and bend over
and rub his ass for her. As he was doing this there was a sound on
the porch and the front door opened. A young woman in her mid-
twenties, wearing a short black skirt and a blazer walked into the
house carrying a bag of groceries. When she saw Tom and what he
was doing she gasped and then giggled: "You're early! This must be Tom, I presume? I recognize him
from that tape we watched last week." Donna put the bag of groceries down on a table and Marie made
Tom walk over to her, shake her hand and introduce himself to her.
She was really pretty! Only about 5 foot 1, with light blonde hair
and a really cute figure. He blushed as he saw her eyes staring down
at his bare legs and stiff penis hanging just below the bottom of his
white shirt and striped tie. "Nice to meet you, Tom. Why don't you take your tie off and
make yourself comfortable?" Tom glanced at Marie who nodded at him and said: "You're to do anything that Donna or anyone else in this house
tells you to do. Do you understand?" "Y-yes, Marie." He answered, looking down. "Look at me when I'm talking to you! I want to make sure you
understand what I just said. In this house you're our slave. You're to
do whatever we say, immediately and without question. If we have
guests over you are to obey them instantly too. Do you understand
that Tommy?" "Y-yes, Marie." "And don't call me Marie in here. You're to address me as M'am.
The same goes for Donna. Do you understand?" "Y-yes... M'am". "That's better, now take off your shirt and tie. I'm sure Donna
would like to get a better look at your body. Let her play with you
if she wants to. When she's through with you I want you to take a
shower and shave. When you've finished that go into the bedroom.
I have a few things laid out for you. We'll be having some company
over tonight and I want you to look nice for them." "Y-yes, M'am" Tommy replied as he began removing his tie, then
unbuttoned and removed his shirt to stand completely naked before
the two young women. "Oh! I love how you shaved him! It's so cute!" "That wasn't me. That was that young girl, Linda, that I told
you about. Remember the one in the movie? Beverly sent me a
couple of pictures that Linda and her friends took on Saturday. I
just got them today. Look what those girls did to him!" Donna put her hand over her mouth and gasped as she saw the
pictures that Marie showed her. She kept glancing back and forth
from the pictures to Tom, shaking her head and snorting. "Looks like we've got a long way to go to beat that! But we'll
sure have fun trying!" Marie picked up the bag of groceries from the table and carried
them into the kitchen while Donna made Tom put his hands on his
head and slowly turn around in front of her. She told him to stop
when his back was towards her and she then used both of her hands
to slap and then grab onto his two asscheeks. She held them tightly
and squeezed the yielding flesh between her fingers while she moaned,
happily. She then gave him a playful slap on the rump and told him
where the shower was. Tom turned on the water and got into the shower. As he was
soaping himself up Marie walked into the bathroom and slid back
the curtain. She was completely nude and, to Tom's surprise, she
stepped into the tub next to him and closed the curtain. After all those months of sneaking peaks at her and Carol in
the office he was dumbfounded to see her stark naked and in the
shower with him! She took the soap and lathered up a facecloth. She
scrubbed Tom's back with it and then used her soapy hand to clean
between his legs from behind. She could feel his dick sticking out and
up like a pole as she rubbed her soapy hands on his ass and balls.
Tommy was shivering. When she handed him the washcloth and
soap and turned her back to him he just stood there for a moment,
looking at her naked form; her dark wet hair on her shoulders and
the curve of her waist and ass. "Well, are you going to soap me up or are you just going to stare
at me?" she teased. Tom soaped up the washcloth and began rubbing her shoulders
and back. Slowly he worked his way down to the small of her back
and, holding his breath, he hesitantly rubbed at her luscious round
ass. "Mmmmm" she cooed. "That feels so nice. I'm gonna like having
you around here every Tuesday!" Marie turned around and let him soap up her breasts and stom-
ach. She took the cloth back from him and scrubbed his chest, then
told him to turn around and lean his hands against the shower wall
while she scrubbed his ass hard. They both rinsed off and stepped
out of the shower. Marie handed him a towel then took another and
began patting herself dry. Just then Donna walked in with a towel
wrapped around her tiny nude body. When she let the towel drop
to the floor and prepared to step into the shower Tom couldn't help
but let a small moan escape as his eyes feasted on her gorgeous body.
She looked back a little startled and giggled "Why, thank you!" then
stepped into the tub and closed the curtain. Marie and Tom patted themselves dry as they walked out of the
bathroom and into Marie's bedroom. In spite of all the previous
day's humiliations, Tom felt on top of the world. That euphoria was
short lived as he stopped dead in his tracks and looked with horror
at what was laid out on the bed. Surely not for him! Please God,
those couldn't be for him to wear! Marie saw him staring at the bed with his jaw hanging and said "Those are your clothes for tonight, Tommy. Aren't they great? I'll
help you get into them!" "Oh please, Marie. Please don't do this to me! Don't make me
wear those things... especially if there are other people coming over!
Please!" He was begging her pitifully as he gazed in horror at the
garter belt and nylon stockings! There was also a little white maid's
cap... and nothing more! "P-l-e-a-s-e!" he whined, his shoulders shaking. Marie looked at him with a mischievous little gleam in her eyes
and told him that he was going to be wearing those clothes tonight
and that was final! She grabbed him by the hand and led him over to the end of
the bed. She sat him down, picked up one of the stockings and
slowly began working it over his right foot and up his leg. It stopped
at about mid-thigh. Tommy sobbed silently as Marie repeated the
process with the other stocking. She then made him stand up and
step into the lacy black garter belt. She worked it up to his waist
and then snapped the garters onto the tops of the stockings. Tommy could see himself in the dresser mirror and he was shamed
beyond belief to see what they looked like on him. Marie, on the other
hand, was delighted with the effect and smiled broadly. She picked up the hair dryer and spent a few minutes drying
and then combing his brown hair, then picked up the starched white
maid's cap and fastened it onto his head with two bobby pins. She
then grabbed a large pair of high heeled shoes that Tom hadn't no-
ticed before and steadied him as she slipped one onto each foot.
Surprisingly they were the right size, though a little narrow, and
Tom wobbled a bit as he tried getting used to the balance. 
By then Donna had finished her shower and joined them, with
just a small towel around her lithe form. "Oh, he looks terrific!" she beamed. Even the shoes look like the
right size! I can't wait for the others to get here. They'll go nuts!" "He does look good, doesn't he? But I've still got one little chore
to do. Looks like a little stubble has begun growing back on his
crotch and I want him completely smooth down there." She got a couple of razor blades and made Tommy lie back on the
bed. Still wearing the high heels she made him pull his knees back
and wide apart while the two women bent over him and carefully
shaved the stubble from his crotch. They pulled his cheeks apart
and got down into the gully around his anus until he was smooth
as a baby's bottom. Donna couldn't resist slapping his upturned
ass a couple of times as he lay in this vulnerable position and Marie
laughed and told her there'd be plenty of time for that later on. They let Tommy get back up and Marie straightened his little
white maid's cap. Both women touched and admired how smooth
his crotch now was. Marie gave him a pat on his ass and told him
to come into the kitchen so he could begin getting things ready for
tonight while she and Donna finished dressing. About fifteen or twenty minutes later both women were dressed,
Marie in a pair of designer jeans and Donna in shorts. This was to
be a casual affair, just a couple of friends stopping over for a few
drinks and some chatter. Marie had told them about Tommy and
they were anxious to come over and see him, but she lied to Tommy
and told him that he was supposed to be a big surprise to the other
women! Tom gulped when he heard that and blushed, just as Marie
expected he would. After that she explained Tommy's duties to him
and outlined the proper behavior that she was going to expect from
him. Tommy's ears reddened as he listened to her. This was so
degrading! He didn't say a word but looked at her pleadingly. Marie
and Donna both had to laugh as they saw his sad blue eyes, silently
begging them as he sat there dressed so shamefully, waiting for her
guests to arrive. About 6:30 the doorbell rang. Tommy was still in the kitchen and
he was grateful when Donna went to answer the door. He was afraid
they would send him. Donna opened the door and Tommy heard the
sounds of two new voices in the other room as Donna welcomed her
friends inside. There was a bit of giggling and then Donna called out
to Marie: "Jessica and Kathy are here! You want to show them our
surprise?" Tommy panicked and was nearly rebellious. He was biting his
lower lip and tears started to form in the corner of his eyes as he
quietly pleaded with Marie once again to please not do this to him.
From the other room the three women could hear the turmoil going
on in the kitchen: "I told you to get in there and say hello to my friends! Now get
moving!" "P-p-l-e-a-s-e, don't let them see me dressed like this. Please!! I'd
rather go in with NOTHING on than wearing these things! Please
Marie... Please!" "That's the second time you've used my name in this house.
Didn't I tell you that you're supposed to refer to me as M'am? I
let the first offense slip by, but not this time! And your defying me
in this way calls for extra punishment!" "Ow-w-w-w! Ow-w-w-w! Stop, please... Ow-w-w-w!" Tommy
cried as the women heard several loud slaps coming from the kitchen.
It was obvious that Tommy was getting a licking, and Marie taunted
him as she continued slapping him: "You think they can't hear this? You think they don't know
you're getting a good licking in here? They're waiting for you
Tommy, now! And as further punishment for letting my guests hear
how rebellious you are, you can just CRAWL in there! Now get down
on the floor. That's it... not on your hands, down on your arms...
<SLAP!> that's right. Now go on in there and let them see who the
bad little boy is!" Tom's face was flushed with shame. He knew exactly how degrad-
ing he looked dressed in just the sheer nylon stockings and maid's
cap. The garters framed his small ass perfectly and called attention
to the rosy hue and the handprints. He blinked back tears of shame
and began crawling through the doorway and into the living room,
where the women were seated and waiting for him. There was a gasp
from the newcomers as he came into view. Tom looked up and saw,
in addition to Donna, two new women dressed in slacks and sitting
on the couch. Now it was Tom's turn to gasp! One of the women, Jessica, looked
to be in her early forties, with a hint of gray in her hair. But Tom's
attention was immediately fixed on the other woman... Kathy! My
God! It was his cousin Kathy! Tom stopped dead in his tracks. He
knew that Marie and Kathy knew each other, but he never dreamed
that Marie would be so cruel as to let Kathy see him like this! Kathy was nearly as shocked as Tom. She had been told what to
expect when she got to Marie's apartment: that Marie and Donna
had a young man as a slave who was into female domination and
abject humiliation. But she never could have guessed that the little
pervert would turn out to be her own cousin Tom! This was just
unbelievable! He was so shy she had to shake her head and look
twice to make sure it was really him! "P-please, M'am... please don't let her see me like this!" Tommy's
shoulders heaved as he cried his guts out, in full view of everybody
in the room. "Please, I beg you. Send her away!" "I'm afraid it's too late now Tommy. Besides, Kathy said she
wanted to see this naughty little boy that we had over here get a
good spanking! I'm not going to disappoint her. Anyway, she's
already seen you so you might as well stand up and say hello to her
and to Ms. Jeffries." Tom slowly stood up. His penis was rock hard and stood out
prominently from his shaved crotch, pointing directly at the ladies.
He saw their eyes lick at him, up and down, then come to rest on his
bobbing pole. "Long time no see, Tommy" Kathy broke the ice. "You look real
cute." She sounded a little disgusted as she shook her head a little
from side to side. "Kathy, I can explain... they MADE me do this. Honest!" "You're calling me a liar, in front of my friends?" Marie hissed at
him venomously. She handed Kathy some of the pictures Beverly had
given her that Linda had taken on Saturday. Jessica looked over her
shoulder and they both gasped again and began giggling at what the
young girls had reduced him to. Tommy looked down and sni- ed. "You're definitely spending Friday night at the lake for your be-
havior here tonight" Marie told him. "Oh, please Marie...M'am" Tommy corrected himself. "Please
don't. I didn't mean that you were lying, honest! Please give me
another chance!" "Your performance over the next couple of hours will determine
your fate, little boy" she sneered. "Right now I'd say you've got a
very slim chance of making up for your mistake. Your mouth is what
got you into trouble, so maybe your mouth can help get you out of
trouble. Get back down on your knees and lick Kathy's shoes. Go
on, get down! Stop crying! <SLAP>" Kathy looked down, a little uncomfortably, as Tommy began lick-
ing the top of her shoe. She seemed to get a little more into it, though,
and moved her left foot next to her right so he could work on both
of them. "That's it! Enjoy yourself, Kathy. You too, Jessica. This is
supposed to be a punishment, but from the state of his little dick,
I'd say he's enjoying himself, don't you think?" She put her foot on
his lower back and pushed him so he fell forward onto his face. He
put his hands on Kathy's ankles to steady himself and the warmth
of her legs made him shiver noticeably, to the amusement of his now-
smiling cousin. When he had licked both shoes to Marie's satisfaction, he was
again allowed to get up. Marie made him "curtsy" to her guests,
which he did terribly, and go get them something to drink while
they chatted in the living room. The rest of the evening was one of bizarre humiliation for poor
Tommy. The presence of his cousin made it doubly so as she wit-
nessed his degradation. He served drinks and snacks to the women,
who took every opportunity to poke, pinch or fondle him. He had to
refer to his cousin as "Miss Hyde" and curtsy whenever he offered
her some refreshments. After they'd all warmed up to the sight of Tommy they began
really putting him through his paces. They made him pose for them
and sensuously rub his body while they cheered him on. He laid
on his back on the coffee table so they could tease his cock while
they casually engaged in girl-chat, carelessly brushing his cock and
occasionally chiding him when his moans got too loud. Every time he
glanced at Kathy he saw her looking at him, still not quite believing
what she was witnessing, but nevertheless with humor in her eyes.
What scared him most was the pure lust he saw in the faces of all
the women whenever they looked at his stiff, leaking cock. At one point during the evening Tommy spilled some pretzels and
Marie said it was time he got a good spanking to teach him to be
more careful. She sat on the sofa and made him lie down across her
knees, his stockinged legs on one side and his upper body on the
other. His perfectly framed ass was centered right below her eyes,
flinching as he waited for the first smack. She made him apologize
for his clumsiness and ask each of the women to forgive him. They
stared at his presented ass with interest as Marie lifted her hand
in the air and forcefully applied the first slap. The sound echoed
through the room and made them all jump a little, but not nearly so
much as Tommy, who twisted and squirmed on Marie's lap, trying
to avoid the punishing hand. She spanked him for nearly ten minutes, moving from cheek to
cheek and varying the tempo, sometimes hitting him in the exact
same spot several times in a row. By the time she was finished,
Tommy was the perfect picture of chastisement. He was sobbing
and rubbing his burning ass and promising between sobs to be more
careful. He thanked Marie for the spanking and got on his feet, still
a little wobbly in the high heels, then bent to clean up the spilled
pretzels on the coffee table. The women examined his flaming red
ass as he bent and even Kathy couldn't resist touching it to see how
hot it was! As a grand finale, Marie made him kneel on the floor and jerk
himself off, using his thumb and forefinger in a little 'o' as he fever-
ishly brushed it back and forth over his cock. When he got close
to cumming his whole body seemed to sway and his tongue flicked
in his mouth. He was told to catch all of the jism in his hand as
he spasmed, shooting his thick spunk into his palm, though some
dripped onto the carpet. Marie made him lick his own cum from his
palm for the amusement of the women, then told him to get a damp
sponge and clean up the carpet. When the women were ready to go, he had to curtsy to them,
then bend over and present his ass so they could each give him a
little pat as they left. Marie promised to have many more little `get
togethers' like this on Tuesdays and Jessica and Kathy both said
they'd love to come back. Marie suggested that Kathy might want
to drop by Tommy's house next Saturday afternoon to see him with
the teenagers. She was sure that Linda wouldn't mind and Kathy
said she just might do that. She might even bring a friend along too! After their guests left, Tommy helped clean up the house. Marie
told him he could go home and get some sleep but she made him wear
only the stockings and garter belt, and carry his regular clothes under
his arm. She also ordered him to wear the garters and stockings to
work under his clothes every Tuesday from now on so he'd be ready
for her at the end of the day. She giggled when she thought what
Louise and Carol would say next week when they found him dressed
like that underneath his pants! She put the little cap and shoes in
a closet where they'd be waiting for him next week, then kissed him
lightly on the cheek as she showed him to the door. "G'nite Tommy! See you tomorrow at the office!" Tommy drove home, his eyes blurry from crying, his sore ass and
the garter belt clips reminding him that all of this had been real,
not just a perverse nightmare. Oh God! Kathy! How could Marie
have done that to him? How could she have had the heart to invite
his cousin over to see him like that, and to make him do all those
things while she watched? How could he ever talk to her again after
tonight? Her comment about stopping by on Saturday to see what
Linda and the girls would do to him drove home the reminder that
this wasn't a one shot deal. This wasn't just one horrible week for
him to somehow survive. This was only the FIRST week! This was
a life sentence, and every Tuesday from now on he'd be at Marie
and Donna's mercy, subjecting himself to unimaginable indecencies
and humiliations just to satisfy her perverse pleasure... And EVERY
Saturday Linda would be over his house... And EVERY Wednesday
he'd be at Carol's apartment... and so on, from now on! And Kathy
said she might bring a friend over with her next Saturday to see
him! His mind reeled as he tried to imagine who it could be and he
shivered with shame at the thought of anybody else he knew seeing
what those young girls were going to do to him! When he got home he nervously dashed into his house, removed
the garter belt and stockings, and climbed into bed. As he laid there
he thought about how all this had started exactly one week ago. One
week ago tonight he had decided to stop into that tavern near his
office for a few drinks and to kill a little time. He couldn't believe
his good luck at being picked up and taken home by a beautiful,
classy woman like Beverly. Could all this have happened to him in
just seven days? Each day had taken him deeper and deeper until
he found himself utterly trapped with no way out. Seven days later
he was the abject slave to seven women, who used and degraded
him beyond anything he could have ever imagined. He slept fitfully,
waking several times with an erection. In the morning he showered
and shaved. He even took a few minutes to shave his crotch. He
felt that if he did this himself each morning he would avoid the
humiliation of having it done for him in the evenings. He didn't
realize it but he was already becoming conditioned to his slavery. When he arrived at work Marie was already there, chatting with
Carol and telling her about the previous evening. Carol, too, was
shocked that Marie had invited Tom's cousin Kathy over to see him
humiliated, but Marie explained that she had had even more degrad-
ing plans for him but decided to hold off on several of them till next
week. "You can't have any pity on him. He's just a pig. You've no-
ticed him leering at us and staring at our asses every time we turn
around. Well now it's our turn to see how HE likes being on display.
Fortunately he doesn't like it at all! That makes it much more fun
to humiliate him, and if bringing Kathy over to see him added to his
shame then I think we should do a lot more of that sort of thing." She didn't even pause in her conversation as Tom walked in and
sat at his desk. A few minutes later Louise came in and they all
sat down and got to work. Any time Tom had to have any dealings
with Marie he shivered as he saw her mocking smile. Tonight was
Carol's night and he wondered what his fate would be at her hands.
He stared at her as she got up and bent over to get some files and
she looked back and caught him at it. He cringed a little as he saw
her knowing smile that seemed to say "Go ahead, look all you want.
Tonight is MY turn!" Needless to say, by the time noon had rolled around Louise had
found some new excuse to strip and spank him. She made him duck-
walk around the office with his hands on his head, pausing in front of
each of the ladies and begging them to tug on his erect penis. When
he was so hot that his teeth chattered Louise let him masturbate lying
on his back on the floor with his knees spread wide and the soles of
his feet pressing against each other. He felt so depraved doing this in
the office, but it also made him hot to think that anyone could walk
in and catch him like that! He squirted his seed into a kleenex, then Louise made him bend
across each woman's desk for a few hard slaps before he was allowed
to get dressed and go out to bring them back some lunch. At the end of the day he looked at Carol questioningly. She gave
him her address and told him he could go home to change and eat
but she wanted him at her apartment by 7:00pm sharp. Promptly at 7:00 he rang the bell at Carol's apartment. She
opened the door and smiled as she let him in. She was dressed in
a pullover and tight, tight jeans that were pulled up right into her
crotch, and in the back separated her ass into two round globes. She
looked fantastic! Her long, straight blonde hair hung down over her
shoulders and her little breasts poked out through her top. Tommy
had never been to her apartment before. It was rather small and
sparsely decorated, but then again she was just out of school and
only working for about six months. Tommy walked in self-consiously and Carol told him to sit down
on the couch. She asked him if he had had a good time with Marie
last night but he only gulped and looked down at his shoes. Carol
giggled and said that Marie had described the evening to her and
she guessed it must have been pretty degrading to him. She then
told him not to worry, she didn't have anything like that planned for
him tonight. In fact she didn't have anything planned at all. She
just liked the idea of having a man at her disposal all evening to
do anything she wanted. She then told him that Marie said to call
her if Tommy wasn't cooperative, and she'd come right over. That
little threat wasn't lost on him and he straightened up a little on the
couch. Carol then admitted to him that until last Friday she had
never seen a man completely nude before, let alone do the things he
had done. She said that it embarrassed her at first but that she also
found it rather stimulating, and pleasant. She told Tommy to stand
up and slowly remove all of his clothing while she sat in the chair
and watched him. This was a little tough, for Carol had always been rather shy
herself and Tommy always went out of his way to impress her so she
would look up to him. Now he was meekly following her orders to
strip naked in her apartment so she could watch him. He slowly removed all of his clothes, folded them and put them in
a pile. When he finally stood naked before her she made him stand
with his legs slightly apart and his hands clasped behind his back as
she looked hungrily at his limp dick. "What's the matter? You're not happy to see me?" she seemed
disappointed. She then told him to sit down on the couch but to ease
forward and lean back, slouching a bit. She made him spread his legs
and throw one leg over the arm of the sofa, keeping his crotch spread
wide for her. "Now stay like that for awhile. I'm going to change into some-
thing a little more comfortable and I want to find you just like this
when I return." Tommy oggled her beautiful ass and legs as she got up and walked
into the bedroom. His penis had already started to stiffen up a little. He stayed like that for about five minutes. When Carol returned,
his dick sprang to attention almost instantly! She had changed into a
little white Teddy nightgown! Her long smooth legs extended beau-
tifully below the hem and her little nipples were visible against the
nearly shear top! Tommy couldn't believe she even owned anything
like that and he was sure no man had ever seen her in it before. She
was definitely too shy for that but now she was taking advantage of
the situation to wear it in front of Tommy. "Wow..." he gasped, quietly. He didn't even realize he said it but
Carol heard him and smiled. Her nipples were pointing straight out
at him and she was barefoot. Carol sat down in the chair directly opposite Tommy. "Do you
like what you see?" "Oh... yes!" he said, licking his lips. She spread her legs apart
just a little and then told him to look at her and begin masturbating. Tommy grabbed hold of his now throbbing cock and began slowly
pumping it while she watched intently. His hips began rotating and
he was breathing noisily through his teeth. Carol told him to keep it
up but warned him that if he came, she would call Marie and they'd
both whip his ass the rest of the night. Looks like shy little Carol
had grown some teeth! As he sat there masturbating, careful to pause whenever he felt
too close to the edge, Carol put her own hand in her little panties
and began rubbing herself too. After awhile she pulled the material
to the side, completely exposing her beautiful young pussy, nestled
in a little downy patch of blonde hair. Tommy almost lost it right
there! He had to stop and breathe heavily while his hips convulsed.
He was so near the edge he didn't think he'd be able to pull back!
Panic gripped him but to his relief he found himself slowly ebbing
away from that dangerous precipice. Carol continued fingering herself. She was so wet that she glis-
tened and her fingers began making small sucking noises as she
worked them in and out, rotating her ass as she did so and offer-
ing little glimpses of her tiny anus. "Keep it up, Tommy. Don't stop, or you'll be sorry! Don't cum.
I want you watching me, hot and ready all night, but I don't want
you cumming. That's my job tonight!" Tommy groaned and began touching himself again. This time
lightly. His cock jumped and leaked a stream of pre-seminal fluid
down to his belly and he was terrified he wouldn't be able to keep
from going over the edge. Carol began moaning, louder and louder, and then thrashing a
bit on the chair. She threw her legs over each of the arm rests
and suddenly stiffened, clenching her little butt cheeks tightly and
moaning. Tommy could see a little liquid seeping out of her cunt
and finally she was cumming. She threw her head back and moaned
as she spasmed several times. Finally she exhaled and settled back
down in the chair. Her eyes were half closed and she smacked her
lips and said "Mmmmmmm... that was good!" Poor Tommy was going nuts! He wasn't allowed to cum but his
body was screaming at him for release. "Don't you dare defy me, Tom!" she warned. An all-night whip-
ping by Marie is not something you'll want to go through. And
knowing her, you can just imagine that she'll invite some friends
along to watch... some embarrassing friends?" Poor Tommy was frantic! He was now just barely touching his
penis, but he was constantly only seconds away from a dangerous
orgasm and he had to be soooo careful! Carol got up and walked over to him; swaggered was more like it.
She swayed her hips sexily and confidently, smiling at him as he sat
there, spread wide and dripping. She held her hand, the one that had
been in her pussy, up to his face, right under his nose. She smeared
a little bit of it under his nose and on his upper lip so he could smell
her, then lowered it to his lips and made him lick her hand clean. He whimpered as he licked and begged her to let him cum, or at
least to stop! Carol laughed at him and told him he could stop mas-
turbating, but to remain spread like that so she could enjoy looking
at him some more. Carol's confidence was boosted watching Tom shivering with lust
for her, yet obeying her completely. How could she have been so
impressed with him when she first started working at Venture? He
looked so pathetic now, lying there with his legs spread wide and his
penis poking straight up in the air! He was terrified of cumming, yet
he wanted to so badly! And SHE was in complete control. She could
let him cum if she wanted to, or make him sit there and suffer - all
night if she wanted! And he would have to do anything she wanted!
Right now she enjoyed seeing him helplessly teased and at her mercy.
What a turn on! Carol got some potato chips and a Cola from the refrigerator,
then turned on the TV set and sat down on the couch next to Tom.
She told him to kneel down on the floor in front of her and put his
forehead on the carpet and his buns in the air. "Open your legs
wider so I can see your balls dangling while you kneel there!" Tommy obeyed her instantly and she then crossed her feet and
placed them on his rump, using him as a footstool as she watch TV
and snacked. When she saw something particularly funny she'd slap
her feet against his butt while she laughed. After the show was over she started feeling horny again. This
time she told Tommy to sit on the chair and throw is legs over each
armrest while she took the sofa. Carol pulled her panties completely off and knelt on the sofa with
her own ass on display to Tommy's eager eyes. She rubbed her ass
and lifted one leg up so he could see her pussy. She then pulled the
top of her Teddy off and turned around so she was sitting on the
couch, completely naked, with her legs spread wide while she rubbed
her tits and licked her lips. Tommy was forced to watch this and his
dick was once again throbbing for release. Again she made him touch himself and watch her as she played
with herself in front of him. She rubbed at her clit and rotated her
hips, then stuck two fingers into her pussy and started frigging herself
off. She would never have had the nerve to do this in front of a man,
but she was having a ball teasing Tom and watching him gasp and
buck his hips. He wanted her and that made her even hotter. She
came twice more while Tommy sat there whimpering, lightly stroking
his own penis and trying his best not to cum. After another half hour of this exquisite torture, Carol felt like a
new woman. She was completely confident of her power over poor
Tommy and decided to give him a reward. "Would you like to cum, Tom?" "Oh YES! Please Carol! I'm so hot I think I'm gonna burst. He
was sniveling and she almost decided to change her mind and let him
suffer some more, but she had a change of heart. "Get down on the floor. Sit there with your legs crossed and wait
for me. And don't you dare touch yourself while you're waiting!" She walked into her bedroom and immediately began grabbing
clothes from her closet and drawers. She had another wild fantasy
she wanted to indulge and she tugged on a pair of pantyhose and
put on her black skirt and blouse. She clipped on a pair of earrings
and put her pearls around her neck. As a final touch she put on a
little perfume then stepped into her heels and looked at herself in
the mirror. She was pleased. In about two minutes she looked like
she was ready to go out on the town! She quickly brushed her hair
then walked back into the TV room. Tommy was still sitting there on the floor, his penis hard and
pointing up and back towards his navel. Carol told him to spread
his legs wide and bend his knees. She then stood right in front of
him so that he could hunker there pathetically and gaze up at her,
dressed to the teeth. This contrast made the situation seem even
more bizarre to her and it added greatly to Tommy's shame as she
looked down at him and ordered him to jerk himself off. Tommy grabbed hold of his erect shaft and began pumping furi-
ously. Carol told him to look up at her and she gazed into his eyes
and smiled at him as he sat there, naked and pathetic, and jacked
himself off at her feet. It didn't take long for him to stiffen and groan and start spurting
his seed all over the room. Some of it landed on the rug and a glob
of it landed square on Carol's skirt. She was furious! She made him
kneel before her and lick the cum spots off her skirt, then told him
she was going to send him the dry cleaning bill. She made him get
a damp cloth from the kitchen and clean the spots on the rug while
she stood behind him, slapping his ass and belittling him for being
so careless. When he finished, she told him he could dress and go home, but
next week she wasn't going to be so easy on him! Marie had already
talked to her about combining their days so the two women could
have two whole days with Tommy. They might even make him take
a day's vacation so he could stay at Marie's house. They would tie
him so he couldn't touch himself and ask a couple of college students
that Donna knew to stay with him to make sure he stayed aroused
the whole day. They'd have a party the second night and invite many
of Tom's friends over to see him in his disgrace. Well, that was down
the road a bit but it was fun planning things they could do to him.
For now, though, it was getting late and after she let Tommy out the
door, Carol undressed and got into bed. In spite of the three orgasms
she had already had that night she began rubbing herself off under
the covers while she let her mind race through all the scenarios that
she wanted to try. Having Tommy as a boyfriend would have been
nice, but having him as her slave was turning out to be fantastic! Tommy got up the next morning, showered and shaved, and some-
how managed to drag himself into work. He couldn't believe he'd
survived the week so far. Marie had been more cruel than he had
ever imagined she could be, but his treatment at Carol's hands last
night had been a real surprise. He had always shown off a little wher-
ever Carol was concerned. He acted like he was her big brother as he
took her under his wing, but he never missed a chance to oggle her
young body in the office. He was dying to ask her out but he was too
shy. He was afraid that if she said no then that would be the end of
his chances. She was a frequent subject of his wet dreams and he'd
undressed her in his mind a hundred times. Last night, however,
Carol shocked both him and herself by the way she so easily handled
him. She had worked him to such a fevered pitch of lust that he
had gladly humiliated himself at her feet and cried tears of gratitude
when she rewarded him by letting him cum! When he arrived in the office Carol was telling a wide-eyed Marie
how she had made him cum at her feet, then forced him to lick his
spunk from her skirt as she scolded him. When Carol told her about
slapping his ass as he cleaned the cum spots from the rug Marie
laughed hysterically and said "Oh my God! I never knew you had
it in you! Well, good! I'm glad you've seen the light because now
we can have a lot of good times with him together. Our two nights
combined, in addition to having him at the office every day, means
we'll get to use him more that any of the others do. I've got a lot of
really good ideas I'd like to try out and I was hoping you'd want to
go in on them with me." "Sounds great to me!" Carol said enthusiastically. Marie continued, "I still like the party idea. Maybe we can set
it up for either next Wednesday or the Wednesday after that, at
my place. I'll make the arrangements for Donna's friends to watch
him during the day. We already spoke to them and since they're on
summer vacation anyway they said they'd LOVE to keep him busy
until we get home. I told them that they can do whatever they like
to keep him aroused all day but they're not to let him cum! I want
him literally boiling when the guests arrive. It'll be so much more
humiliating for him to greet them with tears in his eyes and his little
stiff prick dripping, especially when he sees who I'm inviting!" "Oh, you're so bad!" Carol giggled. "Donna and I will take care of the food and drinks. You can
bring a salad or something and feel free to invite whomever you like.
After all, it's your night too!" Tommy sat there in shock, not quite believing what he was hear-
ing! Marie and Carol were talking about their plans for him as if
he weren't even there! He didn't dare say a word. He already knew
better than that, but listening to their dark plans and the way they
giggled as they discussed them made him want to disappear under
his desk. He shivered as he imagined what that horrible night would
be like! Please God, don't let them do that to me! They stopped their chatter as soon as Louise came in, but when
they glanced at each other again they got a case of the giggles. "What's going on here?" asked Louise. "Oh, nothing" said Marie. "We were just talking about Tom." Louise looked at Tom and noticed that his ears were bright red.
She smiled at him and winked, which caused Carol and Marie to
start giggling again. Needless to say, Tommy spent another miserable day at work.
Louise had him in Mrs. Peterson's office again, stark naked and on
his back on Gloria's desk, holding onto his ankles. She made him
stay like that for most of the morning. It was a slow day and the
three of them took turns going into the office to torment him. Marie
voluntarily took off her nylons and used them to tie each of Tom's
wrists to his ankles so he was spread wide open as he lay on the desk.
She then took a pencil from Gloria's drawer and used the eraser end
to start probing at his sensitive asshole. His anus was spread wide
and as she poked the pink tip in further, the puckered walls grabbed
onto it and held. Giggling, she moved the pencil in and out in very
short teasing strokes while poor Tom's legs trembled and he begged
her like a tied whore to let him cum. But she wouldn't relent! She'd
see him getting close to the edge then she'd abruptly stop and laugh
at him as he moaned and jerked his legs. She kept this up for about
ten minutes while Louise and Carol took turns coming in to watch
him squirm! "Quick! Someone's coming!" shouted Carol. Louise scurried back to her desk as Marie cautioned Tommy to
be real quiet or they'd let whoever came into the office see him. She
left the eraser tip still sticking in his asshole as she quickly closed the
door about half way and walked to her desk. A man and a woman dressed in business suits entered the office
and said they'd like to see Mrs. Peterson about some advertising
space they were interested in buying. Louise told them that Gloria
was not in but they could discuss the details with Marie. "If it's all right, we'd just as soon wait for Mrs. Peterson" said
the woman, a little snottily, as she started to walk towards Gloria's
half-opened door! "No! Ah, you see, Mrs. Peterson won't be back until Monday
morning. Are you sure there isn't something I can do for you?" The woman had one hand on the door edge as she looked back at
Marie. "Oh, well. Never mind. Please tell her that Carol Sanforth
and Mike Bressler from ALPHA ONE were here. We'll call her on
Monday and set up an appointment." Louise let out an audible sigh of relief as the woman turned and
began walking back out the door. Carol and Marie began giggling
uncontrollably after they left, and Marie said, in a loud, faked voice: "Then again, maybe we WILL just wait here in case she comes back
early!" and she swung open the door, laughing as she saw Tommy
close to tears, still tied there so shamefully on display with the pen-
cil bobbing up and down from his asshole. He was sni- ing as she
laughed and began teasing him again by jiggling the pencil. "That was close!" breathed Louise. "Relax", said Marie. "If you're afraid to take chances you'll never
have any fun. Besides, we would've found some way to talk our way
out of this. Who knows, maybe the bitch woulda got turned on by
the sight of Tommy here! It's not too late to call her back..." "That's OK. I'll pass on that one now" Louise said, regaining
her composure and chuckling a little. She walked over and began
fondling Tommy's bare ass as she looked into his eyes and said: "Poor little Tommy! We almost let that nasty woman see his little
dick and asshole! Do you think she would have liked to play with
you too? Or give you a little spanking?" She slapped his ass lightly
as she said this and continued chuckling. Tommy was moaning as
he looked at each of the faces of the women who were working him
over. Carol stayed near the front door on lookout, but she could see
what was going on in Gloria's office. Finally both women left him
and returned to their desks. Marie left the pencil sticking out of his
asshole and told him he'd be allowed to dress and work at his desk
all afternoon if he was a good boy until noon. She left the door ajar
and went back to her desk. A few more people came in that morning but Marie and Louise
took care of them without incident. As Tommy squirmed on his back
on Gloria's desk he nearly fainted each time he heard a new voice
in the office. Finally at 12:00 Louise came in and untied him. He
sat up and rubbed his sore limbs while the women wrote down their
lunch orders. He dressed silently, took the list, and went out to pick
up lunch. He spent the rest of the day at his desk, self-conscious
and nervous. At 5:00 he got up, blushed as Carol and Marie told
him to have a fun night, and drove home. Halfway home he began
sobbing to himself in the car. What had become of his life? What
had those women done to him? There was no escape... He couldn't
imagine another week of this, yet he also reminded himself that this
first week wasn't even done yet! He still had Karen to deal with
tonight, then tomorrow night he'd be at Beverly's studio, squirming
under her hand... if he was lucky! Then it would be Saturday again
and Linda and her young friends would be back.... Oh God! Over
and over again, getting worse and worse, deeper and deeper... When he got home, he parked his car and went into his house.
Mrs. Whitford was sitting out on her porch but he kept his head
down and pretended not to see her smiling down at him. He cleaned
up and had a bite to eat. He was just clearing the dishes when the
phone rang. He thought about not answering it, but the memory of
his long night at the lake made him remember he had no choice. He
picked up the phone and meekly said: "Hello?" "Hello Tommy!" Karen's voice giggled in his ear. "It's Thursday
night! I want you at my place in 30 minutes, don't keep me waiting!"
She gave him the address and directions and told him to hurry right
over. Twenty-five minutes later he was parking his car in the visitor's
lot of Karen's condo on the other side of town. He found the right
unit and rang the bell. The door opened and Karen greeted him in
a pair of very tiny shorts and a tank top. She had a can of beer in
her hand and smiled as she let him in. "Karen, please... This has gone on long enough. You wouldn't
believe what those crazies have been putting me through. I know
you're a nice girl; can't we talk about this like adults?" Karen put her beer down on a small table then hauled back and
slapped him full force across the face. She reached back and hit him
a second time on the same cheek. "Owwwww!" he cried, startled. As he held his cheek he saw
Karen's smile turn into a sneer. "I'm a nice girl?! You want to talk to me like an adult?! Down
on your knees, this instant!" She swung her hand back again and
held it poised, ready for another slap as she stared into his eyes with
contempt. In an instant her mood had changed completely. Tommy
dropped to his knees in front of her, still rubbing his smarting cheek. "Beverly called me this afternoon and gave me a complete run-
down on what you've been through this week. I thought it was hilar-
ious! Having your cousin Kathy see you over at Marie's must have
been a real shocker, huh? Did you enjoy that? I just bet you did,
you little pervert! And I just LOVED the pictures Beverly sent me of
what those young girls did to you on Saturday! I laughed my ass off!
And you have the nerve to call me a 'nice girl' ! I have half a mind to
slap your little ass all over this town tonight. I thought about bring-
ing you into a lesbian bar tonight, all leashed and naked, and making
you crawl around for the enjoyment of the clientele! Would you like
that? Huh? Wiggling your little ass around while they drink and
laugh at you? I could arrange it, no problem, except I'm afraid you
might like it too much! Maybe next week... It'll give you something
to think about all week!" "I-I'm s-sorry, Mistress Karen!" Tommy stuttered. She hadn't
told him to refer to her as 'Mistress' but he didn't want her any
angrier at him. She sneered at him when she heard his words and said: "Stay on
your knees, you little shit, but I want you naked in 30 seconds, or
I'll strip you myself. Only it won't be here! Now start!!" Tommy practically tore his buttons off as he removed his shirt.
He pulled off his undershirt and kicked off his shoes. He undid his
belt and pushed his pants down around his knees. Naturally, he
wasn't wearing any underpants. He bunched the pants under his
knees and pushed them back and off his legs. In a panic he pulled
off his socks and knelt there completely naked just as Karen yelled "Time!" She looked down at him and nodded her head. "Looks like
you just made it, little worm." Even as Tommy knelt there at her feet he couldn't help but be
struck by her awesome beauty. Her dark hair was pulled back and
her shorts showed off perhaps the loveliest legs he had ever seen. She
stood there for a minute looking down at him with her hands on her
hips and chuckling. Finally she bent over and lifted his semi-hard
penis in her right hand. "What's this? I love the shave but your little dickie here can't
decide if he's happy to see me or not. She began pulling on his penis.
Almost immediately it stiffened right in her hand. He'd been teased
all morning at the office and he had had no relief. Karen laughed as
she felt him stiffen so quickly. "That's a good little dickie. Maybe Mistress Karen will have a
little reward for you tonight, but first I want you to crawl over to
that footstool by the chair. That's the one, yes. Now bend over it.
Put your hands down at the sides and grab onto the legs on the other
 Karen guided him so that he was bent completely over the stool,
with his head hanging down on one side and his ass raised up right
over the middle of it. She then took some white clothesline she had
ready and tied his wrists to the legs of the stool. She made him
spread his thighs wide and straddle the rear of the stool. She took
more rope and proceeded to tie his knees to each of the back legs of
the stool. This left him bent over with his knees spread wide and his
ass pointing up and back at her. His asshole was presented to her,
wide open and vulnerable. His butt cheeks clenched as she ran her
fingers lightly along the gully of his ass and he moaned a little as she
touched his puckering little hole. Karen laughed then straightened up and walked over to the dining
room table. Tommy lifted his head to watch her and he gasped aloud
when he saw her pick up what looked like a black riding crop! She
walked back towards him, flexing the shaft of the crop and looking at
Tommy as he continued staring at every movement of the crop. She
could tell that he was petrified and his fear was giving her a rush! Karen stood right beside him and lightly let the crop touch his
asscheek. Tommy clenched again and stiffened. "Oh no... not yet"
she taunted him. "I've got to play with you a little first." She chuck-
led evilly as she continued lightly brushing his ass with the crop.
First one spot, then a pause, then a little swish in the air accompa-
nied by another cruel chuckle. She ran the edge of the crop along
his stretched open asscrack, then lightly tapped him on the under-
side of his cheeks again. The entire time she taunted him, saying "Ah yes... you like this, don't you. Sure you do. I'm going to make
you so happy tonight! I'm going to whip your ass all night long,
whip you till you scream! Don't worry, the walls of this condo are
soundproofed, besides, it's an end unit and our only neighbors are in
Brussels for the summer. You're all mine tonight, little worm! I'm
gonna whip your little ass red! But that's what you really want, isn't
it? Tell me that you want me to whip your ass..." "No, please M-mistress Karen. Please don't do it..." <KKK-R-A-C-K!!!> (Yeeooowwwwww!) The whip cracked with
tremendous force against his exposed ass, causing Tommy to howl in
pain. He'd never felt anything like that before; not when she birched
him at the lake, not when Louise used the ruler on his ass at work.
This was an incredible, searing pain that immediately brought huge
tears to his eyes and made him twist impossibly against the ropes
that held him. "Don't lie to me! Tell me you want to be whipped! Tell me, or
I'll strip all the skin off you! Tell me!!". Karen was raging now. She
swung again as hard as she could and again Tommy screamed at the
top of his lungs. He was sobbing uncontrollably. "Yes <sniff>, yes... I
really w-want you to whip me. P-please whip me, Mistress Karen..." "That's more like it" she sneared. Her lip curled a little as she
looked down at his doomed behind. She continued thrashing him
with the crop while he squirmed and pleaded. "Please, no more! No
more!" he coughed and sobbed as she slapped him again and again.
He felt as if his ass were on fire. He was sure that his skin was being
cut to bloody ribbons. In reality, however, the crop did no physical
damage other than reddening his ass to a bright rosy glow. After
the 50th swat his ass was actually shiny, yet she continued thrashing
him. "<crack!> Yeowwww!.. <crack!> Owwwwww... <crack!> Please!!" After about 75 swats she finally stopped, her chest heaving with
the exertion and her own pussy on fire with the heat. Tommy had
been reduced to a sobbing mass. He couldn't see for the tears in his
eyes. When she untied him and let him fall to the floor he pressed
both of his hands against his burning asscheeks and held them, crying
and twitching. She told him to kiss her feet and thank her for the
whipping or she'd do it all over again and he practically wrapped
himself around her long legs, kissing her feet loudly and sobbing
his gratitude for the whipping. Karen then sat down and spread her
legs. She told Tommy to kiss her pussy and lick it through her shorts.
Tommy struggled to his knees and began alternately kissing the vee
of her shorts and licking the soft material between her legs while she
watched him and laughed. After a few minutes of this she pushed his head away, then un-
buttoned and wriggled out of her shorts. She wore no panties. She
spread her legs wide and pulled her knees back. She told Tommy
that she wanted to feel his tongue inside her asshole, licking her un-
til she told him to stop. She cooed in ecstasy as she felt his cool wet
tongue trying to work its way into her tight little rosebud. He was
still sobbing from the whipping and his sni- es tickled her thighs as
he licked away. She began rotating her hips and grinding her ass into
his face but he continued licking as if his life depended on it! After
ten minutes of this she pulled his head up a little and directed his
tongue into her sopping wet crotch. She held his head firmly in place
as she came in his face, again and again, warning him to keep licking
and swallowing. "Oh... YESSS!" she cried, her knees now wrapped around his
ears and her hands pushing against the back of his head. "Use that
tongue of yours! Keep licking me, you little bastard! Don't you dare
stop!" After her fourth of fifth orgasm she finally relaxed her grip on his
head. She lowered her legs, sighed heavily, and leaned her head back
against the sofa back with her eyes closed. Tommy fell to the floor
at her feet, still clutching onto her ankles. His face was slimy from
her cum as he pressed his lips to her shoes and continued giving her
little kisses while he regained his composure. Karen sighed again, stretched her limbs catlike and gazed down
at the pitiful form that was wrapped around her ankles. "Not bad, little worm. I guarantee that you're going to become an
expert cunt licker. I'm certainly going to look forward to Thursday
nights from now on!" She kicked him lightly and told him to roll over onto his back
with his arms and legs spreadeagled. Tommy scampered to obey. "Now it's time to take care of little dickie!" she cooed. Karen
stood up and stood directly over him, her legs straddling Tom's chest.
She kicked off her shoes and slowly began stripping off her clothes
till she was completely nude. She then slithered down till she was
sitting on his chest, smiling at him as he lay there trembling. She
slowly slid back till she was kneeling between his thighs then bent
her head and gave Tom's still throbbing cock a long slow lick, from
the base to just under the head. "Ohhhhh..." Tom moaned. He writhed a little but remembered
to keep his arms and legs stretched out. Karen continued licking his
cock with long, deliberate swipes of her silky tongue. She flicked her
tongue across his balls and smiled as she watched him twitch and
moan. She licked back up the shaft and then took the head of his
penis between her lips, still using her tongue to flick away at the
sensitive glans below the head. Tommy began moaning louder and
twisting. He jumped a little as she swallowed his whole shaft into her
mouth and began pumping her head up and down the shaft, holding
the base with one hand and tickling his balls with the fingernails of
her other hand. "Tell me, Tommy. Did anyone fuck you during the week?" "N-n-ooo-ooo" Tom moaned, sucking air through his teeth then
licking his lips. Without another word Karen released his cock. She then crawled
forward, dragging her tits against the poor young man's chest and
tantalizing his thighs with her own furry pussy. When she was head
to head with him, looking down into his face, she reached under her
and grabbed hold of his penis. She carefully guided it till it was
resting just inside of her pouting cunt lips. She stayed like that for a
few seconds, moving up and down only a fraction of an inch, teasing
him nearly out of his mind. Then, with a single thrust she lowered
herself onto him, consuming his entire shaft within her greedy cunt. "Ohhhhhh!" Tommy moaned again. So this was it! He was actu-
ally getting laid! The feel of Karen's wet cunt completely enveloping
him and moving up and down felt completely different from anything
he had ever done before. It felt GREAT! "So, after all that's happened to you this past week you managed
to stay virgin! Well you're not a virgin anymore. I'm plucking your
cherry, little worm. Do you like it?" "Oh YES Mistress Karen! Unngh! Oooooh... Thank you Mistress
Karen!" Karen continued moving her hips up and down along his shaft.
She leaned down and held one of her tits to his lips. "Suck the nipple, little worm. Suck it! That's it. Gently, little
worm. Now lick it. Ahhh, yes. That's it. I'm going to train you
well, little worm. That's it. Such a hungry little baby!" Tommy was so hot by now that he was ready to shoot his load in
the first minute, but Karen kept a close watch on him and varied her
strokes, keeping him seconds away from his orgasm. Tommy's hips
began thrusting upward now, meeting her own. Nature was taking
over and he humped upwards as he continued sucking and licking the
offered nipple. "Oh, please Mistress Karen. Please let me cum! Please!" Karen smiled as she watched him beg beneath her. Finally, as
she felt her own orgasm coming upon her, she clenched her butt mus-
cles and bore down on his dick. She began vibrating, right on the
edge herself. Tommy let out a large gasp, his limit finally reached,
and he began shooting his seed deep into her. He felt his balls
squeeze as spurt after spurt of cum was fired deep into her. This
triggered Karen's own orgasm and they both began thrashing and
rocking against each other, moaning and churning. Tommy wrapped
his arms around Karen's back then cupped her ass as he continued
pumping. Finally, both of them spent, Karen collapsed onto his chest
and breathed heavily. "Ohhh, Mistress Karen!!! Thank you, Mistress Karen. Thank
you! Ooooh, I LOVE you Mistress Karen. I love you so much!"
Tommy was babbling but Karen lifted herself off him and smiled
down at him as he continued proclaiming his undying love for her.
She loved virgins! "That's fine, little worm. I'm glad you love me so much." Karen
slowly stood up and watched the pitiful creature at her feet continue
to writhe. He looked up at her with slavish devotion in his eyes as
he cupped his own balls with one hand. She kicked at his hand and screamed "Didn't I tell you to keep
your hands and legs stretched out straight? Didn't I?" "Y-es, Mistress Karen." He immediately stretched out again" "You're DEFYING me! You say you love me and then you defy
me! Get up. Up!! Don't stand, little worm. Get on your knees.
Stick that ass back up in the air. Crawl over to the corner and stick
your head in it, on the floor! Hurry up!!" Karen walked over till she stood directly behind the trembling
young man. She had the crop in her hand again and her eyes flashed
with anger, and lust. "So, you say that you love me?" "Y-YES, Mistress Karen." "If you love me then be prepared to love this little whip here,
because I love IT! Kiss it, little worm. Kiss it and tell me how much
you love me." "I love you, Mistress Karen" Tommy's voice shook with fear as
he pressed his lips against the leather crop. Karen laughed, then swung back and cracked him hard against
the ass with it. "Oooowwwwwwww!!!" Tommy literally jumped off both knees.
His ass was so sensitive from the earlier whipping that he thought he
would faint from the first crack. "Don't you dare move, little worm!" She looked around then
picked up the discarded rope from the floor. She knelt down and tied
his wrists together beneath him. She then looped the cord around
his thighs just above his knees, holding him immobile. She stood up
then laughed at him. "You look all trussed up, little worm. Like a little piggy about
to get your bare ass roasted till you squeal! Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!" She continued laughing as she thrashed him with the crop, over
and over again. She hit the same exact spot on one cheek about ten
times in a row while Tommy screamed and cried. She rotated from
side to side, then used one hand to pull one of his cheeks further
apart from the other, digging her fingers painfully into the flesh and
stretching his ass completely open. She took careful aim and slapped
the tip of the crop right onto his anus! Again and again! Tommy
was nearly hysterical with tears. "Squeal for me, little piggy. Squeal!!" Tommy barely heard her words through his own sobs. He made an
effort to stop his choking sobs and yelled: "Whhheeee... Whhheeeee!"
Karen laughed as she continued thrashing him. "Louder, little piggy,
louder!" "Whhheeee! Whhheee! Owwwwwwww!!!!" He cried and squealed
at the same time while Karen laughed and continued thrashing him.
It seemed to go on forever. Finally, however, she stopped. Tommy
continued squealing and crying as she stared at him. She was trem-
bling as she watched him. She pulled him back away from the corner
and turned him around, still trussed. Her own face was flushed with
excitement and she sat down on the floor and spread her legs open
in front of him. Her pussy was burning! "Lick me, little piggy! Lick it good, or God have pity on you!
Now!!" Tommy pressed his face between her thighs. His own ass was on
fire and he was still choking from his sobs as he buried his face as
deeply as he could into her crotch and licked for all he was worth. "Ohhh! YES! YES! Keep licking!" Karen was practically crying
herself. She thrashed her head back and forth and buried her hands
in his hair, pushing his face deeper into her. She stiffened and held
his head so tightly between her thighs that he thought she was going
to break his neck, but he didn't dare stop licking. She shivered and
went completely stiff then spasmed wildly, rocking back and forth
and gasping as she came, again and again. Tommy licked it up and
drank her juices, making loud sucking sounds. Karen was clicking off
orgasms like a machine gun, one after another till her body finally
relaxed. She moved her head a little from side to side, then licked
her lips and actually fell asleep. Tommy was still tied with his face
buried in her snatch. Her slimy ooze was sticking all over his face
but he didn't dare move an inch. Karen woke up about a half hour
later, started to stretch and smiled when she saw Tommy still pressed
against her crotch. She slowly got to her feet then began untying him. She helped
him to stand up as his legs were very stiff, then she got a tissue and
began giggling as she wiped her juices away from his eyes. His face
was completely covered with the sticky goo and she made him lick
his lips as far as his tongue could reach. "Put your clothes on and go home, Tommy, but don't wipe that
cum off your face till you get in the car." As Tommy dressed, Karen stretched out lazily on the chair and
watched him, smiling very contentedly. "Don't forget next week Tommy... the lesbian bar, remember? I
think you deserve a reward so I'm going to show you off. I know how
much you'll like that!" Tommy groaned and Karen just laughed as she stood up and
showed him to the door. She gave him a little pat on the ass as she
closed the door behind him. Tommy walked to the visitors' lot and
got into his car. As soon as he shut the door he got some tissue
from the glove compartment and began cleaning his face. In spite
of all she had done to him tonight, he still loved her! God, she was
beautiful! The most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he had
gotten laid tonight! He thought about what this crazy woman was
going to do to him next week though, and he shuddered. Oh God! A
whole bar full of women who despised men! And he was going to be
on his hands and knees, crawling around naked at the end of a leash
while they all laughed at him! Oh God, how humiliating! He sni- ed
a bit, then started up the car and drove home. He tried not to think
about it, but couldn't help picturing himself at their mercy... Marie was sitting at her desk when Tom arrived at the office on
Friday morning. She smiled at him and asked him how his night
with Karen had gone. "Oh, fine" Tommy mumbled, keeping his head down. When he
glanced up he saw that Marie was grinning at him like the cat that
ate the canary. About 10 minutes later Carol showed up and Marie
excitedly filled her in on her plans: "OK, the party's all set up for next Wednesday at my place!
Donna called her friends up, the college girls who will be watching
Tommy for us during the day, and they said Wednesday would be
fine." "Great!" said Carol. "Next week is OK for me too. As a matter
of fact I was getting a little excited thinking about it last night and
I'd just as soon do it as soon as possible. I think I'll bring along one
of my friends, if you don't mind. I know she'll get a kick out of this." "Sure, bring whomever you want. Listen to this!! I talked to his
cousin Kathy on the phone last night and told her about the party.
She got all psyched up and suggested a really good idea! She said
she can contact a few of the girls that Tom went to High School with
and she thinks they'll come!" "Wow!" Carol exclaimed. "That's gonna be some reunion!" "Oh no!!!" Tommy gasped. "Please, PLEASE, don't do that to
me! I couldn't bear the shame of them seeing me like that! PLEASE
don't do that!" Tommy was whining and looking around like a scared
rabbit. "Shut up, you little creep! I don't want to hear a word out of you.
The whole idea of this party is to have some fun and I'm gonna have
a ball seeing you crawling around in your little garters and stockings
while those girls laugh their asses off at you! After those college girls
get through tantalizing you all afternoon you'll be STEAMING and
more than willing to wiggle your butt and show your little asshole
to our guests! Kathy said that there was one particular girl who you
and your buddies used to tease in school. She said you'd probably
know who she was talking about. Anyway, Kathy thought it would
be just the greatest thing to get her to come to the party and see how
you turned out! She made a few phone calls last night and called
me back to say that she'd already talked to a couple of the girls she
remembered and they said they'd be there. She thinks that by the
end of the weekend she can get at least a half dozen of them!" "Oh no...!!" Tom wailed. "That is going to be soooo cool!" said Carol. "What kind of stuff
are you gonna make him do?" "I don't know yet, but you can be sure that at least some of
those girls are gonna wind up with Tommy across their knees for a
good spanking! Hell, I may even give him to one of them to take
home after the party! I'll bet SHE won't have any trouble thinking
of things to do all night! Ha-ha-ha!" Carol giggled, "That's not a bad idea, or, we could have an auc-
tion, just like a real slave auction, and the high bidder can have him
for the night!" "Now you're getting into it Carol!" Marie beamed. "I also called
Beverly and she said she could fix us up with a fresh copy of that
video tape she gave us to watch last week. I'm sure his high school
sweethearts will get a real kick out of watching him begging Linda
and her friends for a spanking! That tape was a classic. We can have
the auction right afterwards!" "Oh please, no! Please...." Tommy shook his head back and forth
in misery and sniffed. They wouldn't really do that to him, would
they? He knew the girl they were talking about. Franny despised
him, and with good reason. He and his friends used to ridicule her
and tell jokes about her because she was a little overweight and had
enormous tits for her age. It was all in fun. The thought of Franny
and some of the other girls he knew back then all grown up and
watching him crawl around the floor of Marie's apartment in garters
and a maid's cap..... Oh God! And Donna and Kathy and God-
knows-who-else would be there! It was going to be a party and he
was going to be royally humiliated in front of all of them! Marie and
Carol were snickering as they watched the shock on his face. "That's right, Tommy. They'll all be there and you can't IMAG-
INE the shameful things we're going to make you do! You better
make sure you're nice and clean because your ASS is going to be
the center of attraction all night long! We'll show your movie over
and over again and you'll crawl to each of your friends and squirm
around at their feet till they laugh at you and slap your ass! It'll be
a reunion neither you nor they will ever forget! I'm getting wet just
thinking about it! Hahahaha!" "Oh p-l-e-a-s-e, don't do this to me.... " Tommy held his head
in his hands and sobbed while Marie and Carol laughed and teased
him. When Louise came in she grabbed the sobbing Tommy by the ear
and pulled him into Gloria's office. She began stripping him down.
She undid his belt and let his pants drop around his ankles. She
continued undressing him with one hand while walloping his bare
ass with the other. Tommy continued sobbing and pleading with her
to stop but she kept whacking him and pulling the rest of his clothes
off. Marie took it upon herself to pick up the phone and call Dr.
Sorenson's office downstairs. The dentist wouldn't be in for another
hour but his receptionist and dental assitant were usually there by
8:00. When Cindy answered the phone Marie told her to leave the
phone off the hook and come upstairs FAST if she wanted a good
laugh! She could bring Nancy along too if she wanted. Meanwhile, Louise now had Tommy stripped down bare and was
still slapping his ass with one hand as she pulled his belt free of its
loops. She folded the belt in her hand and used it to whip at his
small buttocks as she commanded him to lie down on the floor, face
down. Just then Cindy and Nancy arrived, having run up the stairs
as quickly as they could. "So what's the big surp.... Oh my God!!! I don't believe it!" Cindy's jaw dropped and Nancy covered up her face with both
hands and shook her head, not quite believing what she was seeing.
Tommy was still lying face-down on the floor and Louise made him
lift his ass up as high as he could get it. She then made him use his
arms and elbows to drag himself back into the main office while she
hit his ass with the belt and warned him to keep it up high. When
he got back in amongst the other women she made him crawl right
to Cindy and Nancy. He had to grab onto Cindy's white-stockinged
ankles and then kiss her shoes. "Look up at her! I want her to see the face of the bad little boy
we have working here! That's it! Wiggle your ass a little for her!
More! Oh yeah!" Tommy was practically numb from the shame. He looked up at
the amused face of the receptionist and wiggled his ass like a happy
puppy, but his eyes were sad and his cheeks wet. "Now do it for Nancy. We don't want her to feel left out. That's
right, lick her shoes Tommy. Now wiggle your ass and look up at
her!" Both womem were still shocked and nervously giggled as they
watched the nude young man crawl around at their feet and obey
the most degrading orders. Marie made him flip over onto his back
and lift and spread his legs into a wide "V". While the five women
watched in amusement, Tommy had to slap his own ass while rotating
his hips in a big circle. "How on earth do you get him to do these things?" Cindy asked,
not taking her eyes off the lewd spectacle before her. "It's easy. He LOVES humiliating himself in front of women! It
really turns him on! Is there anything you'd like to do to him, or see
him do? Sorenson'll be in the office within an hour so now's your
chance!" "Gee... I don't know. This is too much just watching him spank
himself.... Say! Could he, like, 'touch himself' ? You know, jerk off
a little?" Marie told Tommy to stop what he was doing and to stand up.
When he did, he felt quite embarrassed to be standing stark naked
at eye level with the room full of dressed women. Cindy and Nancy
were in their white uniforms while Carol and Marie were as sexy as
ever. Tommy stood there looking down at his feet. He couldn't meet
their laughing eyes as they stood around him. Marie told him to spread his legs about two feet apart and bend
his knees a little so that his ass was sticking out. She then told him
to grab hold of his cock with his right hand and start jacking himself
off! Cindy was astonished! Nancy giggled but didn't say a word.
Her eyes devoured the lurid sight before her. As Cindy and Nancy stepped forward to get a closer look, Louise
told him to rotate his hips while he was jacking off and look both
women in the eye so he could see them laughing at him. Tommy
moaned in shame but obeyed her. Marie motioned for the women
to sit down in chairs while they watched Tommy gyrate his hips and
jerk off. She told Tommy to flick his tongue from side to side like
a lizard and moan for the women so they'd know he was enjoying
himself. "See? I TOLD you he liked doing this. Tommy, wouldn't you
just LOVE for Cindy or Nancy to give you a real good spanking on
your bare ass? Well?" "Y-yes Ma'am" Tommy stuttered. "Well then SAY it, boy! Don't look at me... look at them and
say it!" Marie giggled as she saw the mixture of lust and shame in
Tommy's face. "Cindy and Nancy.... I'd love for you to... g-give me a spanking...
err... right on my b-bare ass...." All of the women were laughing now. Carol was wiping tears from
her eyes and snorting. Cindy had a grin on her face from ear to ear.
She stood up and walked over behind Tommy. Her eyes travelled
down to his rotating hips and she lightly ran her fingers over their
smooth surface, keeping pace with his movements. She began lightly
slapping his ass with one hand while feeling his back, waist and outer
thighs with the other. She smacked her lips as she continued slapping
his twisting ass. "Keep it up, Tommy!" Marie warned. "Don't you dare stop or
we'll march you out into the hall this way!" Tom began pumping even harder and moaning louder as Cindy
continued slapping his lower cheeks. Nancy still sat in her chair. Her
cheeks were flushed from embarrassment. She couldn't believe that
Tom would subject himself to this treatment. She covered her mouth
and shook her head in disbelief but her eyes stayed riveted on the
incredibly sexy scene before her. Inside she knew she wanted to be
rubbing and slapping Tom's ass just like Cindy was doing, but she'd
never have the nerve. All of a sudden Tom went stiff. From force of habit he yelled out "P-p-l-e-a-s-e, I'm cum-ming! Please, let me cum, please!!" "No Tommy, hold it right there!" Marie yelled out, knowing inside
he was already past the point of no return. Tommy groaned "Aaaaagghhh! I'm s-sorry!" and started shoot-
ing his seed all over the office floor. Six, seven, eight spurts of hot
white spunk flew out from the tip of his cock, then he continued
pumping blanks and convulsing while he cried "I'm s-sorry... I'm
sorry... please, I couldn't stop!" He dropped to his knees sni- ing,
knowing he was doomed... "Why you filthy little piglet! Just look what you did! You should
be ashamed of yourself for having so little control. Get down there
and lick up every bit of your disgusting spunk from our nice clean
floor! Hurry up! Cindy and Nancy have to be going soon!" Tommy got down on his hands and knees and began licking his
cum off of the short gray office carpet. Carol and Marie walked
around pointing out spots to him. He'd crawl to the spot and lick it
dry, giving the other women a view of his bare ass, parted wide above
the soles of his feet. He kept sni- ing "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry!"
as he shu- ed from spot to spot. Cindy and Nancy both thought
they'd die from laughing as they watched this latest spectacle. Fi-
nally Cindy said that they had better get back downstairs before the
doctor came in and found them both missing. Marie told her that
she'd call them up again the next time Mrs. Peterson was going to
be away and they could come back up and visit. "Oh, this was great! See ya later Tommy! Bye!" Both women waved and trotted down the stairs to their own
office. Tommy could hear their laughing begin to disappear as they
got to the bottom of the stairs. Marie was quite pleased. "That was fantastic! Y'know. I love
showing him off like that. It humiliates him so much..." Then, to
Tommy: "I told you we'd get even with you for all those times we
caught you staring at our asses, didn't I? Now, how do YOU like
having YOUR ass stared at, huh boy?" Marie gave him a stinging
slap on his ass which caused him to jump, then she sat down at her
desk and started hummimg a little tune as she shu- ed through her
papers. Louise wasn't quite through yet. She knew that Gloria would be
back in the office on Monday morning so she wanted to enjoy this
last full day as much as possible. She told Tommy to crawl back
into Gloria's office. She then shut the door and knelt down behind
him. Slowly she began rubbing his ass and thighs, speaking softly to
him as if he were a skittish horse. She rubbed and patted his rump,
occasionally letting her hand slip though his legs to cup his dangling
balls. In spite of himself, Tom began getting hard again. He rolled
his hips as Louise continued fondling him all over. Finally, when he
was once again rock hard, Louise made him lie down on his back with
his arms and legs spreadeagled on the floor. She licked her lips as she
wrapped her own hand around his throbbing pole and began stroking
him off, very slowly. Tommy squirmed and moaned but Louise kept
the slow rhythm, pausing occasionally to watch him twitch. She'd
flick a single finger under his swollen glans, then continue the slow
tormenting strokes. "That's right, beg for it Tommy! Come on, boy. Beg me nice and
sweet or I'll keep you on the edge all morning. The girls can handle
the phones. Come on boy, beg me real nice." Tommy squirmed and his toes clenched tightly as he began to
beg Louise to let him cum. "Oh yeah, that's right! Keep begging me! It's like music to my
ears! Tell me how hot you are. Beg me real nice and maybe I'll let
you cum. If not, you'll squirm like this until noontime! Come on
boy..." "Please! I'm right near the edge! Please let me cum! Please!" "OK, boy. You can cum. Use both of your hands and pump your
little dick till you cum! That's right. Ooooh yeah! Look at him curl
those toes! Lift your legs a little and keep pumping with both hands.
Yummmm! You look delicious, boy.... good enough to eat! Oh yeah,
I could roast you on a spit and just eat you up! Keep pumping...
yeah, moan some more! Oh yeah, I'm gonna make you do this for
me whenever Gloria's away from the office... Next month she's going
on vacation for two weeks! You're gonna be squirming in here and
pumping that little dick of yours every day. Won't Cindy and Nancy
be happy! Come on, boy. Jack it off! Lift your legs a little higher...
come on... come on... come on..." Finally Tom felt his balls itch and he stiffened and began squeez-
ing off shot after shot of cum. There wasn't as much of it this time,
but he jerked around as much as he did earlier in the main office.
When he was through he just collapsed on the floor, gasping for
breath. "Wonderful!" Louise clapped her hands in delight. "With a little
more practice, you're gonna be real good at this!" She snickered as
she turned and opened the office door. "Stay there and rest for a little while, then put your clothes on
and get back to your desk." For the rest of the day Tom worked at his desk, answering phones
and talking to clients. Every so often Louise or Marie would find
some excuse to have him bend across their desk and lower his pants
for a few hard slaps, after which he'd pull his pants back up and get
back to his desk. They giggled at him as they watched him fidgit
uncomfortably in his chair. Cindy popped in right after lunch for a few minutes to chat with
the girls and she winked at Tommy as he sat there in his shirt and
tie. His face was a bright red blush. Marie showed her a couple of
the pictures she had that Linda had taken on Saturday and both
women laughed as they made comments about how cute he looked
in his little bonnet and what naughty things he was doing to himself
in the crib. Tom sni- ed a bit, but didn't say a word in response.
The afternoon crawled by with only a few minor incidents. At about ten minutes to five, Beverly showed up in the office.
All three of the women greeted her warmly and they chatted for
awhile. Beverly wanted to know if Tommy was behaving properly at
the office and Louise said he was doing fine but that he didn't seem
to be enjoying himself. Beverly gave Tom a little disappointed shake of her head and
promised Louise that she'd see a more EAGER Tommy next week.
With that she opened her pocketbook and took out Tom's collar and
leash. "NO, NO. Please! Not here!" he whined. Beverly dropped her
jaw in shock and looked at him fiercely: "There's that NO word again! You'll pay dearly for that, little
man." She slapped him on the ass through his pants a couple of
times then put the collar around his neck and attached the leash to
it. She walked ahead of him and used the leash to lead him out of
the office, down the stairs, and out into the parking lot to his car. He
walked a pace behind her the entire way. A couple of people saw this
strange procession and stared in bewilderment. Nancy was getting
into her car as she saw them walk by and she smiled at Tommy and
told him to have a nice weekend. Her eyes followed the curves of
the statuesque brunette in the business suit who was leading him. "Yes" she mumbled to herself. "I'm sure you'll have a WONDERFUL
weekend!" She giggled and got into her car. Beverly led Tom to his car and told him to get in behind the
wheel. She got in on the passenger side and proceeded to give him
directions to her studio, which was only a few blocks away. They arrived at a single story brick building that housed several
small businesses: a real estate office, travel agent, and a photographic
studio. The studio belonged to Beverly. It was also where she did
her graphic work and she had a small office for conducting business.
They parked the car and Beverly led Tom inside. Once inside, Beverly immediately ordered Tommy to strip from
head to toe. She sat down in a large leather office chair and watched
him disrobe. When he was through she made him kneel upright
before her with his hands together in front of his chest in a begging
position while she folded her arms and looked at him. "You've had an interesting first week, Tommy. I've kept tabs on
your activities. I was particularly delighted with Linda's treatment
of you last Saturday. That young girl is very impressive. She's got
some real interesting activities planned for you tomorrow!" Beverly
paused to chuckle. "I was also quite impressed with Marie. That
young woman has a bit of a cruel streak in her, though. I'd be
careful not to cross her if I were you. I heard about her plans for the
party on Wednesday night. I'll bet you can't wait for that! Imagine,
having those girls you went to High School with, all grown up and
watching you roll around the floor, masturbating and slapping your
ass... Hahahaha!" Tommy turned scarlet and closed his eyes. "Anyway, we seem to have a small problem. Marie told me that
you were slow to obey her on several occasions last Wednesday, and
even embarrassed her with your stubborness in front of her guests. I
guess you know that means we've got to take a little ride this evening
and you'll be spending another LONG night at the lake..." "Oh, please, Mistress Beverly! Please! Have mercy on me! I'd
die if you did that to me! I'm so sorry. It's just that I wasn't ready
for the things she made me do, and when my cousin showed up at
her house I kinda panicked. But I did everything she told me to!
Honest! Please give me another chance. I PROMISE I'll do better
next time! Please Mistress! Please!" Tommy had tears running down his cheeks as he knelt before
her and begged. Beverly looked regal and hard as she sat there and
casually tapped a clear plastic ruler in her hand. She considered his
plea for a moment then said: "I'm afraid it's out of my hands this time Tommy. I told you what
would happen if I got even a single complaint. Marie complained and
I've got to follow through. I tell you what I'll do, though. We'll call
Marie on the phone and you can ask her to give you another chance.
If she doesn't agree then I'm afraid I'll have no choice in the matter."
Beverly reached over to her desk and picked up the phone. "You had better hope she went straight home after work." Beverly
added ominously as she began to dial. Tommy held his breath as he watched Beverly sit there examining
her nails while the phone rang, and rang, and rang... Beverly shook her head sadly and seemed about to hang up when
she suddenly said: "Hello Marie? Hi! This is Beverly. Yeah, long
time no see." She paused to chuckle. "You probably know why I'm
calling. No? Well, I've got a very miserable looking young man
kneeling before me as we speak. We're getting ready to take a little
trip to the lake... that's right. Actually, you were the only one with
a complaint but I warned him what would happen. I know. That's
what he told me but he's got to learn to obey instantly, no matter
what. Yes, well, I told him it was up to you. I'm going to pass him
the phone, he wants to ask you something. Do you mind? Fine,
okay, here he is..." Beverly handed the phone to a petrified Tom Hyde and smiled as
she snuggled back into the chair and watched. "H-hello? Marie.. ma'am, ahhh. Please give me another chance!
I'm so sorry I hesitated last Wednesday. Honest! I know and I'm
sorry. Please! I promise I'll be better next time... Yes, I know that
next time is the party... She is? Oh, God, Kathy found her?" Tommy's face turned pale and he looked like he was ready to pass
out. It appeared that he'd just been informed that one of the major
guests said she'd be at the party! Tommy began crying and wiping
his eyes with one hand as he knelt there and pleaded into the phone: "Please, ma'am. I know what that means... I promise I'll obey
you instantly at the party... yes, and at the office too. Yes, I'll jump
to obey you when they come up... or anybody else, yes. I'll be more
eager when they're around. Please, ma'am. I promise, just don't
make me spend another night at the lake... you can't imagine... no,
I didn't mean that! No, I'm sorry, please. Please!" Tommy paused for a few seconds, then handed the phone back
to Beverly. He watched her intently and tried his best to hear the
buzzing on the other end as Beverly laughed and chatted with Marie.
Finally Beverly hung up and turned to face Tommy. "Well, she agreed to let you off this time." Tommy let out a huge breath of air, then began sobbing, he was
so relieved. "But!" And she paused a second or two. "But, she said you
had better damn well be PERFECT on Wednesday at the party, no
matter WHAT she tells you to do, and she's gonna make you do some
real humiliating things to shame you in front of her guests! She made
it clear she'd never give you another chance after this one. I agree.
One more complaint from her and last Friday night's episode at the
lake is gonna seem like a cakewalk compared to your next outing
there. I was just getting warmed up last week!" Tommy shivered in both relief and apprehension. What could be
worse than last Friday? He shivered again and tried not to think
about it. His sobbing subsided and as he knelt there he seemed to
remember himself and jerked his hands back in front of his chest in
the begging position. Beverly watched him and chuckled softly. "There's a shower stall in the bathroom through that door. I
want you to scrub yourself squeaky clean, especially between your
legs. Use one of my razor's to get any hair stubble on your crotch.
I want you back here on your knees, with your hair dried, in ten
minutes. Now, hurry up." She expected Tommy to get up and dash into the bathroom.
Instead he turned, lowered his hands to the floor and quickly crawled
there. Beverly was impressed, but she didn't say a word. Only after
he turned on the water did he stand up and step into the stall. A
little over five minutes later he was drying himself off and using the
hairdryer. With over a minute to spare he quickly crawled back
into the room and knelt back up in the begging position in front of
Beverly's desk. 
 She reached into her desk drawer and took out a pad of forms.
She pulled one off the stack and filled it out. "This is a `Model Release Form'. Sign it right down here... It
means that you are legalling giving me permission to use any pho-
tographs which I take of you in any way I see fit. It's a standard
form." After Tommy signed the form Beverly put it away in her desk
and picked up her Nikon camera. She focused on him kneeling there
with his hands in front of him and snapped a picture. The motor
whirred as the film advanced to the next frame. "That's terrific, Tommy. I've taken a lot of pictures with this
camera. Many of them were 'cheesecake' pictures, you know, glamour
shots in bikini's, even a few tasteful nudes. With you, however, I'm
going to be as dis-tasteful as I can. It's kind of like therapy. Get
over there on that mat in front of the screen." Beverly turned on a couple of umbrella lamps and positioned
them so that Tommy was illuminated properly. She then directed
him in a series of shots that literally made her tingle each time she
clicked the shutter. She did a lot of closeup work on his genitals
and his ass. She made him lie back and tease himself with a large
black dildo. After that she made him pose as he licked the dildo
clean, then he got on his hands and knees and pointed his ass at the
camera as if he were begging for something. Lot's of 'spread shots'
followed that, with and without bondage. She filled two rolls of film
before she glanced at her watch and said: "I'm expecting a client here in about 10 minutes. Come over
here." From a closet she pulled out a large cage which had chicken-wire
on all sides. She opened the door and told Tommy to crawl inside.
It was just barely big enough for him to kneel in. He couldn't turn
around, or kneel upright. He couldn't even lie down in it, it was too
short. All he could do was crouch on his hands and knees with his
ass up in the air. Beverly took two pieces of clothesline and fastened
his ankles to each of the inside corners of the cage so that his ass
would stay open and his anus visible. "Now be a good boy and be very still" she said as she draped a
drop cloth over the cage. "Unless, of course, you want my guest to
see you..." Tommy heard her moving around the room, turning off the um-
brella lamps and shu- ing papers. About 10 minutes later there was
a knock on the door. "Come on in, Jim. It's open!" Tommy froze. To him it sounded as if his heart was a loud drum,
beating quickly. Beverly and Jim exchanged amenities and then he heard some
more shu- ing as Beverly evidently showed him some work she had
been doing for him. Tommy was only about eight feet away in the
same room but he practically held his breath to be as quiet as pos-
sible. At one point, though, a muscle in his thigh spasmed and he
shook the cage a bit. "What was that?" Jim asked. "It looked like that tarp moved a
little." "Oh, that's a dog I'm watching for my sister. He'll settle down." "Can I see him?" Jim asked with a smile. "I'd rather not if you don't mind, Jim. He's been a little hyper
and that tarp is the only way I got him to be quiet and go to sleep.
I don't want him howling again." "I understand" Jim replied. "Now back to this layout..." For the next 15 minutes Tom crouched naked in his little cage
against the wall while Beverly wrapped up her business meeting.
Finally Jim got up to leave and Beverly showed him to the door,
thanking him for stopping by. As soon as the door closed, Beverly walked over and pulled the
tarp off of Tom's cage. She smiled as she saw him kneeling there
with his ass up and his legs tied open. "Why don't you just stay there for awhile. I have to finish up a
little work and then drop some sketches off at a client's home. Beverly sat at her drawing board, working on her layout, while
Tom knelt quietly in the cage next to her. Occasionally she'd look
down at him and smile. She felt like taking some more pictures of
him but unfortunately she had a deadline to meet on this job. About twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Beverly called. "It's Kerry and Lynn, Aunt Beverly." "Okay, be right there!" Beverly got up and walked over to unlock
the door. Tom cringed as he crouched there in the little cage. He
was fully visible from the door and the feel of cool air on his anus
reminded him that it was stretched wide open. His penis was hard
as a rock. It had been for the last half hour. "Hi Aunt Beverly!" The girls chorused. "Hello girls. I'm glad you could come over. Remember that little
surprise I promised you? Well, there he is!" She stepped back and
nodded her head in the direction of the cage. "Oh, wow Aunt Beverly! He's all naked! And you put him in a
cage! This is unreal!" The twins, young, blonde and quite excited, immediately walked
right over to the cage and stared at Tom. "Can we touch him Auntie?" "Sure, dears. You can open up that little door if you want and
pet him, but try to keep the giggling down a bit, will you? I'm almost
through with this job I'm working on and it has to be dropped off
tonight." While Beverly continued working at her desk, Kerry and Lynn
crouched down beside the small cage. Lynn snaked her small hand
through the chicken wire and began petting Tom's flank. Kerry
opened up the door and knelt there. She had a marvelous view of
his ass. With his feet tied to the corners of the cage Tom's asshole
was stretched wide open and his balls were dangling halfway to his
knees. He could neither close his legs nor move out of the way as she
fondled his ass with both hands. She cupped his balls and petted his
asscheeks, giving him playful little spanks as her sister giggled and
tried to get her own hand in there for her turn. "Don't fight, girls!" Beverly warned. "He's going to be here all
night. We're in no hurry." "Now, I've got to go and drop this report off. I should be back
in about a half hour or so. Okay? Would you mind watching Mr.
Hyde while I'm gone?" "Sure. No problem" Lynn replied. "Fine" said Beverly. "While I'm gone keep the door locked and
don't let anybody in until I return. I'll do my best to get back as
quickly as I can." With that Beverly put her drawings and papers into a black
leather portfolio and walked out the door, blowing a kiss at the twins
as she left. "Here, let ME feel him back there" Lynn whined. "I'm not through yet!" Kerry countered. "Come ON, Kerry. It's my turn!" "Oh, OK you little baby." Kerry gave Tom a vicious little pinch
on his cheek then slapped him hard across the crack of his ass and
stood up. "There, he's all yours. Don't take all night..." Lynn immediately got into position and started cupping Tom's
hanging balls with both hands and blowing into his asshole. "Look at him jump!" she giggled, then kept blowing. She let go
of his balls with one hand and used her fingers to stretch his asshole
open a little wider while she continued blowing. In spite of herself
her sister had to giggle appreciatively at the funny sight. Just then there was a rap on the door. "Who is it?" Kerry asked. "It's me, guys." "Oh shit!" Kerry whispered. "It's Lorraine. I forgot that we told
her to come over. Oh well, she's not a stranger so I guess Aunt
Beverly won't mind." She opened the door and let Lorraine in. She had her little Shet-
land Collie with her on a leash. The small dog barked happily when
he saw the twins. Lorraine nearly flipped when she saw Tom crouched and tied in
the little chicken wire cage! "This is Mr. Hyde. I think he works with our aunt or something.
Come on in, but just in case she gets upset you'd better be out of
here in about a half hour. Okay?" "Wow!" Lorraine repeated, still shocked. She dropped the leash
and put both hands up to her blushing cheeks. She managed to nod
her head as her eyes fastened on Tom's exposed rear end. ... "Good night, Lorraine" Beverly said. "Don't feel badly. It's not
your fault." After Lorraine and Max left Beverly looked sternly at Kerry and
Lynn, who were fidgiting uneasily under her gaze. "You know I'm going to have to punish you for this, don't you?" "Yes, Aunt Beverly" Kerry responded sadly. "Yes, Aunt Beverly" Lynn echoed. "But we really didn't think
you'd mind, seeing it was Lorraine and all." "That's not the point, Lynn. You've got to learn that when I
tell you something I MEAN it. Now both of you, get down on the
floor, right over there, in front of the wall. On your hand and knees,
Kerry..." Beverly sounded irritated. "I want you both to lower your
pants, I'm going to give you two a spanking right in front of Mr.
Hyde! I want him to see you getting punished for disobeying my
rules. "Oh, please, Aunt Beverly. I don't want you to do it in front of
him..." Lynn pleaded. "Hush!" Beverly commanded. "Come on, get those pants down.
Your panties too... It's not a real spanking if it's not on the bare." Kerry and Lynn slowly reached back and tugged their pink nylon
panties down, revealing a twin set of pert little bottoms poised only
a few feet from the front of the cage and Tommy's gaze. In spite of
himself he couldn't help but stare at those delicious young bottoms
waiting for their punishment. They each had dimples on their butt
cheeks and he watched them twitch nervously and shift their weight
from knee to knee as they waited. "Put your legs together, Lynn! You don't want to show any more
to Mr. Hyde than you have to, do you?" Lynn put her knees together like her sister and both girls knelt
there with their heads down and their bottoms clenched tightly and
poised for their punishment. The fact that Mr. Hyde was watching them being punished like
little girls upset them both, and their faces were scarlet from embar-
rassment. Beverly walked over and picked up a thick wooden ruler
from her desk. She positioned herself next to Lynn then bent over
and rubbed the ruler against her quivering bottom. "Please, Aunt Beverly, not too hard!" "This is what happens to girls who don't know how to obey..."
Beverly said, then she swung the ruler and gave Lynn a crack across
both of her small cheeks. "Owwwwwwwww!!!!!" Lynn screeched. She reached back with
one hand to protect her ass but Beverly swatted at it. "Keep your hands down or you'll get double!" She then reached
over and swatted Kerry's bottom, prompting her to let out a similar
yelp of pain. Beverly lectured the girls as she took turns swatting
their asses. They were both slender girls and within a short time
their buns were warmed to a rosy red glow. "See what happens when you disobey me?.. <CRACK!> .. Mr.
Hyde seems to be having a good time watching you girls get spanked!
Are you having a good time .. <CRACK!> .. knowing he can see you
punished like disobedient little girls?" "Owwwwwww... No Aunt Beverly <sniff>. We're sorry, honest
we are. <CRACK!> .. Owwwwwww! Please, we promise to be good
from now on!" Beverly really didn't want to hurt the girls, but they had to be
taught a lesson. She stopped swinging and stood there staring down
at their scorched bottoms. "I want you girls to remain like that with your punished bottoms
on display for Mr. Hyde to see. I'll tell you when you can get up." Beverly picked up the phone and made a call to a client. For
the next five minutes she talked business while the girls knelt there
uncomfortably. Kerry took a glance behind her and saw Tom staring
at both of them. His cock was hard as a rock and he was licking
his lips and involunatily thrusting his hips forward as he stared at
them. She caught Lynn's eye and motioned for her to look back. Her
shame at having her punishment witnessed by Tom turned to anger
and outrage at the way he was oggling them. "Well, girls, do you think you've learned your lesson?" "Oh yes, Aunt Beverly! Honest. We made a mistake but we
won't do it again." "Okay, you can both get up now and pull up your pants. I really
hate having to punish you like this but one little mistake like that
could've ruined everything." "We're really sorry" replied Kerry as she finished zipping up her
jeans. Beverly got up and walked over to the cage. "Looks like Mr. Hyde got a little excited watching you girls."
She chuckled as she saw his engorged cock dripping a tiny stream of
pre-cum onto the floor. "Hmmm... Maybe I should turn him over to
you girls for the rest of the evening. What do you think of that?" "Oh, yeah! Great, Aunt Beverly!" Lynn replied, biting her lower
lip and beaming at her sister. "Come on Tommy" Beverly said as she untied his thighs from the
sides of the cage. "I've got a lot of work to finish tonight and I've
had enough distractions already." She helped him to back out of the cage, then made him crawl
ahead of them into one of the small offices behind her. Beverly
pointed to a spot on the floor and told Tommy to lie down on his
back and lift his hands and feet into the air. She opened a closet and
took out what looked like the same aluminum spreader pole she and
Karen had used on him at his house last Friday. The girls helped
her to fasten his ankles to the ends of the four foot pole and tied
his hands together to the loop directly above his head. Once again
he was completely spread wide open, fastened that way, as the twins
looked on eagerly. Kerry was licking her lips. But Beverly wasn't through yet! Directly above Tommy was a
hook in the ceiling. Beverly attached a small block & tackle to the
hook and lowered the rope till she could attach it to the pole just
above his hands. She tugged on the free end of the pulley rope and
managed to hoist the panic-stricken young man till his ass was about
three feet off the floor! She then tied off the rope and stood back to
survey her handiwork. Tommy was completely nude. His feet were tied WIDE apart and
his arms pulled up to the center of the bar so that his knees were
slightly bent and his ass was prominently displayed as he swung
there. His dick was hard and throbbing and sticking straight back
along his belly while his testicles hung down just below the cheeks of
his ass. The twins were nearly beside themselves with excitement! "There he is, girls. All trussed up and waiting! He's all yours.
He seemed to enjoy watching you both a few minutes ago. I suggest
you spend the rest of the night showing him just how much you
appreciated it. Have fun!" Beverly turned and left the room. She shut the door about three
quarters of the way and went back to her desk to work on a layout. The twins just stood there for awhile, watching Tommy swing.
He looked at them pathetically but didn't say a word. Finally Lynn
stepped forward and knelt down so her face was at the same level
as Tommy's swinging ass. She began fondling and pinching his ass-
cheeks as she taunted him. She wanted to know if he had enjoyed
himself watching her get punished. "I hope you had a good time, because now it's OUR turn!" Kerry
knelt down to Tom's left and the two girls began slapping Tom's ass
hard and giggling as they saw him twisting in his ropes. Beverly heard them and smiled as she continued working. It was
about time those girls learned the proper way to handle a man... The girls spent the rest of the evening punishing Tom. When their
hands got sore from slapping his ass Kerry took a ruler and swatted
him some more. Lynn looked around and got a staple puller from the
desk. She used it to pinch his asscheeks between the pincers, causing
him to yelp in pain. Kerry got a camel's hair brush and tickled his
open asshole, as her sister continued pinching him and slapping his
ass. An hour later his ass was beet red and he was pleading through
tears for the young vixens to stop! Beverly heard the slaps and tears
but left the three of them alone. Those girls tormented him with
whatever they could get their hands on, all the while laughing at
the way he was begging them to stop. He pleaded with them to let
him cum but they laughed some more and redoubled their teasing!
Tommy was spread wide open to their assault and cried as he twisted
in the air. His ass was on fire! His penis was itching for relief. Tears
streamed down his cheeks as he begged and twisted... By 9:30 the girls had been working him over for nearly an hour
and a half. Tommy was sobbing and twisting his ass in circles when
Beverly walked in and told the girls it was time they were getting
home. "Awww, Aunt Beverly. Just a little more, please?" "Sorry girls, but it's time." She untied Tommy's right hand from the pole, still leaving him
suspended by his feet and left hand. She told the girls to stand in
front of Tommy as she commanded him to use his free hand and
masturbate for them all. The twins squealed with delight and laughed at him! Tommy
wrapped his hand around his cock and began slowly pumping it as he
swayed there before them all. He was still crying, but eventually his
hand began pumping faster and faster. It didn't take long before his
ass cheeks were clenching and unclenching and his breathing became
ragged and forced. Beverly stepped forward and gave his shuddering
ass a few more slaps as he moaned through his tears and continued
pumping. "He's gonna cum girls. Get ready!" Beverly said. Almost imme-
diately, Tommy stiffened and began shooting spurts of sticky white
cum into the air and upon his chest and belly. The twins clapped
their hands and jeered him as they witnessed his final degradation... When he was through, Beverly tied his free hand back to the pole.
She turned the lights off and left him sobbing in the darkened room
while she drove the twins home. Tommy hung there in the dark. His ass was on fire and his body
wracked with sobs. He couldn't believe what Beverly had turned him
into in just ten days! Ten days ago he was an up and coming young
man with a good job and promising career. He enjoyed showing off a
bit in front of young Carol at work, but the truth was he was terrified
to ask her out on a date. Tommy was intensely shy, especially about
his body. The fact that he was still a virgin at twenty-five was
attributed to his fear of being awkward and having a woman laugh
at him. He enjoyed watching beautiful young women on T.V. or at
the beach but he had never in his adult life been naked in front of
one. The thought of a woman seeing him like that scared him. What
if he couldn't control himself and got an erection? Would she laugh?
He couldn't bear that... Ten days after meeting Beverly he was at her studio, stripped
naked and spanked to tears by her twin nieces. His red ass was on
display for anyone she cared to show him to! He had been humili-
ated at work and shamed at his home in front of his neighbors. He
had been degraded, shamed and exhibited to strangers, friends and
family. He had become the abject slave of six women, including his
teenage neighbor and her friends! He existed only to be degraded
and humiliated while they laughed at him. His ass only existed to
be tormented, and his cock to be teased mercilessly while he begged
and cried for their amusement. Tommy was no longer a man. He was a toy. The women quickly
realized his weakness and delighted in degrading him and inventing
new ways to shock him! A half hour later Beverly returned to the studio. She opened the
door and walked in. Leaving the lights off she closed the door and
silently walked to where Tommy was hanging. She let her fingernails
lightly play along his outer thighs and hips. He twisted helplessly as
she teased him then put her lips right to his ear and began to taunt
him: "Did you like that, Tommy? Did you enjoy being the plaything
of my nieces? They were so excited! I told them they could invite
Lorraine back next Friday... and Max too! But that's a long time
from now... You still have the whole week to go through! I don't
know what Mrs. Whitford has planned for you on Monday, but Marie
and Carol have BIG plans for you on Tuesday and Wednesday!" "After they play with you Tuesday night, you'll spend your `va-
cation' day on Wednesday tied up at Marie's, being tantalized by
two college students. I hear they're both real pretty. Their job will
be to keep you hot as a poker all day long. They can do anything
they want to you, EXCEPT let you cum! Heheheh! They're gonna
strip you and tie you up. You'll be teased all day long... a little at a
time, till you're stewing in your own juices. You're to be brought to
a fevered pitch just in time for the big party that night!" "Ooooohhhhhh..." Tommy moaned. "pleeease....." "Then, wearing just garters, stockings, high heels and a maid's
cap, you're to be paraded around the floor for the enjoyment of
the assembled guests. Your cousin Kathy was thoughtful enough to
contact many of the girls you went to high school with, and you can
bet Marie will give you a good workout! Yup, you'll be crawling
around on the floor in front of them all, crying and begging them to
spank you, or let you cum! They'll be laughing their asses off at you,
snapping pictures, pinching and rubbing you, or just watching you
and smiling as you squirm on the floor at their feet!" "I gave Marie a copy of the video I made of you at your home last
Saturday. They're all going to watch it on the TV as you serve them
drinks and snacks. After that there'll be an auction and the lucky
bidder gets to take you home with her as her slave for the night! It'll
be a looong night!" "Unnnghhh!" Tommy twisted his hips and whimpered. "On Thursday night, Karen told me she's taking you out on the
town. Seems she knows of a lesbian bar in the seedy section where
anything goes. Most decent folks wouldn't want to be seen there,
but YOU'll be seen there, all right! And very in-decently, I might
add! You'll be crawling at the end of Karen's leash, and you won't
be wearing anything! I'm sure the ladies there will be greatly amused
at the presentation! She said she's gonna whip your ass good then
pass you around the room. It should be an evening to remember!" Tommy was sobbing and thrusting his hips forward as Beverly
fingered him and whispered in his ear. As he hung there, shivering,
Beverly lowered the pulley till he lay on the floor. She kept taunting
him about what was going to happen to him, as she began unfas-
tening him from the pole. When he was free she made him get on
his hands and knees again, still naked. She fished through his pants
pocket and found his keys. He looked at her pitifully as she put his
car keys in his mouth then walked over and opened the door. "Go home, Tommy. Crawl out to your car, unlock it and get
in. People will probably see you as they drive by, but that's not my
concern. When you get home I want you to park in front of your
house and then crawl slowly to the front door, just as you are now.
Don't dawdle! I'll phone you in exactly 15 minutes and if you're not
there to answer the phone I'll take you on a walk around your block
tomorrow that you'll never forget... I'm gonna call Mrs. Whitford
on the phone as soon as you leave and ask her to watch and make
sure you do exactly as I say. You don't want to imagine what will
happen to you if you disobey me..." "Oh pwease, Mistwess Bevewy, pweease don't!...." Tommy mum-
bled around the keys dangling from his mouth. Beverly just laughed at him and gave him a swat on his reddened
ass. She waited by the door as she watched Tommy put his head
down and crawl past her. She held her stomach and laughed out
loud as she saw his bare ass wobbling its way towards the car! The night air felt cool and he could hear the sounds of the traffic
and see the lights from street lamps and passing cars. When he was
halfway to his car a passing car honked its horn several times. Once
again, as he neared his car, there was another horn blast and the
sound of laughing as a carload of young women went by, apparently
off for a night on the town. Tommy had tears in his eyes as he
reached up to unlock the door. As he stood up to get in he saw that
the previous car had pulled over and the women were looking back
through their rear window and pointing at him. He quickly got into his car and shut the door. The cloth seat
was cool against his ass and his bare feet felt strange on the gas and
brake pedals. His cock was sticking straight up and touching the
lower rim of the steering wheel. He sat there self-consciously and
waited. Finally, the girls in the car that had stopped ahead of him
began waving and honking their horn, then pealed off to continue on
their way to whatever nightspot they were originally headed for. Tommy started up the car and began driving home. He drove
slowly so as not to attract attention and slouched down in the seat
when he stopped at a traffic light and cars pulled up beside him. It took him a little more than 10 minutes to drive home. He
parked at the curb in front of his house and sat there for a moment.
He wanted to make sure nobody was around when he got out of the
car, but at the same time he knew that the phone would be ringing
in just a few minutes. There was a strange car in Mrs. Whitford's
driveway, but nobody was on the street so he slowly opened the car
door and got out. He considered dashing into the house, but what
if he was wrong? What if Beverly had called Mrs. Whitford and
she was watching from the window right now? He didn't dare risk
getting caught defying Beverly, no matter what. Tom put the car keys in his mouth and dropped to his hands
and knees on the street. Slowly he made his way around the back of
the car to the sidewalk. When he looked up again he saw that Mrs.
Whitford had come out on the porch and she had a friend with her! "Hello Mr. Hyde!" she yelled, "Is that you crawling around back
there?" The old woman cackled and he saw her flick on a flashlight.
Tommy hesitated a moment then decided he had no choice but to
continue, especially now. Mrs. Whitford came running down the
stairs with her friend lagging behind her. When she got close to
Tom she turned the flashlight on him, illuminating his white flesh in
the night. "Coming back from your big date with Beverly I see!" She laughed
as she directed the white light directly on him. "Hello Mr. Hyde!" "Hi Mr. Hyde!". He was starteled to hear
Linda and Ellen's voices coming from his right. Linda flicked on
another flashlight and he was now illuminated from both sides as the
two teens joined the older women on the lawn. Tommy was mortified as he crawled towards his house. The two
beams stayed on him the whole way and the younger girls were shout-
ing catcalls and whistling at him. As Tom began crawling up the
stairs to his porch Linda called out, "You look like you got a spank-
ing tonight, Mr. Hyde! Your bum is all red! Hahahah!" When he
got to the top step he heard the phone begin to ring inside! "Wait a minute!" Mrs. Whitford called. "Hold it right there!
Your red bum looks so nice there on the steps that I want to see you
wiggle it a bit! Come on Mr. Hyde, wiggle your butt!" The phone was still ringing and Tommy began to panic. He
wiggled his ass a few times as the women and girls laughed, then he
took the keys from his mouth and reached up to unlock the door. "Good night, Mr. Hyde! See you tomorrow!" Linda yelled out as
Ellen giggled beside her. Tommy was shaking from embarrassment.
He crawled inside the door, closed it and immediately got up and
ran for the phone. He stubbed his toe on the footstool and hopped
around yelping as he reached for the ringing phone. Just as he put
his hand on it it stopped ringing! He picked it up anyway and to
his horror he heard a dial tone! Tommy panicked! He flipped on the
light. He didn't know Beverly's phone number. He found his phone
book and flipped through it frantically! When he found the number
he dialed it with trembling fingers. "Please God, let her answer it..."
It was busy. He dialed right back. Busy again! "Oh no!" he groaned.
He collapsed on the floor with the phone and began to panic. He
must have dialed her 50 times before he gave up. It was too late
now anyway... He pulled his knees up into a fetal position and began
trembling as he thought about the things Beverly would do to him!
His cock was still raging and he reached one hand between his thighs
and began tickling it with his fingers. He imagined her leading him
around the block, naked and leashed, on his hands and knees, in the
middle of the day... perhaps stopping at the park or schoolyard! He
stroked his penis as he fantasized about being left tied up to the fence,
shivering and hard, and being laughed at... Maybe she'd spank him
right there! They'd tease him and laugh at him as Beverly reddened
his ass with her hand... If anyone asked why his cock was so stiff if
he was being punished Beverly might explain how he loved getting
spankings and they'd all laugh at him again... He kept pulling at his cock and moaning as he fantasized about
the most incredible humiliations she could heap on him. And she'd
do it, too! He knew that. Yes! The shame would be exquisite...
more than he could ever imagine! "Yes... yes!" He held his breath
and moaned as he hovered on the edge. Finally he was over the edge
and shooting his load all over himself and the rug, but he didn't care.
He wanted more! Exhausted, he fell asleep right where he lay on the
floor. He woke up around 7:30 in the morning. He went to the bath-
room, then got himself something to eat. He was still naked, and
in a perverse compulsion he put his food in a bowl on the kitchen
floor and got down on his hands and knees to eat it! When he was
through, he went into the bedroom and wheeled out the playpen that
was left stored there from last week. He set it up right in front of
the door. So close, in fact, that he knew it could be seen from the
outside if the door were opened! With trembling hands he tied the
pink baby bonnet on his head then climbed into the playpen. He got
onto his back and pulled his legs as far back as he could, resting his
feet on the bars. He wanted to make sure the girls would be pleased
when they saw him that morning! His cock was already hard and
he decided to lightly play with it to make sure he was as aroused as
possible for his young Mistress and her friends! He even left his leash
out on the coffee table in case Beverly came by and wanted to take
him for a walk! The End